Wrangler's Cannes-Winning 'We Are Animals' Gets Wankered


Remember that creepy We Are People campaign Wrangler ran a while back in which humans were hunted as if they were animals? We called it "bad advertising that's trying to pass itself off as high art." Guess that shows how much we know about advertising...the thing won a Grand Prix Press Lion.

But, that's not what we're talking about here. Nope. We're talking about a spoof of the campaign in which the tables are turned and the whole thing becomes We Are People. Except there's animals. Walking around as if they were people.

The campaign's called Wanker. George Parker would love it.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-09    
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Perlorian Brothers Offer Alternative View of Cannes


Everyone takes a little something different away from Cannes. Some take home awards. Some come home with nothing more than a giant hangover. Others, like the Perlorian Brothers come home with a decidedly different take. Have a look here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-29-09    
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The World Has Cannes Lions. Israel Has Cannes Zions


Israeli agency Mizbala has created CannesZions, an effort to call attention to the Israeli advertising community.Regularly updated, the site features work done my Israeli ad agencies and marketers.

Currently on the site is work for Christina Aguilera's new fragrance, Pantene and Nokia

by Steve Hall    Jun-26-09    
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Cannes Lions: Real Winnars in Cyber, Design and Press


Last night was the Cannes Lions awards event for Design, Press and Cyber efforts. As always, for the full list of winners, go hithery-dithery. But here are the Grand Prix winners for each category:

For DESIGN: "Paper Battlefield" for Nike Hong Kong by McCann Worldgroup/Causeway Bay.

For PRESS: "We Are Animals," that creepy bejeaned-human-meets-carnal-instinct campaign by FRED & FARID/Paris for Wrangler.

For CYBER: "Best Job in the World" -- which is seriously cleaning up this year -- by Cumminsnitro/Brisbane for Tourism Queensland.

"Eco:Drive" by AKQA/London for Fiat also scored a Cyber Grand Prix, as did "Why So Serious?" for Warner Bros.' The Dark Knight. The latter campaign is a typical piece of elaborate genius by the folks at 42 Entertainment/Pasadena, whose every project is not so much advertising as it is grand oeuvre.

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Cannes Lions: More Ambient Guilt Lubrication.


Hey, Cannes Lions delegates! Have a big heaping slice of buzzkill, brought to you by Weisser Ring!

I get that these are for a good cause. Given the appropriate context, these particular pieces are damn stirring.

But given that this image ornaments the exterior of the Palais and these ads plaster the interior, you gotta wonder: which sadistic member of the ad festival planning committee picked out this year's damaged kids motif?

by Angela Natividad    Jun-25-09    
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Cannes Lions: Soaking in Saint Antoine with Shannon


The other night I had dinner with Shannon Stephaniuk of Glossy Inc. Because she's an old-school Ad Fest attendee, she brought me up the narrow, picturesque Rue Saint Antoine -- one of the staples of Old Town Cannes, where few fresh ad folk venture.

Ended up having dinner on the terrasse at Le Chaperon Rouge, where foie gras comes cooked and snails are extra-salty. We also experienced more than our fair share of pupil-dilating Priceless! moments, two of which I managed to record.

(Granted, they both happen to be street-guys-for-profit moments, but that's life in the jungle for you.)

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-25-09    
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Wrath of Cannes Thursday Night!


- Don't miss Wrath of Cannes! It's tomorrow from 7-10P at the East River Bar.

- Amidst Cannes, New York Festivals announced the 2009 Grand Trophy winners, honoring six countries with the coveted award. This year's Grand Trophy recipients include: CumminsNitro, Australia; Publicis, France; and BBDO/Proximity Malaysia. The United State also received three Grand Awards, honoring BBDO NY, Big Ant International and Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

- Do you laugh or do you cry when you watch this New Zealand safe-driving PSA?

- Dos Equis Most Interesting Man is now a professor at the Most Interesting Academy.

- Zugara has launched an online shopping application that's destined to make online shopping much easier.

by Steve Hall    Jun-24-09    
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Cannes Lions: Going Gold for Georgia


At 72 Croisette (the so-called Gutter Bar) last night, Shannon Stephaniuk introduced me to the members of Ogilvy Stockholm, which won a Gold Lion for its work for UNA Sweden.

Their objective was to raise funds to support the war victims of Georgia (the country, not the state); and to do this, they spoke with the locals and gathered small, specific and personal items that belonged to people affected by the war.

See Shoes, Sweater and Sheet; I found the sight of those scorched, warped items physically painful, and the stories still more moving.

It's my strong feeling that the work deserved a Grand Prix, but apparently you can't win one if the effort is nonprofit. Weird logics. In any case, I hung out awhile and talked to the guys about the work, what they did and how it made them feel in general.

Video interviews below. Given that it's the Gutter Bar at 2:00 AM and not, say, an Embassy lobby, try to bear with the background noise. Better yet, imagine you're there, stumbling around with your third vodka tonic, playing guess-the-accent with your group of chums-for-the-week.

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Cannes Lions: Real Winnars in Radio, Media and Outdoor


Last night was the ceremony for Radio, Media and Outdoor -- not very exciting stuff, but you get a chance to review highly localized work you wouldn't otherwise be exposed to. Always good to remember what ad life is like outside internets.

Here are the Grand Prix winners for each category. Hopefully by now I don't need to tell you where to go to see the full list of oversized bookend recipients.

For RADIO: Net#Work BBDO/Johannesburg wins Grands Prix for "Dancer," "Dog" and "Ferret" -- three radio pieces for Virgin Atlantic Airlines, South Africa. Wanna hear? Listeny-listen.

For MEDIA: JWT Japan/Tokyo scores for "Kit Kat Mail 2009" on behalf of Nestle's Kit-Kat.

For OUTDOOR: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris Johannesburg wins Grands Prix for "Fight the Regime," "Cheaper than Money," "Trillion Dollar Billboard," "Z$250,000,000" and "Wallpaper" -- on behalf of The Zimbabwean. The campaign's objective was, in great part, to demonstrate the ridiculous rate of inflation affecting Zimbabwean currency as a result of the current regime.

We covered one execution in which trillions of Zimbabwe dollars were used to wallpaper a billboard. Trillion dollar bills were also used as flyers. See the rest of the work; if you're curious about the roots of Z's current political situation, read some colourful background.

by Angela Natividad    Jun-24-09    
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The Boston Ad Club Reunion Reunites Generations


Last night the Ad Club of Boston held its first ever Ad Club Reunion, and event that brought together over 500 Boston area advertising professionals from across the years. The event was held from 6P-10P at Cyclorama, a large, cavernous space perfect for the event and allowing for attendees to wander and mingle with those they haven't seen in years.


As someone who has a history in the Boston ad community, it was great to see some faces from the past. I was pleased to run into Keith Lane, the creative director of Emerson Lane Fortuna, my first agency gig. Emerson Lane Fortuna was long ago sucked into the vortex of Arnold but Dick Emerson, Keith lane and Michael Fortuna will always be my advertising super heroes. The agency was an amazing place to work. So full of energy. Every client was awesome and that tiny little sandwich shop across Canal street rocked.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-09    
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