Escalator Handrail Advertising Comes to America


Come on, ad:tech! Oracle's Openworld has them. Why not you guys? Oh yes, you have beautifully branded San Francisco's Moscone Center stairs with the likes of DoubleClick but branded escalator handrails are where it's at now. Stairs or so...well, passe. While branded escalator handrails have been around for a while overseas, Aap Global, creator of the medium, tells us this is the first stateside installation.

So get on the phone to DoubleClick and get them to cough up some more sponsorship dollars for some cool looking handrails for the upcoming show in April. Are you gonna let old school Oracle have all the glory? Say it isn't so.

by Steve Hall    Nov-19-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Outdoor, Specialty

ad:tech's Pacha Party Revisited Photo-Style


If for no other reason than to prove those who work in the ad industry know how to party, DM Confidential has an extensive photo album of the ad:tech Money Makers Party held at Pacha in New York City a couple weeks ago. We wrote about it all here but all the pictures sucked. We really need to hire a real photographer with a real camera rather than our little Casio Exilm for these events.

Actually, it's not that our camera is bad. It's just that people think you're some sort of freak if you walk up to them and ask to take their picture if you have a tiny little camera as opposed to 20 pounds of photography equipment hanging around your neck. Which is why we didn't have a lot of great shots of the event. That and we were drinking, dancing and talking (shouting) with friends on the dance floor while Rob Base did his thing.

Anyway, we missed a few good shots and it just wouldn't be fair not to share them.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-16-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Craigslist Ads Booked, WOM Hits $1B, Ad Age IDEA Reviewed


- All those fake ads on Craigslist have now made their way into book form with the publication of Johnna Gattinella's book, My Year on Craigslist.

- Advertising for Peanuts lays down the law when it comes to consumer-generated content: not everyone wants to interact with your product.

- Marketers now spend one billion on what, previously was free: ord of mouth marketing.

- A Heroes fanboy created some mock Vespa ads using images of the Claire Bennet and Ando Masahashi characters.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-16-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Publishing, Word of Mouth

La Fete Zillow. Or, Are You Hot Enough to Live at 135 West 4th?

I've been meaning to write a post about the debauchery that was Wednesday night's Zillow bash at ad:tech, but if you've been at an open house posing as a gallery posing as an advertising party before, you probably already know exactly what it was like.

Oh, wait. Is that not a common experience?

Here's an opportunity to get enlightened. We give you, not Zillow, but 135 West 4th.

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by Angela Natividad    Nov-10-07    
Topic: Industry Events

ad:tech's Over, Playing Catch Up


OK, OK, are you sick of it? What? How dare you? The show rocks, dudes! Don't be hating on it. OK, OK, so yea, four days of ad:tech and all of the puffery and pontification from the endless list of companies that continuously claim to the be the first, best and only at what they do when just two booths down, another company is shoveling the same sales sales spiel as if the other company doesn't exist. There really should be an odds game where we could place bets on which of the hundred companies that claim to do the same thing will still be around when the next ad:tech happens.

Since the Adrants "to be published" inbox is is about to explode from press release insanity, we're going to recap some of the news that occurred over the past few days so you can get up to speed since Adrants is the only advertising publication you read and you couldn't possibly have heard this news from any other source, right? OK, we can only hope. So here it is:

- Bill Green launched PayPerDiss, an not so subtle slam on Pay Per Post which recently change its name because it's sick of taking shit from everyone about its business model. Oh, come on, You know it's true. Remember Gator changing its name to Claria?

- Someone thinks a recent Canadian car ad that centers around a man raised by lions is a bit too similar to an older Honey comb cereal ad that centers around a boy raised by bees.

- The California Department of Public Health launched a video contest called Be a Reel Hero which asks people to submit videos with the winner's becoming part of the organization's ongoing anti-smoking campaign. Has the entire ad industry decided to take a nap and hand the keys over to amateurs?

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Online

Get Down with the Homies with the ad:tech NY Ad-Jive Dictionary


You can't call yourself a new media advertiser if you're not hip to the jive, and ad:tech is a great place to brush up on this crucial skill-set.

But it can be tough to keep up. With that, I give you the 2007 edition of the Official ad:tech New York Ad-Jive Dictionary. Use this knowledge well, and you're sure to be the life of the break room.

Better still, you'll confirm your CEO's conviction that burning $5K to send you to an ad conference was a very intelligent idea.

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Route CGA: Put the Prize Money Down!


"The folks who are truly amateurs are creating some remarkably relevant work..." - Moderator Neil Perry,, in The Golden Rule of CGA - Know Thy Ad Creator, ad:tech.

For those who ain't hip to the jive, Perry describes CGA thus: Creative produced by the general public.

