H&M Continues Hoity Toity Highbrow Histrionics


Continuing its foray in to the surreal world of mystique, intrigue, noir and the just plain ridiculously highbrow, H&M is out with another branded film starring models Heidi Mount and Matt Clunan who bring a hipsteresque noirism to the dropped glove scenario which, for no apparent reason, ends with Mount naked on a couch.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-29-12    
Topic: Brands, Strange, Video

Dish Internet Access Worthy of Parade


Two new spots from Barton F Graf 9000 feature the agency's trademark quirk and wit. The spots, Candy and Parade tout Dish Network's high speed internet for remote locations. In each ad, we have an overjoyed resident handing out candy and having his own parade in celebration of high speed internet access.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-25-12    
Topic: Strange

Coffee Brand Aims to Cure Loneliness in Sweden


What do transsexuals, bird-aficionados and those looking for the Great Lake monster in Sweden have in common? They are among the less lonely which, for Sweden, is, apparently, a very good thing since the country is considered to be the loneliest country in the world. In addition, research notes membership in groups that fall into these and other subject areas is dwindling.

Lofbergs, a Swedish coffer brand, hopes to do something about that and has launched a new ad campaign to highlight these groups and tout membership. Oh and to not so slyly imply coffee can be a great social lubricant.

The campaign, the largest ever for the brand, was created by Volontaire / Philip Ahlqwist.

by Steve Hall    Oct-11-12    
Topic: Strange

This Koozie Sucks


This isn't just a silly ad for a fake product. No, it's a silly ad for a real product. The product's called This Koozie Sucks and, yes, it's a koozie that sucks. Literally. To just about anything. Check out the ad in which females pretend to be bimbos and guys take showers together. Courtesy of @ideasbychuck

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 9-12    
Topic: Strange

JWT Tests, Sun-Maid Spoofed, Fathers Emasculated


- Pretty girls (and guys) test new JWT Amsterdam website.

- Here's an interesting Sun-Maid spoof.

- Tribal DDB created a site for VW to which people can link their Facebook profile and end up with a customized, personalized story.

- Yet another commercial that portrays fathers as irresponsible blithering idiot.

- Not an ad but worth the 14 minutes you will need to watch this short called Plurality which deals with privacy, surveillance...and time travel.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-12    
Topic: Agencies, Cause, Commercials, Strange, Video

Litter Genie Gives Cats Sixties-Style Drug Trip


This week, Litter Genie launched a new TV spot, created by Grey Advertising, featuring the tongue-in-cheek talking Litter Genie cat who advises the new Litter Genie to "keep doing its business, because you know he's going to be doing his."

In addition to the TV spot, Litter Genie and JWT New York will also be launching a website called Cat Snaps on the Cheezburger Network, which will offer a photo-sharing contest that allows users to upload photos of their cats and indulge in dressing them up in outfits inspired by three musical genres - R&B, psychedelic and heavy metal - transforming any cat into a rock star that's worth sharing. When anyone creates a Cat Snap of a cat, it can be shared automatically on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. The first 100 people to enter will each receive a free Litter Genie and refill, and the most voted on image will win a professional cat photo shoot.

Cat Snaps will also showcase a series of three digital videos by JWT New York of musical performances by cats in R&B, psychedelic and heavy metal themes.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-12    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Learn How Not to Impress the Girls With 'Party Training'


Here's a bit of hilarity for you. Swedish fashion brand Bjorn Borg is out with a video featuring training enthusiast Ron Allen who introduces us to the notion of Party Training. Party Training is the sort of thing you'd see some dweeb doing at a party in an attempt to impress the ladies and practice for his next cheesy infomercial.

Viwers can submit their own Party Training idea using the iOS app Loopcam which is sort of like Instagram for animated gifs. Submitting images enters the person into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a full year of personal training and selected items from the Bjorn Borg AW12 collection.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 3-12    
Topic: Strange

'Softness Boogieman' Brings Psychedelic Cleanness to Laundry


Here's a new, goofy ad from Method featuring the brand's Softness Boogieman who brings psychedelic cleanliness while wearing a Barry Gibb-like white suite. As he boogies, he brings a fresh, sunshine-y scent to your laundry. You know, as if you were to do your laundry outside on a gentle Fall-like day at the base of a foliage-filled mountain. Yes, that's how we all do it, right? via Mashable.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-28-12    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

HealthNet Uses Fake Tweet on Billboard to Promote Site


It seems that no amount of publicized social media faux pauxs let alone general marketing faux pauxs over the past hundred years are able to prevent other brands from becoming bumbling idiots ripe for ridicule. Today's marketing dunce cap goes to Health provider HealthNet which saw fit to use a fake tweet on a billboard (spotted in Portland, Oregon) to promote its site.

The tweet, "Affordable, fits my biz needs - smart health plan #healthnetcares," reads as if it were written some social media buffoon with just enough pompous "guruism" to convince his clueless superiors "this will be a really cool billboard!"

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by Steve Hall    Sep-25-12    
Topic: Outdoor, Social, Strange, Worst

Lana Del Ray Does 'Blue Velvet' For H&M


Having just finished re-watching Twin Peaks on Netflix, this new H&M work featuring Lana Del Ray singing Blue Velvet is apropos. Directed by Johan Renck, Del Rey's version of the 1950's classic is as mysterious as any David Lynch project you could imagine.

Of the work, H&M Creative Director Donald Schneider said, "We are excited to have Lana Del Rey, the new star and style icon, as the face of our fall campaign. Lana is totally unique, and we wanted to create a print and film campaign that's just as special. The mood is very L.A. noir and is inspired by our Fall collection, which also fits with Lana's own personal style."

It's not your average commercial work. And it's a wonderful departure from your usual, run-of-the-mill retail commercial work.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-24-12    
Topic: Commercials, Strange, Video

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