Contextual Advertising Gets Its Own Conference


We've had a good time poking fun at contextual advertising, a $1.6 billion industry, over the years for its awkward mishaps and curious mismatches but it's still a viable practice. So viable, there's now a conference dedicated specifically to the practice.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-11-09    
Topic: Industry Events

OMG! No Parties at Cannes This Year?


Everyone knows the real reason ad people go to conferences and awards festivals is for the networking and the parties, right? Oh, and other un-printable things too. So what would happen if, suddenly, there were no parties at say, for example, Cannes?

Oh wait, there are no parties at Cannes this year. BBD? No. Publicis? No. Havas? No. Leo Burnett? Unlikely. Oh sure, there will be smaller get togethers but this year's Cannes, no thanks to the economy, may end up being as much fun as a life insurance conference.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 9-09    
Topic: Industry Events

By the Time You Get Those Golden Tickets, They May Be a Bit Weathered


This year for the Australian Outdoor Awards, the Outdoor Media Association is giving away a grand prize of 10,000 one-dollar stratchies (scratch-to-win lotto tickets) -- all of which are currently being used to wallpaper a billboard over Sydney's Parramatta Rd.

All 10,000 scratchies were sacrificed to form a silhouette of the show's golden pigeon logo. There's an armed guard standing watch 24/7 in the event some yahoo comes bearing a ladder in pursuit of some luck. (Scratchies can yield cash prizes of up to $20,000.)

Billboard conceptualized by The Glue Society. There was also a billboard truck, which drove around the country for 36 days to promote the event.

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by Angela Natividad    Feb-27-09    
Topic: Events, Industry Events, Outdoor, Promotions

Workshops to Ease Social Media Migraine


Twitter got you stressed? Facebook got you exasperated? The social graph got your blood pressure up? Sick of your client/your agency blathering on endlessly asking/telling you about social media? Then you should check out a couple of workshops offered by J.A. Jones Consulting.

The workshops are designed to address two common barriers to entry in social media: understanding how to use the increasing number of tools and understanding social media etiquette to personally connect with audiences online.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-26-09    
Topic: Industry Events, Social

Recession be Damned! ad:tech to Rock San Francisco in April


OK, wake up people! It's time for another ad:tech. This one will be in San Francisco April 21-23 and will be packed full of content and networking opportunities. Some of the highlights to expect during the three day conference:

Ogilvy Worldwide Vice Chairman Steve Hayden, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and Wikipedia Founder (some would argue co-founder) Jimmy Wales will keynote.

A series of Boot Camp sessions will offer up real world dos and don'ts when it comes to digital media and the tricks of the trade.

ad:tech Brand YOU forums and seminars will help people evaluate their skills, become better leaders and broaden perspective.

The exhibit hall, as always, will be packed with hundreds of companies for you to speak with and do business with.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-24-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Killed Ideas to Give Your Creative Masterpiece New Life


OK so you've landed the perfect client for whom you've been jonesing for years. They're about to launch a new product line and have a huge marketing budget to support the launch. (OK, just pretend the economy doesn't suck and they actually do have huge marketing budget.)

You concept the most amazing idea you've ever concepted and present it to them. During the presentation they praise it. They love it. They fawn all over it. They pontificate about how it will introduce a sea change within their industry and how it will skyrocket the company to greatness. Everyone fist bumps each other at the end of the meeting and the client promise to call with final approval the next morning.


The call comes...

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Pulling John, Pissing Ads, Weird PSAs, RevenueScience Becomes AudienceScience


- There's been movies about boxing. There's been movies about wrestling. Now there's a movie about...wait for it...arm wrestling. Well at least they didn't name it Pulling Johnson.

- Urinal advertising is alive and well as illustrated by these ads
at last week's SMX Search Marketing Cnference in Santa Clara.

- Complete with PeeWee Herman's "Don't Do Crack," The Huffington Post has collected the Nine Weirdest PSAs Ever Made.

- There are five days left to enter the 2009 One Show Interactive and One Show Design. Although the One Show call for entries is now closed, the deadline for Interactive and Design is February 27, 2009.

- Ogilvy does its part for diversity.

- The AD Club is organizing their second All-Access Pass of the Year. The event will be at McCann Erickson on Tuesday March 10 from 6-8 pm, featuring a "roundtable" with Chief Technology Strategist, Faris Yakob.

- RevenueScience is changing its name to AudienceScience.

by Steve Hall    Feb-23-09    
Topic: Cause, Industry Events, Outdoor, Strange

Hey! The CLIOs Are Coming! The CLIOs Are Coming!


Yup, and as we mentioned before, the CLIOs are making their first appearance in Las Vegas May 12-14 where they will celebrate the organization's 50th anniversary at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

There will be keynotes. There will be sessions. There will be parties. There will be networking. Oh, and there will be awards too. On and there's a Facebook page too, natch.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-18-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Steve Hayden, Jimmy Wales to Keynote ad:tech San Francisco


At ad:tech San Francisco, set to take place at Moscone West April 21-23, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales and Ogilvy Worldwide Vice Chairman Steve Hayden will be the lead keynote speakers.

"In January of 2001, Wales started, the online encyclopedia that anyone can edit, and in mid-2003 Wales set up the Wikipedia Foundation, a non-profit organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida, to support the site."


"In 1994, Ogilvy asked Steve to join the agency in a newly created role: the ultimate "Brand Steward" for the IBM global account. While leading IBM's advertising renaissance and global brand renewal, Steve played a key role with other Ogilvy clients including American Express, Kodak, Motorola, Dove, Cisco and SAP, in addition to participating in many new business development efforts. These contributions earned him awards and recognition for the company. In 2002 Ogilvy was named AdAge's Agency of the Year. "

Wales will speak Tuesday, April 21 at 9 AM. Hayden will speak the same day at 5:30 PM.

by Steve Hall    Feb-16-09    
Topic: Industry Events

Cannes Wants Young Lions to Walk With Real Lions


Well, at least the lions aren't humping Draft/FCB-style in this new Cannes Young Lions campaign. Like a lion in the wild who is the master of his domain, the Young Lions are a force to be reckoned with.

They ain't taking no shit but they do use chop sticks to eat their prey.

It's Time to Rule, young creatives. Don't Settle For Scraps. Show everyone what you've got. But do it before February 25 which is the deadline to register for the competition.

The campaign was created by Chicago-based Bagby.

by Steve Hall    Feb-13-09    
Topic: Industry Events

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