For me, the star of this panel was probably Kevin Nalty - better known as Nalts of YouTube fame.

A marketing director at a pharma firm by day, Nalts has taken to producing YouTube videos (oops - I mean CGA) by night. By now, he's produced over 500. Some have graced the top of YouTube's annals of fame; others have crashed and burned. At some point you ought to check out his half-entertainment, half-video-strategy-oriented site, Will video for food.

I first saw Nalts in a collaboration video with fellow YouTuber HappySlip, where he sneaks into her house and steals her stapler.

"It went on eBay for, like, $800!" he divulged to me later.

Such is the power of CGA love.

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by Angela Natividad    Nov- 9-07    
Topic: Industry Events

How Many Ads Can Talk You into Eating Chocolate Plastic?


In the press room at ad:tech I met a guy called Frank Nein of OrionsWave, who observed the ad and marketing sectors are falling into turmoil -- spinning uncontrollably into hell, sifting through the din in search of equilibrium in a world gone self-publish and multi-platform.

And I can't stop thinking about Chris Franklin of Big Sky Editorial, who laughed at the idea of a viral ad. "All ads are viral!" he'd said. The point he made was that in order for an ad to succeed, it should be watchable again and again.

How many of our frenetic new manifestos are ideas that have always been there, or at least should have been?

With that, and as a kind of tribute to the future, I give you the Tootsie Roll ad. I couldn't count on my fingers and toes how often in childhood I saw this spot.

What's awesome about it is, most everyone I've met who's roughly my age still knows all the words to the song. We enjoyed watching it then; a lot of us still do.

And in our lifetimes, we ate a hell of a lot of Tootsie Rolls.

by Angela Natividad    Nov- 8-07    
Topic: Commercials, Industry Events, Opinion, Television

Multi-Platform Advertising: An Out-of-Body Experience?


First ad:tech session of the week: Media & Entertainment: Programming, Distribution and Advertising in a Multi-Platform World.

Moderator Ira Rubenstein kicked things off by cutting to the chase. Observing that the "old media model" revolved around scarcity, he asked how panelists make media buying and planning decisions for a show like Heroes when you can watch it on NBC, Hulu and Joost.

What followed were a bunch of really good-sounding quotes if you're a fan of the collected works of Seth Godin. Understand your audience! Follow the good content! What is your consumer looking for?

But then the wind changed. And the boys ran with it!

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by Angela Natividad    Nov- 8-07    
Topic: Industry Events

An Evening That Ends With Dom Perignon Can't Be All Bad


There's really no mature way to say this. Tuesday night's party scene at ad:tech New York ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKED! OK, now that we've got that idiotically juvenile behavior out of the system, let's move on to what you missed if you weren't out last night. Three. Count them. Three pulse pounding parties filled with your fellow industry mates. Three. Count them. Three smaller, elegantly reserved early evening cocktail parties during which actual conversation could take place and did. And one. Count them. One one-on-one drink (water, if you must know) with New York's finest - and very successful- media publisher, Laurel Tobey of mediabistro whose company was just purchased by Alan Meckler's Jupitermedia.


OK, so that was it. There you go. What was that? You want to know more? OK, our arm is easily twisted so here you go. Ready? OK. WTF? That sounded like a cheerleader. Sorry about that. Apparently we need one to help wake up this morning. Why, why are we telling you this? And who the hell is we? It's just me, Steve Hall. Royal "we" dispensed with for now. WTF were we talking about? Oh, right, ad:tech parties.

So Laurel and I met in the Hilton Hotel bar to chat about business and what's going on in the media space, the ins and out of publishing, hosting industry parties, how publishing has dramatically changed over the past few years and how much fun it is to be in the business right now. Countless familiar faces passed by as we sat there including Laredo Group's Leslie Laredo and eMarketer's Crystal Gurin.


After Laurel and I finished our waters and conversation, we headed over to the AdBrite party held in the Hilton Hotel's Estruca restaurant where, amidst free flowing martinis, the dreaded PowerPoint-ish presentation was given to those who, for better or worse, were more concerned with socializing. To say the least, AdBrite's Dan Madden (I think) had a tough time keeping the audiences attention. I'm not complaining though. It was a great party. If you really want to see a bitch session about industry parties, events, their structure and the behavior of those in attendance, there's a nice rant about the recent Boston Ad Club's Hatch Awards here.

After the AdBrite party, Laurel and I split ways. She headed off to some founder's party because, well, she's a founder and all and I tried really really hard to find Flute where Adverb Media was hosting a party. Unfortunately, I'm apparently and idiot and couldn't find the place. So apologies to the fine folks who sent the invite.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 7-07    
Topic: Industry Events

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