Diversity Conference Series Travels to Boston


Continuing our support of the diversity in advertising cause, on May 16th, Business Development Institute in partnership with Boston University, The Ad Club, and Adrants will host the first annual Boston Advertising, Marketing and PR Industry Diversity Job Fair and Leadership Conference. The two-day event will be hosted by Boston University on May 15th and May 16th and will provide advertising, marketing and PR companies an opportunity to connect with today's up and coming minority job candidates in New England. A Networking Reception will take place the evening of May 15th and the morning of May 16th will consist of a Leadership Conference followed by the Job Fair.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-29-07    
Topic: Industry Events

Facebook, PR Newswire Conference to Examine Social Media


On Tuesday, April 24 from 1:45PM to 6PM at the Microsoft Briefing Center in New York, conference organizer Business Development Institute, along with Facebook and PR Newswire, will be hosting "Authentic Communications - Examining Social Media & The Online Conversations," a conference which aims to bring the industry together and examine social media; it's successes, failures and what it means to marketers. Check out all the details here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-26-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Social

Commercial Ratings Upfront, Germs Needed, Siemens Gets Hip


- A tipster attending OMMA Hollywood tells us R/GA Chairman and CEO Bob Greenberg told his VP of Visual Design Nick Law not to sit on a panel he was scheduled to participate in because, apparently, he's stealing too much limelight.

- Commercial ratings, versus program ratings, are fast becoming the gold standard and many, including Starcom CEO John Muszynski, will be using them in this year's upfront.

- If you're in search of an email address, Tattoo Projects has created Abalooba, and email address search engine.

- MTV's The Andy Milonakis Show which will premiere on a wide variety of digital platforms - including iTunes Store (www.iTunes.com), Amazon Unbox, AOL Video, MTV Mobile, MTV On Demand, MTV2.com, Wal-Mart Video Downloads and Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 - all prior to the show's on-air MTV2 debut on April 27th.

- Entries for international viral awards show, Germ, must be submitted by March 31.

- The New Yorker, Wesley Autrey, who saved a man from being hit by a subway train in January, is featured in a new colon cancer PSA campaign.

- T wallow in the oddity of Japanese culture, check out a few kinky commercials for Axe in Japan.

- Copyranter disses the Siemens' ongoing wannabee hipster campaign complete with headlines like "Bling Bling" and "Chill."

Canadian Film Festival Uses America Films With Canuck Spin


To promote the upcoming Canadian Filmmakers Festival March 22-25, GJP Advertising has created a campaign that marries popular films with good old Canuck goodness. The campaign consists of television and print. In the ads, the movies Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind are given the spin. We're not entirely sure we get the spin but, then again, we're told it's a Canuck thing. See the two spots here and here. The print ads are here and here.

by Steve Hall    Mar-22-07    
Topic: Industry Events

ADDY Awards Bites Self in Ass With Pompous Irony


You've gotta love when things go so full circle they have to come around and bite themselves in the ass with irony in order to sustain themselves. From Tierney Communications comes this promotion, So You Won an ADDY, for the ADDY Awards in which a pompous ass, Hugh McManstash, sits in front of a fire spouting witty barbs about the pompousity of being an award winning top dog. No doubt, yet another award show will announce itself tomorrow.

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-07    
Topic: Industry Events

SXSW: Afterthoughts and Afterhours


As flight delays scrolled across screens and text messages tapered off, SXSW negated to close its doors, yet gave a swift slap to attendees as it dismounted from Interactive. As mentioned, most of the interactivity action happens outside of the panels and what happens in SXSW, stays on Flickr. With leftover hand-stamps from evening outings, attendees gingerly, yet somehow still enthusiastically dragged their feet to morning panels over the last few days. The main word on the carpeted streets was "overwhelming" with the plethora of things to do and people to see seriously taxing attendees stamina.

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by Ariel Waldman    Mar-16-07    
Topic: Industry Events

SXSW: Toys for Boys, Playing in Will Wright's Virtual Doll House


At the recent SXSW conference in Austin, Will Wright, the famed game designer behind SimCity, The Sims and the yet to be released and highly anticipated Spore, flipped through pages of storytelling to an audience of all ears. Linking stories with the shift from passive to interactive media, Wright outlined the social and biological differences between games and film. While games utilize our basic instincts within the brain, film typically provides a rich emotional palette. Rather than push for the complete adoption of one or the other, Wright integrated the two into a cohesive experience.

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by Ariel Waldman    Mar-16-07    
Topic: Games, Industry Events, Trends and Culture

SXSW: Tune in Isn't A Turn On


While television content may be king, the overall user experience is moving in to claim checkmate. How we interact and interpret television currently is on a static plane of directional geography: surfing channels up, down, left, and right. Helping break the tangible and virtual norms at the recent SXSW conference, David Merkoski (Frog Design) narrated the audience through an up and coming product yet to hit the markets.

Appropriately titled Mondrian, the product set to go public next year, is a TV navigation and recommendation Zoomable User Interface (ZUI) that attempts to rethink TV user interaction. A few major differences with Mondrian is that a user no longer needs to be stuck within nested menus while navigating and it has an active anticipation engine that takes in the content, time, and environment you watch in to build a profile and recommendations. It goes without saying that Mondrian becomes an easy target for Big Brother contextual advertisers. While there have already been proposals for all-advertising channels within the ZUI grids, Merkoski remained unclear on any efforts to save the product from advertising overload.

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by Ariel Waldman    Mar-15-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Television

SXSW: Tinker Toys For Technologists


This week, SXSW Interactive featured a keynote conversation with Limor Fried (Adafruit Industries) and Phil Torrone (MAKE Magazine). Hacking the DIY culture, Torrone and Fried discussed the techniques of tinkering with technology. With examples such as the Bacon Alarm Clock, skin-embedded RFID chips, and the recent Gummy Bear Chandelier, the panelists whetted the audience's palate with a selection of delicious DIY snacks.

Hacktivism culture has been spreading at a rapid rate as of late. Simply said, "People make weird and bizarre things," Torrone stated in response to the movement. Sharing "recipes" has now become commonplace among tinkering communities and unlike dating, you're not slapped if you show all your intimate parts too soon.

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by Ariel Waldman    Mar-14-07    
Topic: Industry Events, Online, Social

Agencies at Diversity Conference Seek Diverse Talent


Continuing what we started in New York on Nov 8, yesterday Adrants and BDI held the second Ad Industry Diversity Job Fair and Leadership Conference in San Francisco, hosted by the Academy of Art in conjunction with BIG. Local and nationwide entities including Google, Modem Media, Draft FCB, Dieste and T3 (The Think Tank), showed up to trade paper with giddy be-suited candidates.

The set of pews and the wide church like set-up served as a good backdrop for what could be both parts keynote and sermon.

Larry Harris, EVP and Director of Integrated Marketing at DraftFCB, made a straightforward delivery on topics we expected to rise to the surface: the disparity of diversity in our industry, the changing face of marketing in the face of new media (iPods, internet, mobile phones, chip-reading billboards) and the importance of knowing what you want before leaping into the wild blue yonder. He also told an awesome story about how he infiltrated agency execs by pretending to be a message boy. "They let you right in!" he exclaimed.

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by Angela Natividad    Mar-14-07    
Topic: Agencies, Good, Industry Events, Opinion

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