So, Like, I Heard BBDO Only Hires D-Cups. Hey, Why Don't You Go Check?


To promote the Li Yue Long Men Young Creatives Competition, BBDO/Shanghai is using this :45 video to spread the weirdest rumour: that all its female staff members are D-cups.

Finding three young D-cups in all of Asia is a feat, which alone made the video worth watching. I also like the effect the cheesy music had on this slow exploration of the Shanghai office. It made all that leering look less ... leery.

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by Angela Natividad    Oct-21-08    
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Hatch Award Video Brings Clarity to Clutter 3.0


We didn't make it to Boston's Hatch Awards this year and therefore we missed this hilarious introductory video created by Fort Franklin. In the video, we see the desktop of a creative seemingly hard at work developing the voiceover for the Hatch video itself.

All seems to go well until the desktop explodes with activity not far from the reality we all experience everyday as we try to work on one thing while endless distractions such as email, IM, stupid YouTube videos, Skype, iTunes updates and stupid pictures begin to bounce incessantly along the bottom of the desktop making actual work impossible. Revision after revision fails.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-14-08    
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At AdEaters, Watch for Roofies ... and Teeny Little Gorillas


To promote Night of the AdEaters, a 40-country show that screens ads from around the world in a no-holds-barred atmosphere, Euro RSCG/London resuscitated some of the ad icons it helped create.

The idea was to convey what someone might experience the morning after an indulgent ad event. (Odd, DDB/Stockholm seemed similarly inspired for the Roy awards.) At left, see the Cadbury Gorilla at the end of a tooth-scraper. Here's Flat-Head Eric in the same context, and the Energizer Bunny on dental floss.

The shit people put in your drinks!

Night of the AdEaters happens on October 16 at London's Bloomsbury Theatre. Tickets have sold out since the campaign started running.

by Angela Natividad    Oct-14-08    
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Not All Booth Babes Are Curvaceous


When it come to conference booth babes, usually the rule is the more curvaceous the better. For Brunner Digital, the flatter the booth babe, the better. Highlighting and app they created for a client that allows a PDA to exchange information with a laptop for the purposes of real time interaction, the agency created 2D booth babes and booth dudes for its booth at the Interact 08 conference.

At the conference, visitors were able to mashup the company's logo on their PDAs, see what other people were doing with the logo and then print the finished work out on a t-shirt. Of course, Brunner Digital's Ernie Mosteller wanted to make it perfectly clear his agency does not think booth babes are two dimensional people.

There's a Flickr album of all the 2D goodness here.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 2-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Award Shows Aren't About Work; They're About Getting Trashed Beyond Recognition


DDB/Stockholm knows the score. For the Roy awards, which it claims are among Sweden's most prestigious ad shows, it produced this print ad featuring the Cadbury gorilla -- puking its brains out.

"Roy: Great advertising and open bar," the ad concludes.

Get tickets here. Hope you can read Swedish.

by Angela Natividad    Oct- 1-08    
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Vegas, New York, Friends Bring Good Times

So I just returned from a week-long, back to back conference trip where I re-connected with current friends and made lots of new ones. Personally, I love traveling to conferences. Sure, it puts a huge dent in daily productivity but what you glean from the experience, what you learn while you are there and the new connections you make with people far out weight staying home and going through yet another day of the same old thing no matter how much you love your job.

In Las Vegas at Blogworld, a conference which explores blogging and its role in just about everything, I was lucky enough to have wandered over to the conference a day early where there was a sort of pre-conference occurring. At the conference, Wine Library's Gary Vaynerchuk, who I'd seen once before in Boston, was giving a keynote about how, as a blogger, one can carve out a niche and work their way towards becoming the expert in that niche. It was very motivational talk, filled with Gary's trademark excitement. It was informative and gave me more than a few ideas I could put in motion to improve my own situation.

