Cannes Lions Tuesday Captured Infographic Style


In its continuing quest to numerate all the goings on this week at Cannes Lions in France this week, SapientNitro is out with its second of five infographics. This iteration, entitled Global, examines such goodies as the number of awards won to date by country (U.S. leads), social chatter as it relates to panel attendance, hottest topics (2NE1 Seminar), number of followers the various Cannes Lions social media accounts have, the number of Twitter mentions for the week (56,355), Foursquare hot spots, Cannes Lions Beach Soccer standings and the fact Twitter rules all social media channels this week crushing Facebook as if it were a fly.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-12    
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Cannes Lions Tuesday Night: Awards and Parties


As Tuesday in Cannes ended, Google scooped up the inaugural Mobile Grand Prix for its re-imagined Coke Hilltop campaign which "mobilized" the sentiment of the original campaign and made it possible for people to actually "buy the world a Coke." In other Tuesday night awards and party news:

- BBH won the Creative Effectiveness Grand Prix for its Axe Fallen Angels work.

- Duval Guillame was (deservedly so) crowned Media Agency of the year.

- The ubiquitous Arnold bike made its way to the Havas cafe.

- As always, the food at the Opening Gala was stellar but, again, as always, the lines were miserably long. It's really just best to skip the food line and just drink.

- And not to be confused with the Dutch Young Creatives, the Young Lions party, sort of an anti-Gala event, rocked La Croisette Tuesday night as well.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-12    
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Cannes Lions Monday Captured Infographic Style


SapientNitro has taken it upon itself to create an infographic to represent each of five days, Monday through Friday, in Cannes capturing all the goings on at Cannes Lions. Below is Monday's infographic which takes a lok at the history of Cannes Lions, seminar keywords that popped, a summary of the number of entrants and panels, the weather and other local demographics, influencial Cannes Twitter account (ahem, @adrants is on the list), top Foursquare check ins (Gutter Bar and Carlton Bar, of course), popular Instagram pictures, social buzz topics, popular Pinterest pins and, of course, the awards. Check it out.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
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Cannes Lions Tuesday: Mad Man Don Draper in Town!


Yes, it's true. It's totally true. In what has to be one of the most surreal sightings of the week, Don Draper (OK, Jon Hamm) is in Cannes today soaking up the sun and mingling with current day ad types. He posed for pictures with several lucky delegates and he attended the Mcgarry Bowen agency party. OK, in other Cannes Lions news today:

- The Gutter Bar is now on Twitter. Yes, really. @thegutterbar.

- Making its first splash in Cannes, agency Leo Cornett arrives in an ice cream truck which has been making its way up and down La Croisette serving goodies to delegates...and trying to avoid the authorities who, apparently, don't approve of such antics.

- The beach volleyball tournament was in full swing today.

- In a bit of a face slap, James Warren noted, Clients don't buy ideas, they are sold them. PR not natural salespeople. Hence, no awards."

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
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SapientNitro in Cannes: We're Different. No, Really, We Are.


Adforum's Angela Natividad sat down with SapientNitro's Freddie Laker and Darren McColl along with Omar Epps, all of whom were on a panel Monday at Cannes Lions and spoke to the topic of who's a better marketer, brands or celebrities. At least in the seminar, it appeared celebrities won out.

The interview on the whole is an insightful look at how the definition of an agency has changed over time and how the different toolsets and partnerships define just how an agency approaches a marketing challenge.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
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Cannes: Digital Gets Physical With Creative Realities Retail Experiences


Over at adforum, Angela Natividad is conducting interviews in Cannes. Her first interview is with Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities, a firm that focuses on "designing digital experiences that bridge the physical and virtual worlds." He is most proud of his recent work with the Macy's in Herald Square which consists of 20 different digital experiences. When Natividad asked Price which movies appropriately represent the near future of digital marketing, he was quick to point of it won't (and shouldn't) be Miniroty Report, the movie in which Tome Cruise - and everyone else - is razor targeted which a bombardment of location-based advertising. Over the next five years, Price says there will be an increase in digitally augmented retail fittings and fixtures that improve the store experience for shoppers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Point of Purchase

Is Anything Outside of Cannes Lions Happening This Week?


As one whose daily mission includes scouring the ad world for shareable bits of newsworthiness, it's always interesting to see the ad news world grind to a halt during Cannes Lions. It's as if nothing else is newsworthy this week. It's like this new study from Webrageous that claims 75 percent of of online campaigns fail never happened. But let's not allow minor details like that to detract from the the fantastic funshine (no, I didn't spell that wrong) of Le Croisette.

Let's not bother with the controversy surrounding the bloated salaries of WPP's Martin Sorrell and MDC Partners' Miles Nadal. Because that would just be impolite and inappropriate (and actually kind of boring) to discuss while drinking magnums of rose at the Carlton.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-12    
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At Cannes Lions, 'Big Data' and 'Content' Best 'Campaign' And 'Ad'


As we continue our round up of goings at Cannes Lions, the shortlists for PR, Media, Outdoor, Mobile, Creative Effectiveness and Press have been released. You can check them all out here. In other important Cannes Lions news for Monday:

- Many were surprised and thought it sacriligious the gutter bar didin't look the same as it did last year.

- Nine year old Cain Monroy (of Caine's Arcade), in a JWT-led seminar entitled What Can 3 Kids Teach You About Creativity, told the audience they really need to think like kids sometimes to be creative.

- At 40, you graduate from the gutter bar to the Carlton Terrace.

- Porn scammers have discovered the #canneslions hashtag and are all over it in full force.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-12    
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Sunday in Cannes Social Media-Style


Each day we'll bring you a little bit of Cannes. On Sunday, the festival kicked off with a talk by Cindy Gallop who spoke frankly about sex, her work with Make Love Not Porn And her desire for sex to be socialized in a way that makes it less than taboo, completely acceptable and for it not to be tarniches by the exaggerations of the porn world.

In her talk Cindy also noted that just three percent of all creative directors in the United States are female, something that really needs to change fast.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-17-12    
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Why Ad Agency People Leave Their Jobs


Good luck. No, really. Our best to you Michael Sheldon and Kim Getty from Deutsch LA. Honestly, we hope you can keep agency types from jumping ship every year. But if history is any guide...not gonna happen.

But hey, at least you get to do a panel on retaining talent during Cannes Lions. That can't be half bad, can it? And, shit, half the people in Cannes this year will have new jobs next year so you might as well propose this panel over and over again, year after year. Because, you know what? Nothing's going to change. Why? Because most agency management don't give a shit about their employees. All they care about is the bottom line.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-13-12    
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