Don Draper Just Might Give That Creative Circus Graduation Speech


We really, really like this campaign from three students attending Creative Circus. Nine months ago, they embarked upon a mission called Grad Men to get Mad Men character John Hamm to speak at their graduation as Don Draper. You can view the details of their efforts in the video below. Last week, AMC saw the video and got in touch with the three students behind the project. The two parties are working with John Hamm's handlers to see if the mad man can speak at the graduation.

As part of the project, the students traveled the country to collect pleas from fifty of the countries creative greats. everyone's rooting for Draper to do his part and enlighten Creative Circus students on how wonderful and amazing a career in advertising could be.

Dear AMC and John Hamm; please make this happen.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Industry Events, Social

Clickbooth, Affiliate Ball to Rock Affiliate Summit


If you'll be in New York next week for Affiliate Summit be sure to check out all the parties. You can find them listed on a Google Calender here. The two biggest parties will be the Affiliate Ball and Clickbooth's Affiliate Awakening.

The Affiliate Ball will be held Monday night, August 22 at the LQ from 9PM until close. Doug E Fresh will perform and the platforms will be graced with the very hot Affiliate Ball Go-Go Dancers. Over 1,000 guests are expected to attend. You can pick up a pass to the party at the Meet Market on Sunday. Check out the promotional video with Doug E. Fresh below.

Clickbooth's Affiliate Awakening will also be held Monday night. the party will begin at 10PM at Arena. In the past, Clickbooth has always held amazing parties and we have no reason to believe this one won't be an awesome party as well. Check out the promotional video below.

So with two big events on the same night you're going to have to do one of two things; make a choice and commit or Party hop.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Google Acquires Motorola, Winnebago Man on Hulu


- Google has acquired Motorola Mobility for $12,5 billion in cash giving added boost the to the Android platform.

- On Monday morning Buddy Media announced $54 million in Series D funding from a group of leading late-stage investors.

- Alienware is out with a kooky episodic thing. The first installment is called "Once A Gamer Now A Lamer."

- Orbit gum is out with an odd little gem that, among other things, includes bobbing for panties.

- Doug E Fresh pimps his gig at Affiliate Ball.

- Remember Winnebago man? No? Google it. Hilarious shit. His documentary is streaming on Hulu for free the next two weeks.

- Wow! Rick Webb is leaving Barbarian Group. "Inconceivable!" as some Princess Bride loved to say. But best to you my man!

by Steve Hall    Aug-15-11    
Topic: Brands, Industry Events, Video

Charlotte Gets Social With SocialFresh


If the only thing you experience is Peter Shankman slapping social media gurus upside the head and bringing a modicum of common sense to the practice, then you will have received your money's worth at SocialFresh Charlotte. Shankman will keynote the day and a half conference September 6-7.

Apart from Shankman, you'll hear from Hubspot's Jeanne Hopkins, Webtrends' Justin Kistner, Radian6's David Thomas and many others speak on topics such as integrating social media with email marketing, creating content for inbound marketing, how to best train employees about social media and much more. We're happily sponsoring th event. Check out the details here. If you register, and you should, use discount code "adrants" for 20 percent off.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Festival of Media to Host 2nd Annual LatAm Awards


The Festival of Media, an event that focuses on media creativity and innovation, will host the LatAm Awards which will highlight creativity and innovative thinking across Latin America. The LatAm Awards, to be held in Miami October 12-14, launched in 2010 and had upwards of 100 entries from Latin American regions

This year, the organization has expanded to encompass 15 entering categories and a further four jury/voting categories. There will also be an Awards Gala Dinner. The deadline for entries, August 5, is fast approaching. Find out more information here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Creatives Rejoice! Every Award Show on One Calendar!


In a nod to the beginning of the new awards year, RKCR/Y&R has launched new site that will insure agencies and creatives never miss an awards deadline.

The free service, called T-Minus, has been developed to help creatives around the world keep track of up upcoming awards deadlines, allowing agencies to plan getting their projects out of the door on time.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-28-11    
Topic: Industry Events, Tools

Affiliate Ball Returns to Affiliate Summit


From August 21-23, 4,000 affiliate marketers will descend upon New York city for the three day Affiliate Summit East conference. The event will be held at the Hilton and, apart from the conference, there will be plenty or parties to attend.

Affiliate Ball, which has held several events at ad:tech and other Affiliate Summits, will, again, bring the thunder. The last Affiliate Summit West Affiliate Ball had Three 6 Mafia perform and the last ad:tech Affiliate Ball (called Marketers Ball when at ad:tech) had Digital Underground with Too Short. For the upcoming Affiliate Summit east Affiliate Ball, plans are in place to have Doug E Fresh.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-27-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Faux School Girl Lust Ad Gets Lion Rescinded


We like this Kia ad. The Cannes press Lions jury liked this ad. They liked it so much they awarded it a Silver Lion. The ad pimps Kia's dual zone air conditioning with alternating cartoon images of a clean cut classroom scenario and a classroom scenario that is decidedly less clean cut.

It got the point across if in a very twisted manner. You can have it your way riding in a Kia. Just like a horny teacher whose mind wanders in the classroom. Twisted but it gets the point across. The problem is the ad never ran. And that's a no-no when it comes ti winning a Lion. Or any award for that matter. Kia disavows the ad and has said it never ran and was never approved.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-21-11    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Policy

Event to Award Publishing Excellence


Just back from Cannes. We'll be catching up on things this week and then publishing lightly next week during the July 4th week. But, in this business, life goes on and new conferences and awards show pop up all the time so it was without surprise we found this item in our inbox today. Not to mention the fact we know it was coming up as Adrants is a media sponsor and we'll be sitting on the judging panel as well.

On October 26, the World Media Awards and Event (yea, it's an ambitious title) will take place. It will celebrate the best in blogging and media creation as well as offer an opportunity to exchange publishing's best practices. Attendees will learn how to use the latest technologies and techniques to improve their publishing practices through a series of practical workshops hosted industry leading publishers.

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Cannes Experience Much More Than A Lion


On Saturday night in Cannes, the final Lions were handed out. You can read all about that here. It as a long ceremony. Longer than it should have been according to those with whom we spoke. There's the feeling Cannes Lions is doing a wee bit of gouging to up revenues by adding additional category after category. We'll let others debate that because this is a happy place and we like to talk about happy things.

Speaking of happy, the Lions Closing Gala was held Saturday night following the Awards ceremony. As with the Opening Gala, the event was help at Carlton Beach. It was the usual lavish affair with more food than anyone in attendance could possibly have eaten. And there was the wonderment of being together for the last time with close friends and those met just this week.


At the Gala, there were the annual fireworks which were spectacular enough to be categorized as Jul4th-quality by some. Fireworks then gave way to dancing and dancing gave way to, well, use your imagination.

The infamous Tractor party was held last night as well and by the looks of the door (yes, it was just about the only party all week we didn't get into) it was the sort of party where the personal bubble is immediately popped and one's personal space becomes everyone's space. In other words, a sweat fest.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-11    
Topic: Industry Events

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