MIXX Conference Happens, Nissan Wins MIXX Best of Show


On Monday and Tuesday during Advertising Week, the IAB held its MIXX Conference and Awards. All the usual suspects where there are the Crown Plaza in mid-town Manhattan for the event. Adify, Laredo Group, Star Media, Microsoft, VideoEgg, ValueClick and many others. Of particular note was VideoEgg's Lauren Rogers who dressed herself in a yellow chicken costume for the ntire two days of the show. Cuteness. (And yes, VideoEgg advertises on Adrants)


In one panel Heroes creator Tim Kring talked about how the web played (and still plays) a big role in the show bit only for promotional purposes but as an integral part of the show's plotline as well as a platform for new and separate plot lines. Kring acknowledges the internet has drastically changed how traditional television is consumed, how viewership ratings have been negatively affected and how new audience have found the show and are viewing without turning on the television set - which challenges Nielsen to no end.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-24-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Blogworld! Vegas! Sexy Geeks! Much More Than Just A Conference


So Blogworld. If you've ever wanted to hang out with 3,000 bloggers and talk about, well, blogging then Blogworld is the place to be. In its second year, Blogworld brings together everyone from Robert Scoble to, well, people you've never heard of in Las Vegas each year to pontificate about how blogs and all that blogs have spawned effect, well (again), everything.


In his keynote address Friday, Wine Library's Gary Vaynerchuk took a"just do it" approach to explaining what it takes to launch a successful business through the use of blogs and social media. Basically, his mantra was "become the expert" and "own the space." Identify every known blogger in your intended space, make contact with them, comment on their blog, comment on those who comment on your own blog, answer every single email, join Twitter and make contact with everyone related to what your business does.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-23-08    
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Get Into Mischief During Advertising Week


If you're in New York for Advertising Week, be sure to catch the Mischief Party Monday night at the Hudson Hotel at 336 West 58th Street from 7PM - 11PM. Sponsored by Interference Inc, Fuel Industries, Oddcast, Desedo films and Adrants, the party will piggyback the GiantStep Monday's party.

So come and hang out, drink, shmooze, listen to the sounds of DJ Rekha and enjoy the amazing center terrace. You have to RSVP. Send an email to rsvp@mischiefnyc.com.

by Steve Hall    Sep-17-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Effie Calls, TBWA Snags Visa, Obama Says Chill

- The Effie Awards has open its call for entries. The entity that "honors marketing communication ideas that work" asks that entries be submitted by October 15.

- TBWA has won the $600 million Visa global creative account. Bested were BBDO, Grey and Leo Burnett.

- Yes. Is is insane but there are still companies out there willing to drop $3 million on a single ad to appear on the Super Bowl.

- Here's the ad Barak Obama would run if presidential candidates didn't have to act all polished and buttoned up.

by Steve Hall    Sep-15-08    
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Mr. Mehri Goes to Madison Avenue. White Agencies Beware!


Just as the proverbial Mr. Smith went to Washington to clean things up, it seems top civil rights lawyer Mr. Cyrus Mehri is on his way to Madison Avenue to clean up the ad industry's diversity mess. A top civil rights lawyer, Mehri conducted a study of diversity in advertising agencies and found it woefully out of whack when compared to diversity in other business sectors.

While the study is still underway, it seems Mehri may already be setting his sights on an industry he says has only paid lip service to the issue with hearing, conferences and hiring efforts. He claims the problem isn't lack of interest in advertising among minorities as some have surmised, rather the seeming unwillingness of agency management which he sees as a closed country club filled with white men who just don't want to address the problem.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-15-08    
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Get Bloggy at Blogworld in Vegas. Or Just Go For Fun


For those who publish a blog and are interested in how to make money, Steve Hall (that would be me) will be speaking on a panel during Blogworld at the Las Vegas Hilton Sunday, September 21 at 4PM. So come come to Las Vegas and find out how YOU TOO can make money writing about things you love. Or just come to throw things at me for any crap I might have written about your or your company. I'll even provide the tomatoes.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 9-08    
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ad:tech New York Keynotes Announced


Yes, it's that time again. It seems the Chicago ad:tech conference just ended but the New York Conference is already upon us. Several keynote speakers have been announced including CNN President Jonathan Klein and Ogilvy & Mather Chairman & CEO Shelly Lazarus.

Early Bird registration is open and that means discounted rates for those who act before October 3. Use the code BRNYZ9 to get the discount. For those planning of getting an Exhibit Hall pass, which includes access to the keynotes, it's free until October 3. If you're planning on going, now's the time to make your plans.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-08    
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Late Summer Brings More Mischief. Yes, Another Party!


It's time for August's Mischief Party. If you recall, it's a monthly series of summer parties Adrants is helping promote and...hold your breath...will attend when the September party occurs during Advertising Week. Yes, we can be a bit aloof here around Adrants but we do actually leave the office once in a while and mix with the industry we are so fond of taunting.

The parties are hosted by Fuel Industries' Sean MacPhedran, Oddcasts's Emily Twomey and Desedo's Michael Hastings. So far there have been parties at the nightclub-sized apartment of Oddcast's President and the Grace Hotel Pool.

The August party will be held this Wednesday, August 27, atop 305 Second Avenue and Butternuts beer will flow freely. RSVP here. Help maintain the industry's party-like atmosphere. We can't let the general public in on the secret we actually work as opposed to leading the Mad Men-like life they see each week on AMC.

by Steve Hall    Aug-25-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Affiliate Summit Delivers Insight, Business Opportunity, Booth Babes


Affiliate Summit Boston was held August 10-12 at the Seaport World Trade Center. Affiliate Summit brings together those who, well, engage in affiliate marketing. What's affiliate marketing? Basically, it's revenue share advertising. A site runs ads for free but gets a cut of whatever sale occurs through the advertising. If you've seen those amazon book listings on websites then you've seen affiliate advertising.

another great definition: "Affiliate marketing widens the scope of your internet presence by encouraging other websites to become advocates for your services, increasing your online exposure and improving the efficiency of your advertising spend."

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by Steve Hall    Aug-14-08    
Topic: Industry Events, Online

Sneak Peek into the ad:tech Chicago Press Room


Here's a wee throwaway video I took in the ad:tech press room, which is where we hole up from morning 'til the first party of the night.

Featuring Brent Terrazas, Steve Hall and Really Loud Guy Who Asks for Business Cards and Puts You On Annoying Mailing Lists.

Seriously. He doesn't even ask for your name. It's just "Miss, got a business card? I HAVE A NEWSLETTER."

by Angela Natividad    Aug- 7-08    
Topic: Industry Events, Opinion

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