AD:TECH Attendees In Search of the Next Party


Depending on one's viewpoint, Tuesday afternoon, with no sponsored parties and Exhibitors packing up, is either a great chance to flood the hotel bar and chat or have dinner with associates or it's the sad beginning of the end of AD:TECH even though the conference still has a half day to go. Traditionally, companies pack their events into Monday night rather than spreading them across both days. The exception, of course, is the usual AD:TECH Wrap Up Party. However, this year, there is no official Wrap Up party but rather a party, sponsored by a host of companies most have never heard of but that claims, as we indicated yesterday, to be "The After Party People Will Be Talking About For Years." Whether that comes to pass, we won't know until tomorrow but we'll do our best to let you know.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05    
Topic: Industry Events

Booth Babes Become Booth Operators


At the last AD:TECH show in New York, attractive representatives of affiliate network iTraffic, Mandy Ashford and Michelle Moya were roaming the halls, boothless, promoting the companies "got traffic" business mission. Usually you don't expect to see these "representatives for hire" nor the company they are promoting more than once. They come to a show. Do their thing and move on. Well, it seems iTraffic has gained some staying power appearing at this year's show with both a booth and the same booth babes last seen at the New York show last November. Mandy and Michelle were gracious enough to pose for our cameras again.

by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05    
Topic: Industry Events

AD:TECH Monday Night Party Report

Following a long day attending session after session and hearing each exhibitor's well rehearsed story while walking though the Exhibit Hall, it was, at long last, time to set out and conquer Monday night's social activities. Kicking off the night's long list of parties was Tribal Fusion which, as always, hosted its traditional Grand Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall. lightened up the mood with, for lack of a better description, WhitePages Man who mugged appropriately for our cameras.

After receiving an invitation late last week for a party hosted by search engine marketing company Semphonic, we ventured up to Suite J on the 5th floor of the conference hotel and were met by the gracious David Libby and CMO John Williams who made our group feel very welcome.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-26-05    
Topic: Industry Events

AD:TECH San Francisco Party Plans Revealed


Well, here we go again. As we all prepare to descend upon San Francisco next week for this year's AD:TECH San Francisco Show, April 25-27, we thought we'd assist you in planning your social schedule by rounding up the numerous planned parties for the three day extravaganza. Headlining the party scene, as they did last year and this past Fall in NYC, is Bluelithium who will host The AD:TECH San Francisco 2005 Party Monday, April 25 at 9PM at Ruby Skye. Bluelithium promises fire breathers, flying acrobats, giant stilters, ice sculpters and open bar.

Earlier on Monday, TribalFusion will, as always, host the Grand Opening Reception in the Exhibit Hall beginning at 5PM. Immediately following, will be the PartnerWeekly Mixer, a Las Vegas-style event complete with blackjack, held in the Marriott Hotel's Club room from 6:30P to 8:30P. Following these early evening events, there are reports of an "exclusive" party hosted by YFDirect at an undisclosed location.

On Tuesday night, AdDrive and Impulse Marketing will co-host host The GRS Poker Tournament from 8:30P to 12:30A at the Marriott's View Lounge. A prize of $10,000 towards a World Poker Tour Main Event will be offered. Also Tuesday night, the International Game Developer Association will host an event at Metreon beginning at 7PM and featuring work by 4orty2wo Entertainment, creator of ILoveBees, followed by free food and drink at LJ's.

by Steve Hall    Apr-18-05    
Topic: Industry Events

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