Baskin Robbins Goes for Cute Overload With Boys Like Girls Ad


Aw, how cute. And so rude! To pass up a a girl this cute just for an ice cream cone? But it all makes sense because it's a commercial and it features the group Boys Like Girls and their song Two is Better Than One. And two is definitely better than one when it comes to the Baskin Robbins Double Header Cone.

It's so sicky sweet It's like the old school Mentos Freshmaker and "you got chocolate in my peanut butter" Reeces commercials ran into one anotherl. Pile on the sap.

And any commercial in which the girl bites her lower lip is destined for Cute Overload status.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-09    
Topic: Commercials

Well Written Press Release Gets Attention For Minnesota Lottery


"The campaign features three 30-second television spots that use the element of surprise to build excitement for the new Minnesota Millionaire Raffle game Each spot features a game-show-like host who wheels a large raffle drum into busy locales where unsuspecting patrons are encouraged to play an instant raffle. The spots are built on genuine reactions as people go from shocked and reluctant to actively participating and cheering"

Now that's some well-written PR copy. And we didn't have to go digging through a collection of attachments or ridiculously worded releases to find the nugget of information. Thank you, Colle+McVoy.

Now on to the campaign. Generally, we're not a fan of marketing stunts that involve random appearances in unlikely places. After all, if we're shopping, we're shopping. If we're eating, we're eating. Then again, you can't do stunt marketing (or most any kind for that matter...yes, we love you inbound marketing) without a little bit of interruption. So we can't complain much about this campaign.

The campaign also includes print, radio, outdoor, transit and mall. You can view the three spots here, here and here.

Cult Raw Energy Drinkers Are Belligerent Idiots


Well now here's an interesting way to position your brand. While most brands work towards positioning themselves as clean cut, rosy entities, Cult Raw Energy wants none of that. It wants you to know the people who buy their product are belligerent car jackers who can't drive, grope women in public, rob convenience stores, deface property, pick fights, steal guns and get arrested.

Hey, not all brands can teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. So, yea. Positioning your customers is an idiot when all else fails.

Oh and FYI. There's briefly exposed boobs in this commercial so watch with caution.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 2-09    
Topic: Bad, Commercials, Creative Commentary

Canon Plays Digital Version of Freeze Tag


Likening action photography to a game of freeze tag, a group of people were given Canon cameras to use in a game of photographic freeze tag. The result, using many of the photos, is this new commercial directed by Saman Keshavarz.

There's not much more to say about it other than we like it.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Commercials

Your Blackberry Storm Will Kill You With Lightning


We're not quite sure a brand would associate themselves with life-threatening lightning but McCann-Erikson New York has chosen to for Verizon's Blackberry Storm 2. Of course, the lightning in this commercial isn't really killing anyone. Rather, it's giving birth to the new Storm. That not so minor detail wasn't exactly clear to us at first. Then again, we've been known to be a bit dumb hen it comes to stuff like this. Kinda like a Verizon Dumb Dad, actually.

Anyway, our press contact wouldn't be happy if we didn't mention Digital Domain was behind the CG work in the commercial and "did a huge amount of ground augmentation, added CG smoke and post-explosion debris, created an entirely CG Blackberry Storm 2 phone, and provided on-set CG supervision."

Check out the work here.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Commercials

Method Trashes Dow's Horny Scrubbing Bubbles


In the most hilarious cleaning product commercial in recent memory, Method has some fun with Dow's Scrubbing Bubbles. Of course, they don't mention Dow by name but it's clear who's being referred to in this ad.

After fifteen seconds of gleefully shinetastic, but nauseatingly realistic scrubbing bubble commercialism, we see a woman enter her shower only to be confronted by a gaggle of horny bubbles who leer at her and beg her to clean herself in front of them.

It's all part of Method's support for the Household Product Labeling Acts which, ostensibly, would make Dow Scrubbing Bubbles look like a can of acid compared to Method's more natural approach to cleaning.

And yea, this witty little commercial caused a giant kerfuffle.

by Steve Hall    Nov-20-09    
Topic: Cause, Commercials, Strange

Smooth Jazz Lures Buyers to Honda Accord Crosstour


Of there new commercial for the Honda Accord Crosstour, RPA offers, "'Instruments' relies on atypical, pronounced polygonal animation and rhythmic music to showcase the all-new Honda Accord Crosstour, a modern alternative to the SUV/CUV category. Noteworthy music, a remix of 'Fever,' helps the spot reveal how lifestyles and experiences, as well as the stuff needed to facilitate these pursuits, fit completely into the Crosstour.

In plain English, it's a decidedly different car commercial. We like it's laid back minimalism which makes the point the car has a lot of room to carry whatever you need it to carry without getting all over wordy about cubic feet and crap like that.

To create the animation in the commercial, RPA worked with Santa Monica-based design studio Elastic.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-09    
Topic: Commercials

And to Alltel, a Good Night


Lame headline? Sure. But let's not focus on that. What's better than using Fred Willard in this new Alltel spot from Campbell-Ewald? Better than not using of elves and reindeer in yet another Christmas spot? The move to a 1-year plan with FREE, I said FREE, LG Touch. No big deal except the industry has been gouging people with early termination fees for a long time. It's only reluctantly adopted the current system where ETF fees drop $5 a month over the length of contracts. (Didn't keep Verizon from doubling theirs.) Spot below, after the jump.

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by Bill Green    Nov-17-09    
Topic: Commercials, Television

The Little Red Chair That Could


Space Chair. Not since Dennis Hopper stood on the little bastard has a chair gotten this much attention. You can see the making of here and the rational behind it, but basically Grey London wanted to do something that reinforces the Toshiba ethos of innovation and using technology in ways others don't. So, why not float a chair 98,268 feet and record it with hi-def Toshiba cams as the highest recorded commercial evuh! (That's 18 miles high kids--space begins at 62.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
Topic: Commercials, Television

The King Takes Up Office Space--in Brazil


The King hits Brazil and no office is safe. Sure it's not in English, but grabbing your boss' ass is universal. In spot two, always amp up teens and give them a Ferrari. *awaiting beach thong/banana hammock spot next* (Crispin haters, save the emails, Ogilvy Brazil and Hungry Man did them.)

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by Bill Green    Nov-16-09    
Topic: Commercials, Television

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