Ladies Vacation, Doritos Bowls, Coupons Go Mobile, Sheen Pulled


- Ladies. Need to plan the perfect girls weekend? Expedia has the building blocks you need.

- Once again, Doritos is doing the consumer-generated Super Bowl commercial thing. Six finalists have been selected and their work can be viewed here.

- The Savannah College of Art and Design hosts the 2010 SCADDY Awards Friday, January 22, 6pm at the Trustees Theater, 216 E. Broughton St. The SCADDY Awards honor excellence in advertising and the related fields created by SCAD students.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-10    
Topic: Games, Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless

Advertising's Darwin Awards: The Tracy Awards


After a two month submission period, the judges have finally handed down the list of "winners" of the First Annual Tracy Awards, an awards show created to honor the worst of the worst in advertising. Yup. Just what we love. Brands like Snickers and Microsoft were among the finalists, winning such awards as "Best high-profile fall from grace" (Snickers); "Best reckless waste of expensive talent" (Oreo) and "Best use of cross-promotion to single handedly destroy comedy forever" (Microsoft) for their various campaigns.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Tarantino Japanders, Fashion FlaskWalks, Interns Beg


- And now that fashion brands are involved, we've relabeled the flashmob FlashWalk.

- Want to be Phamous in Vegas? Oops, that's another casino's thing. Anyway, Mandalay Bay has launched the Untamed Adventure Contest. Facebook. Untamed moments. Compromising positions. Pictures. Prizes.

- Dear PR people: Don't lie. You don't want to "gauge my interest." You want me to give you press. There's no need for code words.

- Please Hire Us. Crispin Porter + Bogusky interns beg for jobs. Complete with retro flashing logo.

- If you somehow missed it during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, here's the :90 Michael Bay-directed commercial for your viewing pleasure.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-09    
Topic: Agencies, Celebrity, Guerilla, Industry Events, Social, Video, Viral

Social Media (And Rick Springfield) Set Sail on Carnival Destiny


For four days beginning last Thursday afternoon, 60 or so "social media types" boarded the Carnival Destiny and set sail for Cozumel Mexico. The journey was dubbed SocialFresh Cruise and it's goal was to bring together people and ideas. The cruise was organized by Social Fresh, an organization founded by Jason Keath that puts on conferences for marketers involved in advertising, PR, SEO, PR, brand development and, of course, social media. It's also the "conference that comes to you" in the sense most of its conferences take place in smaller markets such as Charlotte, Nashville and Tampa.

Handling the actual cruise details was CruiseDeals.


While there was much sun and fun (it was a cruise after all), for two of the three full days aboard the ship, we attended about eight hours (four each day) of session given by Chris Brogan and many others on topics ranging from personal branding to SEO and everything in-between.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-18-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Not All Booth Babes Are Just Eye Candy


You can debate the merits of booth babes at conferences but that's like debating the merits of smart people versus un-smart people. The world is full of both of them. Sometimes you get the good ones and sometimes you get the bad ones. Thankfully, I got the good booth babes today at ad:tech New York.

Listen to Victoria and Chris talk about their company, BIscience, and their role in representing the company at ad:tech. They actually know what they're talking about. And they actually work for the company. Two things rarely present in a "booth babe."

by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-09    
Topic: Industry Events

The Girls (Booth Babes) of ad:tech Return


Don't get over excited. It's not like ad:tech has turned into E3 or some car show. Far from it. But it's been a while since we've seen the proverbial booth babe make an appearance on the ad:tech exhibit hall floor.

Whether its the so called return to a healthier economy or the simple fact most humans can't go too long without seeing another one half dress, the booth babe is back.


by Steve Hall    Nov- 4-09    
Topic: Industry Events

GLAAD Hands Out A Rainbow Coalition of Media Awards


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender media advocacy group, GLAAD announced award recipients at its 1st GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising ceremony presented by Ogilvy and Southwest Airlines. Award recipients and nominees can be seen here.

The GLAAD Media Awards in Advertising recognize and honor individuals and projects in the advertising and marketing industries for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the LGBT community and the issues that affect their lives.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-28-09    
Topic: Industry Events

ad:tech Sponsors Pack Parties Into One Busy Night


Everyone loves a great party. Everyone loves the chance to mix and mingle with their fellow industry mates. And that's what conference parties provide. So, serious or unserious, we consider it our job to make you aware of all the partylicious goodness that's scheduled for each conference. So, here we go.

As previously mentioned, Moss Networks, along with, Adknowledge and GenieKnows, will host its VIP MIX + Mingle at the Hudson Terrace Wednesday, November 4 from 10PM to close. Also on Wednesday, The Oldtimers Foundation will host an event at the Thom Bar from 7PM to 9PM. Also on Wednesday (yes, this is always the problem), Elaphant Traffic will host a VIP (is anyone not a VIP?) Launch Party at 1 Oak from 7PM to 11PM.

Also on Wednesday (get used to this), Mozes, Billboard and ad:tech will co-host the official Opening Party at the Roosevelt Hotel from 7PM to...we have no idea. Also on Wednesday (yawn...), Eyeblaster will host its 8th Annual Eyeblaster Awards party at Providence from 8PM until midnight. And, and, and also on Wednesday (WTF???), the Mother of all Parties, Money Makers III will take place at Pacha from 9PM until, well, breakfast the next morning.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-27-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Make Your Next Social Media Campaign Rock (And Save $50)


Yes, we're pimping the Audience Conference will which take place in New York November 6 at the Hudson Theater and Millennium Hotel. So do us a favor and go. You won't regret it. Seriously. We're going and you should too. Besides, it's another opportunity to bullshit about advertising and who among us doesn't love to do that?

Speakers include TechCrunch's Mike Arrington, CBS News' Dan Farber, AllThingsD's Peter Kafka, Crayon's Joe Jaffe, MS&L's David Binkowski, Mahalo's Jason Calacanis, Copyblogger's Brian Clark, Shoemoney's Jeremy Shoemaker, Warner Bros. Records' Ethan Kaplan, uber PR dude Jeremy Pepper and many more.

Oh the the $50 part? When you register (which you are going to do, right?), use discount code "adrants" and save $50.

by Steve Hall    Oct-26-09    
Topic: Industry Events, Social

Media All Star Named, Pixar Lamp Gets Electric Chair


- Matt Seiler, Global CEO of Universal McCann, has been named the MediaWeek's 2009 Media All Star "Executive of the Year."

- Want to see the world's largest dog biscuit? One was created for the launch of Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins on DVD. It's now listed ass the largest by Guinness.

- The PIxar lamp gets the electric chair for killing the I.

by Steve Hall    Oct-20-09    
Topic: Industry Events, Video

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