Dove Uses Women's Hair Ad Stereotypes to Sell Men's Shampoo


This Brazilian Dove Men + Care Shampoo from Ogilvy & Mather puts a spin on the whole slo-mo lustrous hair thing we so often see in women's shampoo commercials. In the ad, some poor guy has used women's shampoo and it's giving him that "women's hair commercial" thing.

The ad brilliantly highlights every last flip, twist and cranial maneuver seen in many women's shampoo commercials. Even as the man races home to wash his hair with the right shampoo, we are treated to even mor slo mo "women's hair commercial" goodness.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-13    
Topic: Strange

Best Bus Stop Ever?


While it would certainly be amusing to stand at a bus top, visit a mobile site and then be picked up by a super cool sports car or a dog sled or a bus filled with carnival characters but how exactly does all that sell Qualcomm mobile services? If, in fact, that's what this stunt is trying to sell. Because we have no idea since we were distracted by all the stunt's hoopla.

This makes about as much sense as the brand's keynote at CES.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-21-13    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

'Airplane' Star Julie Hagerty Does Old Navy


Damn! If only the inside of all airplanes looked like the inside of the airplane in this Old Navy Commercial! Starring Julie Hagerty, the soft-spoken actress of Airplane move fame, we see an airplane full of people seating themselves in what can only be described as the most stylish and spacious airplane interior ever seen. Love that swank cockpit too!

Too bad Leslie Nielsen wasn't on hand as well. Oops. He's dead. My bad. The ad, Now Boarding, was created by CP+B and debuted last night. Future spots in the campaign will also feature Mr. T, Boyz II, Rachel Leigh Cook and a few other surprise appearances.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-14-13    
Topic: Strange

Dance Champs Sam and Lisa Do 'Wet Dog Wiggle' For Kayak


Barton F. Graf 9000 hooked up with dance champions Sam and Lisa West for their latest Kayak work. Sam is a 6 time champion of the Carolina Shag Division at the USA Grand National Dance Championships and a 3 time US Open Shag Champion. Lisa is winner of the 1997 US Open Cabaret Championship and two-time winners of the American Swing Dance Championships in the Showcase Division.

The two can be seen doing the Wet Dog Wiggle and the Chattanooga Chicken on their way to the registration desk of a hotel for a stay which they, of course, booked using Kayak.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-14-13    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

I Get Mad YouTube Views Cuz People Can't Smell My Poo


Litter Genie, with help from JWT New York, is out with its third music video featuring Walter who, along with his Lap Cats, invite you to groove to the sounds of Me Luvz Mahselfz.

With nearly 2.5 million combined views for his previous music videos, I Haz A Catnip in Mah Head and I Haz a Pie Row Tek Nik, Walter's musical fame has grown beyond YouTube.

As part of the promotion, people can tweet their own rap lyrics to @LitterGenieCat and one dollar will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society through February 17.

Best lyrics in the new tune" "I'm on YouTube getting all kinds of views because people can't smell my poo."

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-13    
Topic: Cause, Strange, Video

Percussionist Slaps Four Thong-Clad Asses


Here's one of the more unique methods a musician can use to call attention to his band. Percussionist Jorge Perez, member of the musical group Patax, can be seen in this video having his way, musically speaking, with four woman who have offered up their thong-clad asses for Jorge to, well, slap as he sees fit.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-13    
Topic: Racy, Strange

'Tampon Versus Mooncup' A Hilarious Anti-Tampon Rap


In this hilarious video, two "gangs" of women take on each other in a tampon versus mooncup bathroom rap competition. For those who don't know (we didin't), a mooncup is a silicon menstrual cup women can use instead of a tampon or sanitary napkin.

It's like a direct to consumer ad that's actually watchable.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-13    
Topic: Strange

This Beer Ad Will Make You Go 'Huh?'


This is...perhaps...the strangest ad we have ever seen. Created for Skol Beer by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, ther ad promotes the Brazilian Carnival season. Set to the tune of Wagners' Ride of the Valkyries, soldiers practice dance moves, kissing techniques and detonate confetti hand grenades.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-13    
Topic: Strange

Girls Makes Out With Frog in Zoosk Ad


Dating site Zoosk is out with a silly video in which a girl tries to get it on with a real frog. The message, of course, is that a woman's prince will never be found in a frog but just might be a few click away on Zoosk.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-13    
Topic: Strange

Avis Invents Retractables Skis For Stealth Ad


As a skier I'd love a product like this. Skis that retract into the ski boot so you don't have to carry them around at the end of the day. Check out this video in which a guy demonstrates his invention, SkiBrogues, fashionable leather-clad ski boots under which skis retract.

The video directs viewers to a website on which more details about the product can be seen. But in the right hand column of the site is a big ad for Hertz touting its weekly rental rates for those planning ski trips.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-11-13    
Topic: Spoofs, Strange

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