Ogilvy, Shots Deliver Contrasting Party Experiences at Cannes


The Thursday night party scene at Cannes Lions was, to say the least, an interesting dichotomy. On the one hand, you had the Ogilvy party held at the Grand Hotel. It was a chic affair complete with red carpet, velvet entryway, swanky cocktails, delectable delicacies including shrimp, sashimi and two guys doing acrobatics on 50 foot tall poles.

Oh yes, it was a fancy affair for Ogilvy employees from around the world who made their way to Cannes this year. Unlike many of the parties at Cannes, it felt a bit like a fancy office party. Now, that's not saying it was a bad party. After all, you could actually hear yourself talk and the food was a plus.

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Cannes Attendees Reveal Which Brands They'd Have Sex With


George Parker will absolutely hate this but here's even more video coverage from Cannes. Check out Terry Gilliam at the Gutter bar. Y&R's David Sable talk about his first job in advertising. More Barbara Lippert. The brands people would have sex with. Deutsch crew telling the rest of us how to break into the business. See Lions winners comment on their wins.

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Katzenberg Drops iPad Porn Joke on Sorrell at Cannes


When he picked up Martin Sorrell's iPad during the Cannes Debate session to comment on what a wonderful device it is for viewing porn, Dreamworks CEO and Co-Founder Jeffrey Katzenberg said, "I hope this isn't yours, Martin, because this is pretty sick!"

Katzenberg joined Sorrel and News Corporation Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Chairman and CEO James Murdoch for a discussion on a range of topics including advertising, movie making and the use of technology in the creative process.

Of Cannes tagline change to The International Festival of Creativity, Katzenberg noted it embraces the increase partnership between advertising and Hollywood and the realization that creativity can come from many place.

When Sorrell asked Katzenberg about the creative process, Katzenberg said it's always "a difficult balance between art and commerce." He noted the right balance can net spectacular rewards but a swing too far in either direction can result in in a poor outcome.

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Axe's 'Clean Balls' Makes Creative Effectiveness Shortlist


A new category this year for Cannes Lions is Creative Effectiveness. On the shortlist, among others, are BBH New York for Axe's Clean Your Balls, Weiden + Kennedy for Old Spice's The Man Your man Could Smell Like, BBDO New York for Snickers' You're Not You When You're Hungry and TBWA\Mdia Arts Lab for Apple's Mac vs. PC.

See the full list here.

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Film Craft Lions Shortlist Released


The shortlist for Film Craft Lions has been released. Included on the list are:

  • BBDO New York for AT&T's Bedtime Stories (Production Design)
  • Deutsch LA for Volkswagen's Force (Direction)
  • Mullen for JetBlue's Cab Jam, Glass Half Full and Local (Direction)
  • AgencyTwoFifteen for Microsoft Xbox's Birth of a Spartan (Cinematography
  • Wieden + Kennedy for Chrysler's Born of Fire (Editing)
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners for Logitech's Kevin Bacon Fan (Script)
  • Saatchi & Saatchi LA for Toyota's Swagger Wagon (Best Use of Music)BBH New York for Google's chrome Speed Tests (Sound Design)
  • Y&R New York for LG Electronics' Something's Lurking (Special Effects and Computer Graphics)
  • David&Goliath for Kia's This or That (Animation)

You can view the full list here.

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Cannes Lions Titanium and Integrated Shortlist Released


The shortlist for Cannes Lions Titanium and Integrated has been released. On the list are:

  • Weiden + Kennedy for Old Spice's The Man You Could Smell Like
  • BBH New York for Google's Chrome Fast
  • Google Creative Lab for The Wilderness Downtown
  • TBWA\Chiat\Day LA for Gatorade's Replay Season 2&3
  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky for Domino's Show Us Your Pizza
  • Ogilvy & Mather New York for IBM's Watson
  • Mother New York for Target's Kaleideiscopic Fashion Spectacular
  • BBDO New York for AT&T's The Last Text
  • Weiden + Kennedy for Levi's Ready to Work
  • DraftFCB San Francisco for EA's Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2
  • Droga5 for Bing's Decode Jay-Z With Bing
  • R\GA for Innovative Thunder's Pay With At Tweet
  • R\GA for Nike's The Film Room.
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Massive Music Hosts Most Massive Party


Walking down the Croisette around 9PM Wednesday night, it was apparent it was going to be another busy night. The stroll revealed party preparation for Vevo, The Times of India, Y&R, AOL, Massive Music, Microsoft and several more.

We made it to the Microsoft party and Massive Music. we had every intention of making it to Vevo but, truth be told, the Massive party was so great, we couldn't leave. The music, the people, the location. All contributed to us staying until it was over at 2:30AM.

We had the pleasure of finally meeting Bud Theisen from Straightforward Films whom we've known for years but have never actually met.

We also met the two Erikas. Erika Sheldon from Hello! and the hilarious and infectiously witty Erika Bokamper from In House. So much fun!

Check out all the images from the night. Scroll down to the bottom of the flickr album for the latest images.

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List of Young Director Award Winners (Cannes)


Last night the Palais Stéphanie hosted the 13th annual Young Director Awards, which promotes the work of young directors in advertising, short films and music videos.

Below is the list of winners (videos included when they were available). European and non-European entries were awarded separately. Note that some categories only awarded second prize winners.

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Cannes Film Lions Shortlist Released


OK, we're heading into the home stretch here at Cannes. The short list for Film Lions has been released. Some of the of the work on the list includes: Droga5's work for Kraft's party, BBDO New York's work for several Snickers ads including Focus Group (love that one!), Grey New York's work for Febreeze, Wieden + Kennedy's work for Old Spice's Flex, Boat, Punch and Zoom, JWT New York's work for Huggies' Soire, BBDO New York's work on Gillette Shark, Wieden + Kennedy's Born of Fire for Chrysler, Crispin Porter + Bogusky's Really for Microsoft, Mullen's Application and Lift Things Up for Planet Fitness, Venebles Bell & Partners The Chase for Intel and many more. All told, American agencies are listed 108 times.

View the entire shortlist here.

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The Cannes Lions Midweek Existential Crisis


It's hard to describe the state of you in Cannes by the middle of the week. By Wednesday night, it's likely you haven't slept in four days. The drinking starts around noon, and you're constantly being blindsided by huge vacuums of people who want to chat about their creative ideas, which seesaw between brilliant and horrific, depending on what fluid you just swallowed.

One guy spent a night regaling Ask Wappling and me about his "sublime" comic strip idea, in which men and women have short, terse exchanges -- sort of like XKCD but stupid. (Man: "Hi!" Woman: "I shaved my legs for this?") The men are always smiling penises, and the women are squiggles in the shape of their pubic hair. Squiggles can vary by size and type.

Be careful when you've been chosen for a creative revelation like this. The less convinced you look, the more insistent the person gets about his genius.

But the trauma I felt, watching those banal prattling penises and vaginas appear in front of me, is only a distant memory. It was Monday around 5 AM.

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