Wrath of Cannes Returns With Tony Hawk's Birdhouse


Billed as the "other" awards show and "a bitter response to the self-congratulating, glad-handing, marblebag-wearing, Dom-swilling, bronzer-slathered soirees that fester up on the beach in Cannes," Wrath of Cannes, created by NY-based agency Woods Witt Dealy & Sons and now in its fifth year, will take place at Cha Cha's on Coney Island May 23 at 6PM.

This year, professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, founder of the Wrath of Cannes-sponsoring Birdhouse, will be one of the judges charged with awarding the head-up-your-ass Grand Coney.

by Steve Hall    May-31-11    
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Brands Attending Internet Week: Tells Us Your Party Plans


Dear Brand Attending Internet Week,

Hello. Perhaps you've heard of us. We're Adrants. We like advertising. We like the advertising business. We love brands that advertise. And we really, really love brands that host parties during advertising conferences. Especialy really, really big conferences like Internet Week.

Why do we like parties so much? Well, aside from the obvious, we love to see who shows up and what they have to say. We love to take pictures. And most of all, we love writing about parties and publishing pictures from the parties. So...why are we telling you this? Because we want to know if you're having a party. Why?

Well, connect the dots. Hosted party + lots of pictures + article written in publication read by everyone in advertising = TONS of publicity for a brand. So do yourselves a favor. Tell us about your party plans during Internet Week. And we promise to show up and complete the above equation for you.

by Steve Hall    May-28-11    
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Blogworld Small But Filled With Valuable Content


This year, Blogworld and New Media Expo has moved from one show per year in Las Vegas to two shows, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. This week, Blog World East is taking place in New York at the Javits Center. It's a much smaller show than the Vegas version but there is still great content and the same great wonderful people with whom to network.

The jist of the show, of course, is social media and the various panels have explored just what that means to the various participants in the space; brands, agencies, merchants, bloggers, publishers and...even Century 21 which was the lone real estate exhibitor on the floor.And speaking of the exhibit hall floor, is was much smaller than previous years but we're glad we took a stroll through it. Had we not, we would have missed Webdoc's booth.

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by Steve Hall    May-26-11    
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Blogworld Opens in New York


We're at Blogworld today through Thursday. It's the conference's first time in New York having relocated from Las Vegas where it was held once each year in October. Now, the conference will occur twice a year with the second conference in Los Angeles in November.

Blogworld, as the name may indicate, has to do with blogging but that's just a tiny slice of what the conference covers. It's full name is Blogworld and New Media Expo and content includes a broad array of topics in social media, marketing, advertising, publishing, mobile, SEO, gaming and more.

Since New York isn't Las Vegas, the tone of the conference is going to be quite different. That's not to say this is a bad thing but, well, Vegas is Vegas and the things you do in Vegas you might bot to in New York. Too close to home and all. But none of that should take away from the primary focus of the conference; the speakers and the panels.

Speakers include Wine Library's Gary Vaynerchuk, Author and former Kodak exec Jeffrey Hayzlett, novelist H.P. Mallory, Allen & Gerritsen SVP Mike Schneider, Chis Brogan, Chris Pirillo and many others.

If anything good happens, we'll be sure to let you know.

by Steve Hall    May-24-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Blogworld Offers 20 Percent Discount to Adrants Readers


If you haven't yet attended the Blogworld conference and you live in new York, now's your chance. In the past, the event has always been held in Las Vegas. Now it's moved to two locations; New York and Los Angeles. Next week, May 24-26, Blogworld hits New York's Javits Center.

BlogWorld focuses on blogging and social media and offers up internet luminaries, popular and knowledgeable bloggers, podcasters and social media thought leaders. Here's an overview of what you can expect at the conference. And here's an argument as to why you should attend.

