Industry Geared Up For Cannes


The annual advertising love fest, Cannnes, kicks off on France today and we won't be there. That's why we'll just point you to Ad Age, with its legions of reporters and hefty T & E budget, for continual coverage. On Ad Age's Cannes 2005 page, you'll find Bob Garfield's pick for Grand Prix winner, Scott Donaton's take on some of the show's changes that won't change anything, Leo Burnett's Cannes Reel and audio reports.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-05    
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Marketers Want More Metrics From Print

Print advertising was on the witness stand today at the annual Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Print Advertising Forum, held at the Grand Hyatt in New York.

The keynote address presented by Mark Kaline, Global Media Manager, Ford Motor Company, and Chair, ANA Print Advertising Committee, and Robert Liodice, CEO and president of the ANA, focused on current challenges in the print advertising space and the increasing needs of advertisers for improvements in marketing accountability.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-16-05    
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WOMMA Measurement Conference to Follow AD:TECH Chicago

For those traveling to Chicago to attend AD:TECH Chicago July 11 and 12, the Word of Mouth Marketing Association has conveniently scheduled its "Measuring Word of Mouth" conference on July 13. The conference will address issues such as tracking and measuring word of mouth, establishing ROI, determining the best strategies, optimizing efforts for viral distribution and how word of mouth can find a home in any media plan. Full conference information and schedule is available here.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-05    
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Chicago AD:TECH Conference Approaches


With record attendance, the San Francisco show, held this past April, was a hit and received many positive comments from attendees. Now, it's time to gear up for the Chicago Show July 11 and 12. Keynotes for the Chicago show include Garage Technology Ventures Managing Director Guy Kawasaki, P & G Manager of Innovation, Consumption Control Ted McConnell, Chrysler VP Jeff Bell, E-Loan CMO Catherine Muriel and Kimpton Hotels Sale & Marketing SVP Steve Pinetti. Get all the details and register at the AD:TECH website. will, again, sponsor WiFi access providing attendees with free Internet access at the show. Visit their booth to get access codes.

We've also been told Tribal Fusion will host the "big" party Monday night.

by Steve Hall    May-27-05    
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Gawker Covers 'Hamptons Magazine' Party

I'm Hamptons Material

Kicking off its 16 week summer run for the rich and wish-they-were-rich, Hamptons Magazine held its annual "we're hipper and richer than you" party, at BLVD where guests mugged for photographer Nikola Tamindzic. Gawker reports guests were mostly wannabes, Eurotrash and publicists gushing about how they going to the Hamptons "with friends," "renting" or "sharing." Few owned up to, well, actually owning any property in the Hamptons.

Gawker, curious as to who reads Hampton Magazine, took a look at the magazine's demographics which revealed readers to be an average age of 33, have home worth $2.6 million, spend $25,000 annually on clothes and drive Aston Martins, Bentleys, Ferraris, Hummers, Jaguars and Maseratis. Clearly, guests were not readers.

by Steve Hall    May-26-05    
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Upfront Gets Mocked For Book Promotion


While we passed this off as just another method to promote his book, Life After the 30-Second Spot, we have to admit this video, created by Joe Jaffe, about the television upfront is insightful and humorous pointing out the absurdity of the entire sell/buy dance agency buyers and networks sales rep perform each year. Give it a look. Have a laugh. Then get back to all those upfront meetings and parties you have scheduled this week.

by Steve Hall    May-17-05    
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Marketers Educated On Weblog Benefits


Yesterday, Business Development Institute held a seminar entitled, "Blogging Goes Mainstream: Is Your Company Ready?", which examined how weblogs can benefit marketers. The largest theme at the seminar was that weblogs create conversations and, to take advantage of these conversations, marketers should join the conversation rather than try to manage it. In a world increasingly filled with consumer created content, created outside the control of big media companies, marketers must subdue their desire to launch the typical top-down, scream from the rooftops marketing campaign. Rather, marketers can leverage consumer created content to listen to what's being said about their brand and join the conversation, just as one would at a cocktail party, rather than attempt to control it.

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by Steve Hall    May- 4-05    
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Tuesday Night AD:TECH With Robin Williams And Hookers

Michael Mina Restaurant

As day two of San Francisco AD:TECH drew to a close and exhibitor's packed up their booths faster than a booth babe can say, "Got traffic?", conference attendees headed straight for the hotel's Atrium lounge, quickly filling it to capacity as a non-AD:TECH hotel guest was overheard saying, "This is insane! Let's get out of here." We could identify with that comment when faced with the choice between fighting off the meat to score a drink at the bar versus having dinner with AD:TECH Chair Susan Bratton and IAB Industry Research Director Doron Wesly at the Westin St. Francis Hotel. The decision was easy. In the hotel's relatively new and very elegant Michael Mina restaurant, we had a fantastic meal presented with flair and style. As the conversation moved from industry trends, trade show details and names suggested as keynote speakers for future conferences to more important issues such as life in San Francisco versus New York and the importance of white teeth, we respectfully ignored Robin Williams and Andre Agassi who were eating dinner three feet behind us at the next table.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-27-05    
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AD:TECH Attendees In Search of the Next Party


Depending on one's viewpoint, Tuesday afternoon, with no sponsored parties and Exhibitors packing up, is either a great chance to flood the hotel bar and chat or have dinner with associates or it's the sad beginning of the end of AD:TECH even though the conference still has a half day to go. Traditionally, companies pack their events into Monday night rather than spreading them across both days. The exception, of course, is the usual AD:TECH Wrap Up Party. However, this year, there is no official Wrap Up party but rather a party, sponsored by a host of companies most have never heard of but that claims, as we indicated yesterday, to be "The After Party People Will Be Talking About For Years." Whether that comes to pass, we won't know until tomorrow but we'll do our best to let you know.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05    
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Booth Babes Become Booth Operators


At the last AD:TECH show in New York, attractive representatives of affiliate network iTraffic, Mandy Ashford and Michelle Moya were roaming the halls, boothless, promoting the companies "got traffic" business mission. Usually you don't expect to see these "representatives for hire" nor the company they are promoting more than once. They come to a show. Do their thing and move on. Well, it seems iTraffic has gained some staying power appearing at this year's show with both a booth and the same booth babes last seen at the New York show last November. Mandy and Michelle were gracious enough to pose for our cameras again.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05    
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