Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Extractable Win Big at 2010 WebAwards


Today the Web Marketing Association announced the winners of the 14th annual WebAwards for website development. Hitchcock Fleming & Associates Inc. won Best of Show for their work on "Glidden Website".

For the second year in a row, Extractable was named Top Agency at the 2010 WebAward Competition, taking home 27 WebAwards.

Check out all the WebAwards winners here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Tyra Banks, Olivia Munn Join MIXX Conference During Ad Week

MCann More F'ing Cowbell

And now for some service journalism. The Interactive Advertising Bureau is kicking off its sixth annual MIXX Conference & Expo September 27-28 at the Crowne Plaza Times Square in New York and will carry the theme, "Unbound: Everything Everywhere."

The conference will take a look at "the transformative cultural shift triggered by the surge of interactive into every corner of our lives." Whoa, that's a mouthful.

The lineup of speakers at MIXX 2010 includes representatives from AOL, Gawker, Google, Microsoft, Pandora, Twitter, Yahoo! Here's a partial lineup:

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by Steve Hall    Sep-14-10    
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Big Ad Gig Video Toys With Andrew Keller, Donny Deutsch


Perhaps you've heard of Advertising Week's Big Ad Gig? It's a competition that will award five people a 30 day ad gig. The videos have been spilling in and there's one we really like. It's from Julie Bowman and it has some fun with Donny Deutsch and Andrew Keller.

Like Bowman's video? Then go here and Like it.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-30-10    
Topic: Industry Events, Video

Facebook Status Gets Ad Band Rap


Dr. Cheesebarn, the agency band for Resource Interactive, just sent us their new video called Status. It takes a rapper's view of Facebook and social networking in general. And it's petty good. They've submitted it to the Advertising Week/VideoEgg Battle of the Ad Bands for consideration. Do you think they're worthy? View after the jump.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-29-10    
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Wieden + Kennedy Wins Emmy For Old Spice Work


Wieden+Kennedy took home an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial at the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony this past Saturday evening for its Old Spice commercial The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Last year the agency won for Coke Heist.

"Winning an Emmy is a surreal experience. It's such a great honor to be recognized by the entertainment industry and encourages our desire to create work that not only sells products, but entertains people. We're very honored to have been one of the three Wieden+Kennedy spots nominated. Owning half of the six nominations is a testament to the amazing creativity happening inside the walls of our office, and the talented people and clients we get to work with," said Jason Bagley and Eric Baldwin, W+K creative directors for Old Spice.

Great work, WK.

by Steve Hall    Aug-24-10    
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Cleavage Improves Facebook Ad Response 61 Percent


Earlier this week, we hit Affiliate Summit in New York. As is always the case, the conference was informative, entertaining and fun. One day prior to Affiliate Summit, conference organizers Shawn Collins and Missy Ward along with Loren Feldman held The Audience Conference, a mashup between social media geeks and comedians. While that combination may sound strange, it was striking to realize just how much a comedian's work process is similar to that of an online marketer.


Along with the likes of Chris Brogan, who humorously recalled the early days of bulletin board services...complete with motormouth imitations of modems connecting; C.C. Chapman who discussed the importance of "being human" online and Jason Calacanis who, well, gave us all the parts of Jason we love the most: fearlessness, fortitude and diligence, comedians took the stage and amused as well as educated.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-19-10    
Topic: Industry Events

BikiniBabesNetwork Bikini Babes Defend Booth Babes

At Affiliate Summit East I spoke with two women hired to represent BikiniBabesNetwork. Dressed in nothing but tiny bikinis, they were the hit of the exhibit hall floor.

They explained BikiniBabesNetwork and discussed the controversial role of booth babe.

by Steve Hall    Aug-17-10    
Topic: Industry Events

At Affiliate Summit Frank Luntz Profiles Humans


At the ASE10 keynote Frank Luntz offered up a simplistic demographic profile of the human race. Among other stats:

- Men want more money
- Women want more time
- Hispanics and Latinos value home ownership highest
- Best not most important. Constant improvement is.
- Accountability most important brand attribute followed by integrity amd respect.
- More people believe there are UFOs than social security's ability to sustain itself.

Luntz also discussed the importance of visuals in advertising and the psychology behind them. For example hotels should never show people in a hotel room because everyone wants to believe they are the first and only person to use the room. No one wants to know they aren't the first person to use the toilet.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-10    
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Chicagoans Kidnapped, Pools Boarded, Windows Made


- Hoffman/Lewis is out with a kidnapping spoof to get Chicagoans to go to St. Louis.

- SapientNitro would like us all to see their new reel.

- Here's a few webisodes Window Seat Pictures created for Converse. Yea, there's a pool and a skateboarder.

- A couple of creatives got bored working in an office with no windows. So they made their own. A lot of them.

- The San Francisco Egoist is holding a contest to determine the best ad city in America. Make sure you are represented.

- To kick off to its 90th anniversary celebration, the ADC has announce an open call to its 600 past ADC cube winners to submit their reinterpretation of the iconic ADC Cube for possible use on the ADC 90th Annual Awards call-for-entries.

- From a crisis management perspective, Davia Temin addresses the question, "What was HP's Mark Hurd thinking?"

- Perry Ellis has launched Project Beach to aid oil spill recovery.

- Director Scott Otto Anderson gives us a behind the scenes look at the production of his newest spot with Photoplay productions for NRMA Insurance.

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-10    
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ANDY Awards Get Crowdsourced in Squirrel Fight


Co-chairmen of The International ANDY Awards, venerated industry creative Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Brooklyn-based creative agency Big Spaceship, announced today the launch of a global "Call for Entries" creative challenge...ahem, crowdsourced contest...developed in partnership with Victors & Spoils. Participants will use the agency's Squirrel Fight digital engine.

The online effort invites people from around the world to submit creative concepts promoting the The 2011 International Awards call for entries. The person behind the chosen entry will be awarded the last remaining seat on next year's ANDY Awards Jury.

by Steve Hall    Aug-11-10    
Topic: Industry Events

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