ad:tech Miami Closes, Opens Eyes to Differences, Similarities.


The inaugural Miami ad:tech show, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center June 26-27 was a success by my metrics. It was well attended. It offered content not found at other ad:tech conferences and it opened the eyes of many to the burgeoning Latin American and Hispanic marketplaces. While many of the panelists and speakers agreed definitive research on the space is lacking, there is no doubt each demographic group has left its minority status behind and are fast becoming a major influence on the American scene. And "they" isn't even the proper word. After all, there's really no "we" and "they." There's just "us." Americans. The people that live together on this soil, fuel its multi-faceted culture and buy a lot of stuff.

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 7-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Opinion, Trends and Culture

Brightcove and Pitch OMMA Video Audience, Wins


If you're considering video as an advertising platform for your brand or your client's brand, here are two videos from coBRANDiT which captured presentations given by Blip.TV CEO Mike Hudack and Brightvove VP Adam Berry at the most recent OMMA Video Conference in New York. Each pitched their platforms to the audience and coBRANDiT's Owen Mack tells us an informal poll of the audience gave least ad-like Blip.TV the highest marks. Hmm.

Owen also commented that, much like everything else in advertising, most presentations had ubiquitous elements of T&A to spice them up. And who said sex doesn't sell? Most studies actually but why heed their results? Conference presentations are already boring enough. They can use all the help they can get.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 3-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Video

Baseball Priceless, Cannes Blinded, Happiness Revealed


- George Parker wonders what the hell sense an "official insurance company of Major League Baseball" makes. We tend to wonder as well.

- Blind dude goes to Cannes to promote Italian viral community.

- Brokaw mourns loss of unofficial agency mascot.

- Wieden+Kennedy/Amsterdam and Psyop give did a behind-the-scenes peek at the Silver Lion winning "Happiness Factory"'. Real Coca-Cola employees were interviewed and their responses used by the animated factory workers for this film, which is running in Atlanta's World of Coca-Cola.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 2-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Sponsorship

Latin American and Hispanic Markets Adjust to Consumer Control


For Wednesday's Keynote Roundtable, held the second day of ad:tech Miami, Advertising Age's Laurel Wentz gathered together a collection of the finest minds in the Hispanic and Latin American market places to discuss the changing relationship between consumers, content and control. On the panel were MTV Networks VP of Digital Media Luis Goicouria, VOY Group Chairman and CEO Fernando Espuelas, Batanga Chairman and CEO Rafael Urbina-Quintero and NBC Universal, Telemundo Network Group Senior VP Digital Media Peter Blacker.

Among all members of the panels, the overriding acknowledgment that consumers have the keys to content kingdom was agreed to though not to the exclusion of well-produced content. Content is still king as has been said. It's simply being created and consumed very differently than it was just three or five years ago. The panelists agreed the explosion of consumer generated media has forever changed the media landscape and will continue to do so in ways even the best minds can't yet imagine.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-07    
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For a Bonafide Web Two-dot-O Experience, Get Stranded


This entry can alternatively be called, "Why American Airlines Sucks."

Before leaving ad:tech I had a conversation with a blogger who lamented learning little of value at the conference. He wasn't the only one who complained; surface-skimming conversation with a few girls at last night's Batanga party betrayed a pattern.

I hate to file yet another complaint into the ether. But after some serious thought, it occurred to me that you can't really learn about how people are communicating - manipulating brands, and media, in the process - unless you're sharing their space, communicating right along with them. That's not the kind of thing you can really be taught at a seminar.

Which leads me to why American Airlines sucks.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-28-07    
Topic: Industry Events

CNN's Alberto Padilla Prods Shawn Gold of MySpace


CNN's Alberto Padilla interviews Shawn Gold of MySpace! I braced myself for the inevitable ripped-off feeling as, having started 15 minutes late, they wasted another 15 minutes playing getting-to-know-you on session time. What a jam-packed half-hour it was that awaited me.

(If you're wondering what the image is at left, it's Gold's current MySpace profile picture.)

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-28-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Color, Curves, Culinary Delights InfuseTerra Nikki Beach Party


If I can put forth what might be construed as a stereotype in the nicest possible manner, Hispanic and Latin America women most certainly know how to accentuate what they've got and have no problem dressing in a way that flaunts it beautifully. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the culture. Maybe it's something else but it's nothing like New York. Now there's nothing wrong with the way New York women dress, mind you, but the thread count to flesh ratio in Miami is far, far lower than it is in New York.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-27-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Digital Publishing: It's a Feast, If You'll Scavenge

Pirate Feast-L.JPG

Somebody tell me why everyone at ad:tech Miami has a Blackberry, and nobody seems capable of switching off their festive little ringtones during the sessions.

While the speakers for Publishing in the Digital Age: Feast or Famine? make product pitches in polite succession (how different from the debate and discourse at previous ad:techs!), I finally locate the take-away: Internet publishers are sitting amidst a feast.

(Note pirate - get it? Like online piracy? - feasting at left.)

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-27-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Hispanic Creative Greats Highlight Great Hispanic Creative


There's not much to say about an ad:tech session that focuses on creative since its so subjective. However, during the Creative Showcase: The Best of Latin America moderated by AHAA Immediate Past Chairman and Parliamentarian Carl Kravetz, Media 8 Digital Marketing Executive Creative Director Gustavo Garcia presented work his agency did which maximized the notion Hispanic women love to talk about beauty and all the product that go along with beautifying oneself.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-27-07    
Topic: Campaigns, Good, Industry Events

ad:tech Miami: Multi-Platform World Simplifies Consumption, Not Our Jobs


It's my opinion that multi-platform marketing, despite its maddening number of nuances, has made a lot of advertisers lazy. Consider how many brands settled for a CGM contest during the last Super Bowl instead of sitting down to think of something genuinely unique and thrilling.

But lest we tread too far down the path of least resistance, it merits noting that while a two-way discourse between ourselves and The Consumer is nice, it's hardly made our job easier. And it isn't supposed to.

Multi-platform marketing suggests a much broader responsibility than just throwing your brand onto every medium you can imagine. You're not engaging in viral marketing, for example, if all you're doing is loading your :30 spots onto YouTube.

Do you really think The Consumer is that stupid?

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-27-07    
Topic: Industry Events

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