Neil French Creates Award Show, Works With A Woman!


With a bit of sleuthing, Ad Age has learned killed-by-blog, women-are-crap, families-are-for-sissies Neil French will launched a new - as if we need another - global award show for print advertising. Apparently, he seems to have softened his viewpoint on women because he's (gasp!) working with a woman, London International Awards Owner and President Barbara Levy, to develop the awards. Due to some URL and business registration information dug up by Ad Age, the name of the awards may be World Press Awards which, oddly, makes it sound like a public relations award show. And yes, as we read the Ad Age article, they're still doing that ad impression increasing, automatic page reload cheating thing. For shame.

Anyway, newspapers and magazine are likely very happy an entity has been created to celebrate their, shall we say, not so healthy industries. No date has been set for the show but Ad Age says a call for entries is expected around September.

by Steve Hall    May-25-06    
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Sex Sells For Axe, Clio Happens


- Shaun Irving is traveling across Spain in a truck he converted into a giant camera. He's taking pictures for a project with *S,C,P,F, a WPP agency. The images will be displayed at the PHotoEspana photographic festival in June.

- The 47th international Clio Awards announced three ads selected as its 2006 Hall of Fame inductees: "Bear" for John West, from Leo Burnett, London; "Whassup?" on behalf of Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser brand, from DDB Worldwide, Chicago; and "Turkey (High Dive)" and "China (Tree)" for FOX Sports Network, by Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York.

- It seems sex does sex for Unilever's Axe. Axe deodorant is now the leading brand in the category.

- OnRequest Images has released a new product which can measure the impact imagery has on brand equity.

- Adverblog doesn't like the new Lonely Planet advergame and thinks it's too similar to the previously released Virgin "Exercise Your Muscle" game.

by Steve Hall    May-15-06    
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Juan Show Pokes Fun At One Show


On the same day of the One Show Festival, this weird site called The Juan Show was launched that asks people to send in their ads for consideration by June 1st. Winners will be announced June 15. The URL is registered to Austin agency GSD&M and a call to the agency confirms the site is, in fact, a parody of the One Show. Just something to poke fun at the whole award show thing. On the site, there's a number you can call to leave a message for Juan. There's video reviews of ads by Juan. There's even a Cafe Press store full of hats, t-shirts and other stuff. Winners get a Gold Toothpick Award. We love it.

by Steve Hall    May-11-06    
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Word of Mouth Basic Training Conference Comes to San Francisco


The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is hosting a two-day word of Mouth Basic Training conference in San Francisco June 20-21 at the San Francisco Hilton. The conference will feature keynotes from Microsoft's Robert Scoble and author Shel Israel. The conference aims to educate attendees on how to use word of mouth in marketing programs. Sessions will cover best practices, case studies, research, social networks, measurement, blogging and how to launch a word of mouth campaign.

by Steve Hall    May- 5-06    
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Clio Announces Future Gold Participants


The international Clio Awards has named the 12 participants from around the world who will compete in the 2006 Future Gold: Young Creatives Program, one of the organization's key initiatives in support of the next generation of advertising creatives. Now in its third year, this global competition calls for the dozen Future Gold participants to be paired into six teams and asked to respond within 24 hours to a creative brief, this year coming from the United Nations refugee agency.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-06    
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Ramsey Rants, Carla Charms, Double Clicks, MySpace Matters


This morning when I examined the pile of business cards I had collected Thursday night at ad:tech in San Francisco, I found a card from a company called My Car Service and wondered if I had somehow awakened from a drunken stupor only to realize I had mistakenly gone to some limousine driver bash instead of an ad:tech party. But, as I went through the rest of the pile, the familiar company names brought me back to reality along with the fact I didn't drink much the night before. Anyway...


On the second day of ad:tech around 6PM when the exhibit hall was closing, a group of us gathered at the bottom of the elevators below the very cool DoubleClick stairway and discussed what we'd do Thursday night. As always, there were far too many parties for any one group of people to hope to attend in a single night. So, we didn't try. Some went to dinner, some back to their hotels and some over the to SF BIG (Bay Area Interactive Group) party at 111 Mina. The place was packed with friendly, familiar faces and, unlike many parties, the bar staff actually kept up with demand. There, I caught up with Noreen Sullivan who writes for the ad:tech blog and a few people from Tribal Fusion including Lindsey Frankenfield and consultant John Nguyen. It really was one of the better ad:tech parties. Not too crowded. Not too loud. Not too bright. Not too dark and just the right amount of red hair.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-28-06    
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Smaller Is Better With Podcasting


iPressroom Founder and Chairman Eric Schwartzman moderted the session entitled "Podcasts and vidcasts for marketing and public relations. The panel consisted of CP+B VP/Director of Communications Katie Kempner, TNC New Media Founder and CEO Tim Borkquin, The Gilmore Gang's Steve Gilmore and Kelly Wagman. The goal of the session was to inform the audience of the benefits of the podcast as a medium and Schwartzman set the stage by saying podcast advertising revenue will hit $327 million in 2010, up from $3.1 million in 2005.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-27-06    
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Bad Party Planning Makes For So-So Wednesday Night


Somehow the schedule of parties on Monday night at ad:tech San Francisco didn't make it very easy to slide from one to another with ease. Following the exhibit hall closing at six, prior to which a few booths were serving a random beer or two, unlike former shows when Tribal Fusion would serve the whole hall, the ad:tech opening party began in a big room adjacent to the Moscone center exhibit hall. Crowds of 2,000 or more swarmed the food tables where one could find mini-burgers, all kinds of pasta - which was very good, finger food and cookies. The bar was open for the first hour or two and served pretty much anything anyone could want. Oddly, when they decided to convert to a cash bar, they minimized bar service down to a quarter length of the bar but left all the former bartenders standing there twiddling their thumbs with nothing to do but point people to the end of the bar where beer and wine were being served. In fact, the human bar mannequins wouldn't even serve ad:tech chair Susan Bratton a glass of water.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-27-06    
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Girls Go Wild, ad:tech Parties Flourish


Just as we finished commenting on the amped up exhibit floor booth attractions and the lack of booth babes, no sooner did they show up en masse, roaming the hall, promoting the hydramedia/Girls Gone Wild Bash taking place at The Rouge in San Francisco beginning at 8:30. So if girls gone wild are your thing, get your wet t-shirt on and head over to the party.

If for some reason that's not your thing, there's always the x+1 hosted after party at The Cellar beginning at 10 PM. Or, if you want to skip both those parties as well as the "official" ad:tech after party at Moscone, you can head over to the Outrider/Offermatica Bay Cruise. The ship sets sail at 6PM. Do we detect some sort of water theme here?

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-06    
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Lack of Booth Babes Yields Improved Booth Attractions


With the larger Moscone center venue this year for the San Francisco ad:tech show, there seemed to be a bigger collection of booth attractions and we don't mean booth babes. Everything from games, to performances to drawings to back massages to women dressed like the numeral eight were everywhere inside the Moscone center. Those women dressed like the number eight were promoting, the self proclaimed "World's No. 1 Online Casino & Poker Room," which was hosting some sort of drawing. Monday afternoon, there was also a marshmallow eating contest and a blackjack game. See more here. Of course, we have no problems with booth babes and this, in no way, advocates their retirement.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-06    
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