Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal Battle Kung Fu-Style


How quickly we forget. Remember Tiger Woods? Yea, the golfer dude that cheated on his wife life 13 times. Everyone disowned him right? