At Cannes Lions, 'Big Data' and 'Content' Best 'Campaign' And 'Ad'


As we continue our round up of goings at Cannes Lions, the shortlists for PR, Media, Outdoor, Mobile, Creative Effectiveness and Press have been released. You can check them all out here. In other important Cannes Lions news for Monday:

- Many were surprised and thought it sacriligious the gutter bar didin't look the same as it did last year.

- Nine year old Cain Monroy (of Caine's Arcade), in a JWT-led seminar entitled What Can 3 Kids Teach You About Creativity, told the audience they really need to think like kids sometimes to be creative.

- At 40, you graduate from the gutter bar to the Carlton Terrace.

- Porn scammers have discovered the #canneslions hashtag and are all over it in full force.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-18-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Sunday in Cannes Social Media-Style


Each day we'll bring you a little bit of Cannes. On Sunday, the festival kicked off with a talk by Cindy Gallop who spoke frankly about sex, her work with Make Love Not Porn And her desire for sex to be socialized in a way that makes it less than taboo, completely acceptable and for it not to be tarniches by the exaggerations of the porn world.

In her talk Cindy also noted that just three percent of all creative directors in the United States are female, something that really needs to change fast.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-17-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Why Ad Agency People Leave Their Jobs


Good luck. No, really. Our best to you Michael Sheldon and Kim Getty from Deutsch LA. Honestly, we hope you can keep agency types from jumping ship every year. But if history is any guide...not gonna happen.

But hey, at least you get to do a panel on retaining talent during Cannes Lions. That can't be half bad, can it? And, shit, half the people in Cannes this year will have new jobs next year so you might as well propose this panel over and over again, year after year. Because, you know what? Nothing's going to change. Why? Because most agency management don't give a shit about their employees. All they care about is the bottom line.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-13-12    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events

Lurzer's to Have Fun With Workshop During Cannes


Here's some interesting work from Lurzer's Archive. Great ads always seem to end up in Lurzer's Archive but we never really know how they get there. This campaign is a humorous attempt at understanding just how a great advertising idea is born and how a campaign evolves. Through an insert that will be appearing in issue 3/12 of Lurzer's, readers can download "the great ads tool" app, to enter a contest which will give readers a chance to be a co-creator of the Archive's campaign.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Cannes Lions Reaches Record With 34,000 Entries in 15 Categories


A record 34,301 entries from 87 countries have been submitted to the Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity, the annual global awards festival for creative advertising and communications.

An overall increase of 19 percent versus last year, entries have been submitted in 15 different categories: Creative Effectiveness, Cyber, Design, Direct, Film, Film Craft, Media, Outdoor, PR, Press, Promo & Activation, Radio, Titanium & Integrated and the new Mobile and Branded Content & Entertainment Lions categories.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 6-12    
Topic: Industry Events

IAB to Host Mobile Forum at Cannes Lions


The IAB and its IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence will chair a first-ever all-day forum devoted to the topic of Creativity in Mobile Advertising during Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

On Tuesday, June 19, IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg will lead the day's series of panels - six sessions in all, including a final roundtable that will spotlight The IAB Creative Showcase: Secrets of the Mobile Superstars. On stage discussion during this session will feature Colleen DeCourcy of Socialistic, Thomas Fellger of Iconmobile, and Per Holmkvist of Mobiento. They will share examples of the best mobile creative, and offer insights on how to take advantage of opportunities in mobile.

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by Steve Hall    May-31-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless

Internet Week Summarized Infographic-Style


This Internet Week coverage is brought to you by ShareThis. The best content is hand picked.

Nothing, it seems, can occur these days without an infographic to explain it. So it is without surprise we have an infographic, courtesy of Synthesio to neatly wrap up Internet Week.

According to the infographic, the most buzzworthy keynotes were Tumblr's David Karp, The New York Times' David Carr and Brian Stelter and the Oakland A's General Manager Billy Beane.

Overall, there was a 100 percent increase in the number of tweets (11,000 to 20,000) from last year's Internet Week to this year's.

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by Steve Hall    May-23-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Steve Jobs Honored at The Webby Awards


This Internet Week coverage is brought to you by ShareThis. The best content is hand picked.

Internet Week culminated tonight with The 15th Annual Webby Awards. Held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan, the event was hosted by Patton Oswalt. The ShareThis crew was in attendance to see comedian Louis C.K. accept his Person of the Year Award with the five word acceptance speech, "When I die, bye, bye."

Musician Bjork accepted the Webby Artist of the Year Award for her multimedia album Biophilia, created partly on an iPad along with ten apps supporting it.

Juliette Lewis and Graydon Sheppard received best actress awards for their work on the YouTube series Shit Girls Say. Their five word acceptance speech? "We just want to thank..."

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by Steve Hall    May-21-12    
Topic: Industry Events

Haley Reinhart Headlines Girls Who Rock During Internet Week


This Internet Week coverage is brought to you by ShareThis. The best content is hand picked.

Girls Who Rock, a concert organized by the all volunteer non-profit She's the First, was held last Friday at the Gramercy Theater during Internet Week. Hosted by Michael Thurber, the concert included performances by Haley Reinhart, Jessica Latshaw, Shin-B, The Jane Doze and the girls from Park Slope Rock School.

The concert, sponsored by online social change community Umojawa, was held to raise money for the rural India school Shanti Bhaven. During the concert, several girls from the school were Skyped in for attendees to see. Of course the internet being what it is, the connection wasn't too good and neither party could hear the other. Although each party could see each other and is was a moving experience as a representative from the school shared the plight of girls in rural India with the audience.

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by Steve Hall    May-21-12    
Topic: Cause, Industry Events

Barbarian Group, Mother Host Rooftop Relaxation, Concert


This Internet Week coverage is brought to you by ShareThis. The best content is hand picked.

So Thursday night during Internet Week, the cool ad agencies had their parties. Barbarian Group and Mother. Barbarian Group held their party on the rooftoop of their office building in SoHo. I nice spot with 360 degree views of the city including the under-construction World Trade Center.

We ran into several friends including long-time acquaintance and former Gawker blogger Elizabeth Spiers and LippeTaylor's Sloane Berrent. We had a chance to spend some time speaking with Barbarian Group's PR Wonder Lexi Peters as well as Barbarian Group Head Guy Benjamin Palmer.

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by Steve Hall    May-18-12    
Topic: Industry Events

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