OMMA Social: Do Behavioral Targeting and Social Media Tread a Star-Crossed Path?


OMMA Social went down at the Yale Club all of yesterday. I arrived around 2:50 or so, in time to catch part of "Behavioral Targeting: How to Connect with the Right People in Social Media."

Here's a taste of what I heard. (catch photos here.)

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-24-08    
Topic: Industry Events

It Didn't Air Awards Showcases Ad Killed by Account Execs, Clients


We've got the Speckies. Why not the It Didn't Air Awards? Yup. Jumping on the trend (or long-running fact depending upon who you ask) of awarding ads that never appeared, The London International Awards has, with help from Xhang Creative, launched a campaign to promote the award show for radio creative that never aired.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Note to Chicago ad:tech Sponsors, Exhibitors: Have Better Parties


Dear ad:tech Chicago Sponsoring Companies and exhibitors,

Year after year, thousands of people go to ad:tech conferences in New York, San Francisco and Miami and year after year they are treated to booty-shaking parties that satisfy that certain urge to just get stupid and dance your ass off. But, sadly, when they go to Chicago for an ad:tech conference, they are repeatedly subjected to little more than Fulton's and the Rock Bottom roof top bar year...after year...after year...after...well, you get the point.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-23-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Ditch Cannes for Coney! Here Are 8 Reasons Why


Ric Kallaher, the photographer who took all those awesome shots at One Show in May, ditched the Cannes International Ad Festival for the Coney Island freak show, otherwise known as the Second Annual Wrath of Cannes.

And he's not sorry.

"Who needs Cannes?! Beter yet: who WANTS Cannes?!" he concluded, having obviously returned a changed man.

"THIS is everything an advertising awards show should be: last minute, no hassle entries open to anyone & everyone, free beer, rockin' surfer-guitar music (blasted out by the ever-cool Tarantinos), raucous fun on the beach, and on-site, in full-view judging for clients that could never exist for ad campaigns that could never air.

"But, hey, with modern mobile platforms, why not?!"

Below: 8 Freakish Things We Learned About Wrath of Cannes. (Illustrated.)

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-21-08    
Topic: Agencies, Events, Good, Industry Events, Opinion, Promotions, Spoofs

Mischief NYC Pool Party Full of Bikinis and Exposed Flesh


Remember that series of Mischief NYC summertime parties that Fuel Industries' Sean MacPhedran, Oddcasts's Emily Twomey, Desedo's Michael Hastings and media mouthpiece Adrants are hosting? Well they are actually happening and the most recent one was held Wednesday at the Grace Hotel pool where bikinis and exposed flesh were standard attire. Check out the photographic goodness here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Quick! Look! There's Ass on Advertising Age!


The 80-something (?) year old Advertising Age is, apparently, sick of toeing the line, sticking to the straight and narrow and offering up nothing but long-winded dissertations on the business of advertising. Yes, Advertising Age has got its FREAK on and has become cozy with the ass parade that is Cannes.

All week, Advertising Age photographer Sam Faulkner has been filing visual coverage of the annual ad-fest, complete with lingerie-clad ass. Wait? What? Lingerie-clad ass on Advertising Age? Isn't that what Adrants does? Advertising Age couldn't possibly see any merit in what we do over here at Adrants, could they? Jonah? Jonah?

If it's raunch, dirt, filth and seediness you're looking for (the publishable kind, of course), partner with the Adrants crew next year and we'll make Sam's Cannes pictures look like a suburban neighborhood playground on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Oh, and we'll even toss in a bit of real news coverage as well just to, ya know, keep the Crains and Bob Garfield happy.

by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Media Lion Win Sparks Cannes Controversy


Ah yes, there's at least one every year. A situation in which one agency wins an award for work that was, allegedly, done first by another. It can be labeled sour grapes or a valiant effort to give credit where credit is due. This year's story involves Volvo's Driving Game created by Nitro and Mindshare and's Newsbreaker Live created by SS+K. A tipster claims the Nitro/Mindshare version is a knock off of the SS+K version with these arguments:

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by Steve Hall    Jun-20-08    
Topic: Industry Events

McCain Changes Stripes, Vogue Blacks Out, Cannes Canned, Keyboard Dipped


- John McCain souped up his logo. Bystanders are skeptical. UPDATE: McCain did not change his logo. The new one comes from a third-party vendor. The Under Consideration blog apologizes for the confusion.

- For its 50th anniversary, The Marketing Society launched 50 Golden Brands, which will celebrate 50 "hero brands" for the past 50 years. Contenders include eBay, Virgin, Perrier and some weird thing called Fairy Liquid.

- George Parker taught me a new word: Adverati. He also handpicked the ugliest pictures out of Advertising Age's Cannes party post and put the subjects in a more engaging light. And by "engaging," I mean "fluorescent."

- Rocawear and Boost Mobile launched a mobile campaign. Amobee is serving the ads. The campaign is about overcoming adversity. It's also about scoring discounts and disseminating unique and motivating Jay-Z lines like "I will not lose."

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Joe Jaffe Slams Marketers' Social Media Screw Ups


Speaking at the Association of National Advertisers' Integrated Marketing Conference, Joe Jaffe calls out five brands for abusing or not taking advantage of the increasingly social nature of media or, to paraphrase his new book, Not Joining the Conversation. From Sony's fake PSP blog to the fight between T-Mobile and Engadget over the color Magenta to Target's refusal to engage with a blogger who took issue with one of the brand's billboards which showed a woman on Target's target.

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-08    
Topic: Industry Events, Social

Uniqlock Scores, Gawker Goes Gorilla, Rio Sees Future, Ludacris Flows Mobile


- Repeating successes at One Show and the Clios, Uniqlo's "Uniqlock" (agency: Projector) won the Cannes Cyber Grand Prix. "Year Zero" for NIN (agency: 42 Entertainment) took Best Viral; "Sol Comments" (Mediafront Oslo) won Online Advertising.

- Gawker chose Gorilla Nation to sell its ads in Canada. The deal is exclusivo, no word if it's multi-year.

- Diggin' R&R's Tarot-style print campaign for the Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Adfreak isn't sold, though.

- WeMix and VoodooVox enable anyone to "drop a flow" (THEIR WORDS! NOT -- MINE!) from their phones and broadcast them. Ludacris is sponsoring. More cringey self-laud: "VoodooVox is the leading In-Call Media revolution." What does that mean?

- MTLB is upset about PETA, the one-sidedness of 30 Days (esp. the carnivore-meets-vegan episode), and changing people via persecution instead of supplying appealing alternatives to destructive lifestyles.

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