Street Marketing Alive And Well At SXSW


With SXSW getting bigger and bigger each year, it's interesting to see which marketers will stand out from the crowd. Often times, it's the little things that seem to capture attention best. At least in our opinion.

Last year, mobile parking app ParkMe placed fake paper boots on the wheels of cars all over the city of Austin to call attention to its app. It got a lot of buzz and the app is quite successful one year later.

This year, task app TaskRabbit has tricked out a vehicle to make it look like, well, a furry rabbit. With so many people out and about in the city traversing the city to attend panels which have now grown well beyond the confines of the Austin Convention Center, the streets are prime space for marketers to hype their offerings.

We're quite sure we'll see more examples of this as the week progresses.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-12-13    
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Syfy Erects Pop-Up Hotel at SXSW


As we wander around Austin during SXSW we love to spot unique marketing stunts brands activate. One such stunt comes to us courtesy of Syfy Channel. Reacting (in a way) to the lack of housing available during SXSW, the cable channel erected a pop-up hotel. Constructed out of containers (those big ones you see on ships and behind 18 wheelers), the "hotel rooms" were decked out in as posh-like a manner as is possible with, well, a metal container.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-12-13    
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SXSW Stereotypes As Represented by Cats


What would SXSW be without a cat meme to accompany it? Thanks to Traction, we have one. Or at least a stereotypical representation of SXSW themes represented by cats. We have Big Data Cruncher, I Can Haz Mowr BBQ, Inappropriately Hot Booth Babe, The Futurist Keynoter and more. Check them all out here.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-12-13    
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How To - And Why You Should - Make Mistakes on Purpose


Commercial artist Laurie Rosenwald will conduct a panel during the Art Directors Club Awards in Miami Beach April 2-4. Laurie, whose workshop has been taught to writers, filmmakers, musicians, market researchers, salespeople, real estate agents, investment bankers and many others aims to highlight the benefits of making mistakes.

Interested in Laurie's panel or attending The Art Directors Club Awards? Then check out the details here and register.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 8-13    
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Chevy to SXSW Attendees: 'Don't Touch My Balls'


So as is the case with every large brand at SXSW, Chevrolet has a large booth set up just as you walk inside the Austin Convention Center. Part of that large booth is a giant set of...balls. OK, it's a Newton's Cradle.

If you're not familiar with a Newton's Cradle, it's that thing with five balls hanging from a string and when you swing the ball on one end, it makes the ball on the other end swing out without the middle three balls moving.

A giant Newton's Cradle. Just begging to be used by everyone passing by. Except no one in the Chevy booth wants anyone to...ahem...touch its balls. How unfriendly, we say!

by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-13    
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5 Tips For Staying on Top of the Buzz at SXSW


Attending SXSW can be a whirlwind of live performances, big announcements, and networking. Keeping track of what's going on can be a challenge even for the most connected individual.

We offer five suggestions for attendees that want to know about the latest social buzz before the crowd:

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-13    
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At SXSW 2013, It's Not About 'The Next Big Thing'


Writing in Advertising Age, David Berkowitz, vp of emerging media at 360i, say we shouldn't be looking for The Next Big Thing this year during SXSW. And he's right. SXSW has become so big that it is nearly impossible for any one company to stand out. But, as David argues, seeking the next big thing isn't why you should attend SXSW.

You should attend SXSW to connect with those in your industry who are doing interesting, albeit not earth shattering things, that you can learn about and perhaps put to use in your own business.

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by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-13    
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Crowdtap's 'Can't Miss' SXSW Party is Back


For the third year in a row, collaborative marketing platform CrowdTap will host its legendary "can't miss" party during SXSW in Austin.

This year's event is promised to be bigger and better and will take place Sunday, March 10 from 8:30PM until 2AM at Haven. The party will take on a futuristic theme and feature emerging music acts, like mashup artists White Panda, as well as ready to break-out bands Radical Something and Little Daylight.

Returning from past events are internationally acclaimed VJ Culture, NYC's top DJ Vikas and, for the second year, the Battle of Austin's Best Food Trucks. Guests will also be entertained by live performances from a fire wielding troupe of dancers and have the opportunity to win a 3D printer from Cubify.

We've been to CrowdTap's past two events at SXSW and they have been great! If you'd like to attend, hook yourself up and register with this special code: Steve1419. The first ten people who use that code will be granted VIP tickets to the party while others will be given priority status on the waitlist for the event.

by Steve Hall    Feb-28-13    
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JWT to Launch Pop-Up Agency During SXSW


Much to the chagrin of the geeks, the ad industry has firmly latched onto SXSW and is doing its part to get a piece of the startup pie. One agency, JWT, has decided to launch a pop-up agency at SXSW that will last just five days from March 8 until March 12. Called Walter, the agency will meet with 25 startups and choose the candidates it feels have the best offering and, of course, the provide best return for the agency.

Partnering with startup accelerator TechStars, the agency launched a pop-up website, Call Us Walter, to attract potential clients.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-28-13    
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Entries Open For Bees Awards


The Bees Awards which honor the best social media marketing efforts has opened its call for entry. The Bees Awards, now in its fourth year, will judge work across 23 catagories including best use of analytics tools, best use of mobile, best reputation management, best crisis management, best branded viral video, best student work and many others.

Check out the details here and submit your work.

by Steve Hall    Feb-22-13    
Topic: Industry Events

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