Wherever I was - at the conference, at the Techset party, at the Affiliate Summit dinner, at the Prive party, at Mirage's Revolution, in the exhibit hall, at a Planet Hollywood dinner, hanging by the Maker's Mark bus during the exhibit hall party or during the insane last night during which 23 of us just sort of moved from one place to another in the MGM Grand - I just kept seeing and meeting more and more people I knew or came to know.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-29-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Advertising Week Ends But Friends Never Do


So while Ad Week doesn't officially end until today, Friday, it felt like it ended Thursday. I didn't make it to the Facebook party but, instead, opted to have drinks and dinner with some friends. The first stop was Undercurrent marketing in SoHo where I met Julia Roy (who was just featured on Awesomeology) and Yianni Garcia.

Undercurrent is a young, small agency which specializes in online marketing and social media. We ended up somewhere in mid-town at a place which looked like it was right next to Wall Street. Everyone had a suit on and, if it were the eighties, could have been labeled Yuppies. Pictorial goodness here.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-26-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Ad Week Panel Examines Ups, Downs of Celebrity Endorsement


At the PricewaterhouseCoopers Auditorium during Advertising Week on Thursday at 2PM, Corbis hosted a panel entitled How Mega Celebs Are Boosting Mega Brands which explored how brands and celebrities are working together towards similar ends: boosting their visibility and connection with people.

On the panel were McCann Erickson EVP Chief Creative Officer Joyce King Thomas, Greenlight Director of Brand Strategy and Development Martin Cribbs, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Global Marketing Senior VP Robert Kaplan and Corbis Outline Publicist and Photographer Relations Megan Wiley. The panel was moderated by OK! Weekly Executive Website Editor Chris Morran.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-26-08    
Topic: Celebrity, Industry Events

McCann's More F***ing Cowbells Wins Abobe Battle of the Bands


Wednesday night during Advertising Week, Adobe held its Battle of the Bands even at the Nokia Theater in Times Square. It was well attended and there was some amazing talent on stage. Agencies participating were The Concept Farm, Eric Mower & Associates, Vidal Cendeno Advertising, Initiative, Grey, May & Co., Tribal DDB, Surge, Pyper Paul Kenney, TargetCast TCM, Starcom Chicago, Twon Sports International and McCann Erickson.


And while there was certainly talent on stage, it was the winning stage presence of McCann Erickson's More Fucking Cowbell that won over the judges and the crowd. Rocking out classic eighties heavy metal in full, big hair regalia, the group, along with two females dancers, just owned the crowd. There was no way they couldn't win. There would have been a riot of epic proportion. See pictures of the battle here.


Following the Battle of the Bands, I tagged along with the Barbarian Group to a little hip hop place in the Lower East Side for some drinking and dancing which lasted until 3AM. that agency knows how to party. One emplyee IM'd she had "85 hangovers" this morning. Sweet. All kinds of pictures here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-25-08    
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Adify Rocks MIXX With Party in Jay Z's House


After the MIXX Conference and MIXX Awards, Adify hosted a party at Jay Z's 40/40 club which is a seriously cool place and rocked. Not just a bar, not just a club, the place has several theme rooms that are like large living rooms. One features a vertical chess board. Another is all about billiards. Another, called the ESPN room is, well, all about ESPN and sports. And another is for serious cigar smoker. It's one of the best venues I've seen for a party like this.


And can we talk about pillows and couches? The place is full of them; enough to furnish twenty house. Bottle service was afloat in one of the rooms. Avid pool sharks took over the pool tables. Tunes were spun and food was passed. Dear ad:tech exhibitors/sponsors: have one of your parties here.


I ran into Deep Focus VP of Publicity Christian Berges, Millward Brown VP of Strategic Services Doron Wesly, MoVoxx CEO Chief Mobilizer Alec Andronikov and the lovely gigya Advertising Sales Manager Jacqueline Gerber. For all the juicy, visual goodness, see the party photo album here.

by Steve Hall    Sep-24-08    
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