In Argentina, Cell Phones Trump Credit Cards


With 380 million mobile user in Latin America and just 3 major carriers, monopoly-related problems are the norm to say the least. During the ad:tech Miami panel Mobile Advertising in Latin America: When Will it Be a Reality, the lack of a common platform, as is the case in other markets, is always a hurdle that must be jumped during mobile campaign creation.

On the panel were Moderator, Fernando Pafumi, director of business development for Pyramid Research, Victor Kong, VP of Strategy and New Media for MTVNetworks Latin America, Jorge Oartides, CEO of LatCel and Juan Saldivar.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Mobile/Wireless

Social Networking Perfect For Close Hispanic Family Ties


The gist of the Hispanic: The State of the Industry panel led by ADN Communications CEO Jose Lopez-Varela with Publicitas VP of Digital Media Paul Meyer, mun2 Director od Digital Media Jose Nestor Marquez and Machado , Garica, Serra Associate Media Director Stephen Paez was that the Hispanic market is both very much the same and very much different than the general market.

With many families splitting with some members coming to American and others staying in their home country, the strong family bonds built from that separation make social networking a big growth area. Facebook recent opening of its API to developers could be a boon to Hispanic-specific social network development. Also, services such as Ning, which provide drag and drop social network creation, lend hem serves perfectly to topic specific networks.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-26-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Research, Trends and Culture

Fashionably Late, Angela Hits ad:tech Miami - to Raucous Applause


So I've hit ad:tech Miami - a day late, mind you - and the vibe is totally different from San Francisco.

To start with, it's way hotter. And I think somebody with a salsa ghetto blaster is following me.

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by Angela Natividad    Jun-26-07    
Topic: Industry Events

It Was Hot But It Was Smart: The ad:tech Miami Speaker Party


We found it. We finally found it. Not that you care but we finally found the ad:tech Miami Speaker Party. It wasn't at 5PM Monday night as some said but at 7PM at the second floor, indoor/outdoor bar where, unlike most continental U.S. ad:tech shows, English was, by far, the least spoken language in the room as speakers from Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela and countless other Hispanic and Latin American countries congregated to meet, greet and motivate for the following day's conference kick off.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Miami is Hot But Happy Hour Prevails


On the eve of ad:tech Miami, it is hot. Seriously hot. Soak through your shirt in ten minutes hot. Of course, that didn't keep us off Miami beach. On a Monday, it was uncrowded but there were the occasional sites to see here and there. Even in 90 plus and humid weather, a guy was having an afternoon full sweats... down the beach like it was fall in New York. Guess you get used to it. Even the water is unrefreshingly bath water warm. Oh but we're not complaining. It's one of the nicest beaches around and there are never enough opportunities to appreciate the barely-dressed human form so we're just going to appreciate it for what it is.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-25-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Adrants Finally Made it to Cannes...Courtesy of Cannes Fringe


Since we, rightfully so, in our opinion, chose to heap praise on Arnold's Cannes't video coverage of the festival and somehow recklessly neglected to mention the just as equally interesting Cannes Fringe coverage, we finally had to go to Cannes to find out what all this Cannes Fringe stuff is all about. Though we made in name only - and were rightfully dissed - with a mention in the latest Cannes Fringe coverage of the Shots party, we still feel like we were right there with the rest of the world's drunken ad industry.

OK, so Asa and Alphabet Soup, yes, I did get that:-)

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Arnold's Cannes't Explores Life After Dove Evolution With Creators


For it's fourth outing, Arnold's Cannes't team found Ogilvey's Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin who spoke about their work on Grand Prix contender Dove Evolution and how it has affected their work for other clients. In a nutshell, many clients eye's were opened by the work and have become more willing to explore similar, non-traditional approaches to their advertising.

Also explored in the video is Cannes night life. mostly a montage of joyful advertising bodies happy to be away from the office for a week, the segment does a nice job encapsulating the non-awards portion of Cannes. We still don't know about the tattoo or where Meredeth went.

Alas, it was R/GA's Nike + iPod which won the coveted Cyber Lion.

by Steve Hall    Jun-22-07    
Topic: Agencies, Industry Events, Online

Cannes't Team Interviews Barbarian Group Founder


Arnold's Cannes't team has published its video take on the third day of Cannes in which they ask attendees why they travel to Cannes, what they expect to see, what they have seen and what value the festival offers. Lost purses, bicycle short, Arnold tattoos and a lengthy interview with Barbarian Group Founder Benjamin Palmer completes the video.

If the Cannes't team keeps producing quality work like this, we may never have to go to Cannes ourselves to see what it's all about.

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-07    
Topic: Agencies, Good, Industry Events

Former JWT Toronto Creative Wins Lion, Needs Money to Buy It


Former JWT Toronto creative Sean Gallagher just won a Cannes Bronze Lion for his work on Wash Your Hands. Some of you may be familiar with the whacked Cannes oddity which requires you to actually buy the award you just won so Sean, who is no longer employed at JWT Toronto, is looking to raise money to buy the Lion. Which, itself is whacked, because we're sure JWT Toronto will be more than kind enough to pick up the tab. If not, well, that's just whacked too. Did we mention this business is whacked?

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Strange

R/GA, O&M, Farfar, CP+B, Saatchi Win At Cannes


- Advertising Age reports, "R/GA, New York, today won the Cyber Grand Prix for Nike Plus for best online advertising, and Unilever's "Evolution" by Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto, won the Grand Prix for best viral execution. The third Cyber Grand Prix, for best website, went to "Heidies," Diesel's spoof takeover of its site by two girls who supposedly hold a Diesel exec hostage, done by Aegis Group's Farfar, Stockholm."

- Crispin Porter + Bogusky was named Interactive Agency of the Year at Cannes

- Saatchi & Saatchi New York pulled in the Cannes Press Grand Prix for their Ultra Tide Stain Remover work.

- View all the winners here.

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-07    
Topic: Industry Events

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