Liked Ypulse Tween Mashup? Baby, You'll Love Ypulse College Mashup

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The time is now to nail the early adopter rate for the Ypulse College Mashup. Yeah, despite all the vervy hype about tweens, there are still college kids out there with lots of money to spare. And no, you don't know everything about them just because you were one once.

The conference is sponsored by Mr. Youth along with SurveyU and will include talks on recruiting (and retaining!) Gen Y employees, winning them over with mobile social networking, and reaching them through Facebook, among other things. See speaker line-up.

Early adopter rates are $695 for a conference pass, $395 for non-profits or academics and $545 each for a group of three or more. The regular rate is an additional $100 on each figure. Don't even ask about the on-site cost.

It all goes down at the Sheraton in Santa Monica this January 31-February 1. Feening for the love of co-eds? Register.

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 4-08    
Topic: Industry Events

How Badly Do You Wanna Chat with a Marketing Great? $225 Badly? $2100 Badly?


On February 6, Advertising Age will be holding its Marketing 50 awards gala. Rub elbows with Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeremy Stoppelman of Yelp and even the great Steve Jobs (among others!), all while nibbling cocktail shrimp. Individual rates are $225, or $2100 for 10 (a $15 discount per person!).

Even if you don't end up talking to anybody, Jim Adams of Chipotle might sneeze in your direction. That's something for the scrapbook, right?

by Angela Natividad    Jan- 3-08    
Topic: Industry Events

Some (Not Us) Feel Droga5 Isn't Worthy of Creativity's Agency of the Year


In the spirit of living up to our apparent affinity for mudslinging as noted by MultiCultClassics, we give you this just-received tidbit from a reader who just doesn't think Droga5 should have been awarded Creativity's Agency of the Year crown.

The reader writes, "Apparently many higher up in the NY ad agency world are irritated and confused as to how Creativity could name Droga5 as agency of the year. they haven't produced one national campaign, have not one one new piece of business. no real breakthrough work for the year and the business they are producing for are pro-bono. people i know that work at Droga5 are equally as confused by the whole thing. internally they're hearing about "cut-backs." also pissed as to why the whole agency wasn't photographed for the cover. yikes. people are pointing to the obvious infatuation Creativity Magazine editors have with the agency. one female editor is roaming the halls at D5 a little too frequently. maybe it's droga's charm? i say, more power to em. screw the holding companies."

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by Steve Hall    Dec-21-07    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Opinion

Violet Blue Unveils the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks of 2007


Not that this has anything to do with advertising but...actually, it has nothing to do with advertising other than the fact some of these people work in companies that have to do with media and advertising. We're talking about the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks of 2007. OK, OK, yes, it's a stretch but it's the last real work day of the year and aren't you sick of reading about advertising? Besides, it has a little something to do with Adrants.

Good. So now let's bathe in the beauty of this year's sexiest geeks as tabulated by Violet Blue. Topping the list is Mahalo Daily Producer and Host Veronica Belmont who Violet Blue describes as possessing a "breadth of knowledge about tech and tech (and gaming) culture might just distract you from her gorgeousness for a minute." We stared for a few minutes an she is indeed gorgeous. Having never spoken to her, we aren't yet distracted from her gorgeous beauty.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-21-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Arnold Shares Agency Culture with Award Show Reflections, Tame Insights and Bad Rock


Lest we perceive Arnold as naught more than a passel of salty stripper-lovin' pervs (that's how we like 'em!), the agency has decided to educate us on its "culture" with a series of online videos.

The first installment, which is understandably very boring (the better to fight the "perv" connotations), is all about the AdColor Awards, which took place in Boca Raton, FL in early November.

Listen to one employee wax poetic about the award show's "positive messages." And hear snippets of quotes from people whose titles include Change Agent, All-Star (like Magic at left), Innovator, Legend, and other monikers whose meanings we don't feel super-clear on.

Stay tuned for more episodes that feature different employees from its offices in DC, Boston and NY.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-18-07    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Video

Rosie Gets All Snot-Nosed Over Blogger's Choice Awards


Ever wonder what celebrities (including ourselves) do with the promotional packages you send them? Rosie O'Donnell put her reactions on video, for no less than a gift package from the Blogger's Choice Awards. We like how she gave us a full-face Chris Crocker shot for, like, two seconds.

Uh ... we don't think that's a giant pencil, Rosie.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-18-07    
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Clio Announces Jury Chairmen...Well, Half of Them


Today, the Clio Awards announced Executive Jury Chairs for the the organization's 49th annual awards. Anomaly Partner Johny Vulkan will oversee Content & Contact, Saatchi & Saatchi Chief Creative Officer Tony Granger will oversee Television/Cinema/Digital and DDB UK Executive Creative Director Jeremy Craigen will oversee Print/Poster/Innovative/Integrated.

Sounding particularly pumped over the organization's selections, Clio Awards Managing Director Tony Gulisano said, "These individuals collectively represent the power of the idea. They are an excellent fit for the role because they're totally plugged in to the new dynamics of the marketplace, and proactively playing a part in moving the industry forward with their own work. Because of their fresh thinking and personal experience, they're challenging the expected and generating great creative across all media."

Interactive, Radio, Design and Technique Jury heads will be announced shortly.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-17-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Wal-Mart Blogs Again, Road Kills, MEC Wins, Getty Awards


- Walmart's doing the blog thing again. Hopefully they'll get it right this time.

- PETA might not like this crazy road kill lady but we do. Except for those nasty teeth of hers.

- Cynopsis Digital reports, "NBC Universal added another platform for its download-to-own content - SanDisk's flash memory aided Fanfare service scheduled to launch in January. Fanfare is yet another PC to TV device that simplifies the transfer of content by allowing video to be downloaded to a USB drive then walked over to the TV."

- OMMA has announced its 2007 Agency of the Year Awards and has crowned Mediaedge:cia's MEC Interaction top honors.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-12-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Video, Weblogs

Deep Focus Bronzes Up for Social Media Use


Deep Focus, which gave us Big Love Land, an informative interview with Mr. T, and embeddable Flight of the Conchords (the cats at left), has just been named an Agency of the Year, courtesy of MediaPost's OMMA.

Read all about it here.

Honors include Best Use of Social Media, for which Deep Focus won the Bronze.

Congrats, guys! Don't let it get to your head and start launching crap CGM campaigns.

by Angela Natividad    Dec-11-07    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events

Quebec's Crea Award Campaign Gets Crea...tive


At first, we were going to trash this campaign for Quebec's Crea Awards (formerly known as Gala des Coqs D'Or) created by Montreal agency Bos for several reasons. First, unless you live in Quebec, you've likely never heard of the Crea Awards (or its former incarnation). Second, as one of the creatives featured in the campaign, unless you create work that appears in this market, you'll never be in the running anyway. Third, highlighting the fact the world's creative leaders (excusing DDB Canada's Alan Russell) such as Alex Bogusky, Oliver Altmann, Pablo Del Campo or Tony Granger haven't won a Crea is like saying U2 never won some local music competition. It's meaningless.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-07    
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