At Affiliate Summit Frank Luntz Profiles Humans


At the ASE10 keynote Frank Luntz offered up a simplistic demographic profile of the human race. Among other stats:

- Men want more money
- Women want more time
- Hispanics and Latinos value home ownership highest
- Best not most important. Constant improvement is.
- Accountability most important brand attribute followed by integrity amd respect.
- More people believe there are UFOs than social security's ability to sustain itself.

Luntz also discussed the importance of visuals in advertising and the psychology behind them. For example hotels should never show people in a hotel room because everyone wants to believe they are the first and only person to use the room. No one wants to know they aren't the first person to use the toilet.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-10    
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Chicagoans Kidnapped, Pools Boarded, Windows Made


- Hoffman/Lewis is out with a kidnapping spoof to get Chicagoans to go to St. Louis.

- SapientNitro would like us all to see their new reel.

- Here's a few webisodes Window Seat Pictures created for Converse. Yea, there's a pool and a skateboarder.

- A couple of creatives got bored working in an office with no windows. So they made their own. A lot of them.

- The San Francisco Egoist is holding a contest to determine the best ad city in America. Make sure you are represented.

- To kick off to its 90th anniversary celebration, the ADC has announce an open call to its 600 past ADC cube winners to submit their reinterpretation of the iconic ADC Cube for possible use on the ADC 90th Annual Awards call-for-entries.

- From a crisis management perspective, Davia Temin addresses the question, "What was HP's Mark Hurd thinking?"

- Perry Ellis has launched Project Beach to aid oil spill recovery.

- Director Scott Otto Anderson gives us a behind the scenes look at the production of his newest spot with Photoplay productions for NRMA Insurance.

by Steve Hall    Aug-12-10    
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ANDY Awards Get Crowdsourced in Squirrel Fight


Co-chairmen of The International ANDY Awards, venerated industry creative Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Brooklyn-based creative agency Big Spaceship, announced today the launch of a global "Call for Entries" creative challenge...ahem, crowdsourced contest...developed in partnership with Victors & Spoils. Participants will use the agency's Squirrel Fight digital engine.

The online effort invites people from around the world to submit creative concepts promoting the The 2011 International Awards call for entries. The person behind the chosen entry will be awarded the last remaining seat on next year's ANDY Awards Jury.

by Steve Hall    Aug-11-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Young Creatives Wanted For Proximity's Big Ad Gig


Advertising Week and Atmosphere Proximity have kicked off their 2010 The Big Ad Gig with a series of online videos featuring industry creatives Andreas Combuechen of Atmosphere Proximity, Andrew Keller, Chief Creative Officer CP+B, Ty Montague, Former Co-President and Chief Creative Officer, JWT North America, Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Creative Director Ogilvy & Mather and Jimmy Smith, Creative Director TBWA/Chiat/Day, L.A.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 9-10    
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Marketing Ain't Nothing Without Good Leads


A couple weeks ago, LeadsCon East took place in New York City. We were there to take a look at the conference and what role it plays in the advertising space. Well, friends, when you cut through all the bullshit, advertising is about sales. And sales don't happen without good leads. Yes, advertising helps generate leads but there is an entire industry devoted just to the process of developing good leads.

You will all be happy to know though that when TV budgets are reduced it has negative ramifications for SEO and online lead generation according to a panel on direct marketing. Going to Cannes and winning awards is fun. But the real work takes place behind the scenes, much further down the pipeline. It's not sexy and it's a lot of hard work.

If you think pretty pictures and Super Bowl commercials are all you need to make your numbers then you need to slap yourself in the face and go look at what happens in your brand's back room.

Lecture over. Now on to the fun stuff. Pictures.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Battle of the Ad Bands Returns During Advertising Week


For the last two years, McCann Erikson's More Fucking Cowbell has won the annual Advertising Week Battle of the Ad Bands. And rightly so. They rock. But just how long can a dynasty like this last? After all, whatever happened to Whitesnake? Poison? Iron Maiden?

On Tuesday September 28 at the Highline Ballroom beginning at 8PM, you'll all have the chance to see whether or not McCann can keep its title. Or, if you're so inclined, see if you can beat them. If you work in an agency and you have a band, submit your entry here (PDF).

Otherwise, just go. It's a lot of fun.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Patrizia Pepe's Oddity, Old Spice's Voice Mail Generator


- And for some really screwed up fashion advertising, look no further than Patrizia Pepe's Fall/Winter campaign.

- Can't get enough Old Spice? Check out the Old Spice Voice Mail Generator.

- If you're a fan of the MINI and you just can't get enough of their commercials, well, now there's an app for that.

- PSFK is out with its Future of Health report. It will be used together with a brief presented to teams of creatives to develop a new UNICEF design.

- Here's the story behind that Paul Arden New Directors Showcase presentation in Cannes.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-10    
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Art Director's Club Announces 2010 Hall of Famers


The ADC, at a benefit dinner November 4 at the ADC Gallery will celebrate this years' Hall of fame inductees. This year's crop include:

Fabien Baron, creative director; currently editorial director, Interview magazine
Matthew Carter, typographer
William Drenttel and Jessica Helfand, founders of Winterhouse
Philip Hays (posthumous), illustrator, educator
Brigitte Lacombe, portrait, film and travel photographer
George Nelson (posthumous), designer, author
Christoph Niemann, illustrator
Dan Wieden, cofounder, Wieden+Kennedy

It's all right here.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 3-10    
Topic: Industry Events

Andy Griffith, Liv Tyler, Sarah McLachlan Pimp, Paris Nughty


- Medicare spokesman Andy Griffith appears in a new commercial touting the health care reform law and outlining some of its benefits.

- Liv Tyler will appear in an upcoming Fall/Winter campaign for G Star Raw jeans.

- Sunday night, Sarah McLachlan performed at JetBlue's JFk terminal, part of the brand's Live from T5 concert series.

- It's invite only but ClickBooth wil be hosting a party at pulse360 August 16 at 9PM during Affiliate Summit

- Volvo experiment concludes Paris is the Naughty Capital of the World.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-10    
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Saldana Envied, Online Ad Spend Up 11.9% in 2010


- Here's some more Calvin Klein Envy ads featuring Zoe Saldana. And if these additional images aren't enough for you, there's video coming in mid-August with Saldana talking about CK's envy-inducing underwear.

- The Girl Scouts are out with a new PSA featuring plus size models.These girls are plus size?

- Launched earlier in July, LG's The Young and the Connected online soap opera is worth a look.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-29-10    
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