The kind folks at Blogworld have offered up a "Thanks for joining us" discount to Adrants readers. There's a discount code for 20 percent off any pass. The discount code is Adrants 20. Register online at http://www.blogworldexpo.com

That Discount Code is good for 20 percent off any pass all the way up through the event. We'll be there. Will you?

by Steve Hall    May-22-11    
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A Look at A Few Cannes 48 Hour Film Festival Entries


Here's a few entries to the Cannes Young Lions Save the Children contest. The rules called for creators to keep it between 30 seconds and 1 minute, do not use any music, and incorporate the provided final art card.

Of his project, Chris Leising said, "I was so busy shooting, there was barely ANY time to edit! That being said, there was no time to do any color correcting or perfecting the audio. Murphy's Law was in full swing, of course. I had 2 computers crash on me...and I couldn't get internet on the computer I was editing on, so my friend was seriously grabbing audio off freesound.org, throwing it on a flash drive and tossing it to me from across the room...that I'd then have to bring through compressor to change into an .aiff!! It was hectic!"

The first video is from Chris. The second two come from Andre Castilho. The fourth comes from Rodolfo Torres.

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by Steve Hall    May-20-11    
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Adrants, eBay, Trancos Host Party During Blogworld


Here at Adrants we're always going to parties, writing about parties and taking pictures at parties. Rarely, if ever, do we host our own party. Next week, that's about to change. Adrants, along with eBay and Trancos will host a cocktail gathering Wednesday, May 25 from 6PM to 8PM at Stitch in New York. Stitch is located at 247 West 37th Street.

The bar will be open (thanks to eBay and Trancos) and there will be some food as well. So stop by, grab a drink, have a bite, meet Ivka Adam from eBay, Murray Newlands from Trancos and myself, Steve Hall from Adrants. You know it will be fun and you know you'll need something to do Wednesday night while at Blogworld.

You can register to attend here.

by Steve Hall    May-19-11    
Topic: Industry Events

Apparently Five Agencies of the Year Are Better Than One


As if the advertising business weren't already overrun with awards for everything from best pencil engraving to loudest infomercial, New York Festivals has seen fit to expand its Advertising Agency of the Year to Advertising Agency of the Year - By Country. Yes, now agencies the world over can grab the title. Well, at least at least in five countries on which the organization decided to bestow the honor.

The five winners are BBDO in the US, Forsman & Boedenfors in Sweden, Jung von Matt in Germany, Leo Burnett Sydney in Australia and TBWA in France.

As background, New York Festivals International Advertising Awards honors advertising's creative community with the following special awards: Advertiser of the Year, Network of the Year, Advertising Agency of the Year by Country, and The World's Best Idea.

by Steve Hall    May-19-11    
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Montana Film Office Wins Silver ADDY


The Montana Film Office's 2010 online campaign to introduce filmmakers to the backdrops of the Big Sky state won a Silver ADDY at the District 11 ADDYs competition, sponsored by the American Advertising Federation. The campaign features five Web short videos that highlight Montana's most film-worthy locations.

Called "Montana. The Ultimate Location," the series follows Marty Katz, Hollywood film producer and winner of Montana Film Office's Studio 406 Familiarization Trip Giveaway, as he explores Montana's Rocky Mountain peaks, vistas, light and its Old West.

The online campaign won Gold in Montana's ADDY Awards competition earlier this year and then went on to compete at the Northwest's regional ADDY competition this spring, among entries from Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. The campaign was produced by Montana-based advertising agency PartnersCreative.

by Steve Hall    May-18-11    
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Cannes Dubs Ikea Advertiser of the Year


In acknowledgment of its creative achievements - in the form of the 50 Lions it has won over the past twenty years - Cannes will bestow the honor of Advertiser of the Year on Ikea. The award will be presented to Ikea Group Global Retail Manager Noel Wijsmans during the Festival in late June.

Ikea and its agencies are well known for their work which included the famed Crispin Porter + Bogusky-created Lamp ad that was awarded the Film Grand Prix in 2003. We thought the honor should have gone to Honda's Cog or Saturn's Sheet Metal that year but hey, that's just our opinion.

That said, there is no doubt the brand has done admirable work over the years and is absolutely deserving of this award.

by Steve Hall    May-17-11    
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