It's Advertising Week! Can You Handle It?


IAB MIXX, OMMA Global, Web 2.0, Fast Company Global CEO Summit, ARF, The Dirty Little Word, Night of the Ad Eaters, VideoEgg Battle of the Bands, AWNY, The Big Ad Gig, ANA, Facebook Party and 3 billion other entities and events.

Yes, folks it's Advertising Week. The seventh annual adfest during which the ad industry heads to New York to learn, share and cavort. There is more to do than any single human can accomplish. But that's OK becasue we have Twitter and blogs and all manner of social media insanity to keep up with the week. Even if you live in Iceland.

Be sure to follow @advertisingweek on Twitter. Check out Advertising Week's AW Voices Blog and their Let There Be Advertising Week Posterous blog. And, of course, the Advertising Week website.

And if you need a constant steam of Advertising Week in addition to following the #adwk2010 tag on Twitter, check out WADV, Advertising Week's radio coverage of the event. You can also find it on iheartradio.

by Steve Hall    Sep-27-10    
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Ad Hotties, Netflix Blunder, Re-spawned Cookies, Nude Casio


- This Advertising Hottie is indeed a hottie.

- Netflix planted actors in the audience of a press conference for the launch of its Canadian web video offering. It didn't go over very well.

- The just can't be good. No. Not at all. An online cookie that just won't give up, respawning itself whenever a user deletes their cookies. No. Not good at all. Not one bit.

- During Advertising Week, Sprout will introduce AdVine. AdVine publishes ads simultaneously in Flash and HTML5 which Sprout claims will help agencies save time and money building for desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and in-application all at the same time.

- Naked bus wrap titillates to sell Casio Watches.

- Disney is out with Let the Memories Begin, a user-generated campaign playing out on DisneyParks, Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.

by Steve Hall    Sep-23-10    
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Apparently, the ADDY's Cost Too Much


There seems to be a revolt among local chapters of the American Advertising Federation over the national board's recent decision to increase the price of ADDY entries. A letter to the members of the Kansas City AAF reads, in part, "The new fee will increase the national portion of each ADDY entry fee from $2 to $15. A 750% increase that they refer to as 'modest.' Currently, the ADDY entry fee for members is $38 per entry. With the increase from nationals, the entry fee will be raised to $51 per entry.

While the Kansas City AAF supports the AAF and isn't defecting, it's putting it's foot down calling the increase "potentially devastating." In the letter, the KC AAF claims the increase "will cause us to experience a $15,000 to $25,000 loss for our fiscal year - instead of making the small profit we had budgeted for. It is too large a loss for us to absorb and would force us to raise fees on other things - an option we find absolutely unacceptable."

All the drama is on the KC AAF blog if you want to dig deeper.

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-10    
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Art Director's Club Launches Video Series


The Art Director's Club has launched "The Creative Process Illustrated - on YouTube", a new series of with leading creatives. The first group of interviewees for this ongoing film project are:

- Kevin Roddy, CCO, BBH New York
- Benjamin Palmer, co-founder/CEO, The Barbarian Group
- Wieden+Kennedy's Eric Kallman and Craig Allen (the team behind the Old Spice campaign)
- Terrence Kelleman, president/designer, Dynomighty Design

The interviews were done by University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications professor Deborah Morrison and Southern Methodist University-Temerlin Advertising Institute professor Glenn Griffin. The pair co-author a new book The Creative Process - Illustrated.

These and other creatives will speak at the series premiere at an Advertising Week event on Tuesday, September 28, 7:00-9:00 pm (free drinks, snacks) at the ADC Gallery. The interview series will later be posted on the ADC-YouTube Show & Tell brand channel ) with new interviews added quarterly.

by Steve Hall    Sep-20-10    
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ADC Young Guns Winners Announced


The Art Directors Club has announced its ADC Young Guns winners. On October 7 from 7-10PM at the ADC Gallery in New York, the organization will honor the selected younglings. At the event, the ADC will unveil its brand spanking new ADC Young Guns 8 Cube which will be given to each of the winners.

The winner's portfolios will be on display in the gallery through October 22.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-10    
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Heading to Advertising Week? There's an App For That


Way to capitalize on a big advertising event, Deutsch! And way to slap the developers of the horrific Advertising Week website in the head. Gone is unusable Flashturbation. In is an elegantly designed, simple to navigate, highly informative iPhone app that will guide Advertising attendees through the week.

Developed by Twin Particle, the app lists all events, has a built in calender and lets you easily add events to your phone's calendar. Sweet

by Steve Hall    Sep-16-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Extractable Win Big at 2010 WebAwards


Today the Web Marketing Association announced the winners of the 14th annual WebAwards for website development. Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. won Best of Show for their work on "Glidden Website".

For the second year in a row, Extractable was named Top Agency at the 2010 WebAward Competition, taking home 27 WebAwards.

Check out all the WebAwards winners here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-10    
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Tyra Banks, Olivia Munn Join MIXX Conference During Ad Week

MCann More F'ing Cowbell

And now for some service journalism. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is kicking off its sixth annual MIXX Conference & Expo September 27-28 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York and will carry the theme, "Unbound: Everything Everywhere."

The conference will take a look at "the transformative cultural shift triggered by the surge of interactive into every corner of our lives." Whoa, that's a mouthful.

The lineup of speakers at MIXX 2010 includes representatives from AOL, Gawker, Google, Microsoft, Pandora, Twitter, Yahoo! Here's a partial lineup:

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by Steve Hall    Sep-14-10    
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Big Ad Gig Video Toys With Andrew Keller, Donny Deutsch


Perhaps you've heard of Advertising Week's Big Ad Gig? It's a competition that will award five people a 30 day ad gig. The videos have been spilling in and there's one we really like. It's from Julie Bowman and it has some fun with Donny Deutsch and Andrew Keller.

Like Bowman's video? Then go here and Like it.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-30-10    
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Facebook Status Gets Ad Band Rap


Dr. Cheesebarn, the agency band for Resource Interactive, just sent us their new video called Status. It takes a rapper's view of Facebook and social networking in general. And it's petty good. They've submitted it to the Advertising Week/VideoEgg Battle of the Ad Bands for consideration. Do you think they're worthy? View after the jump.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-29-10    
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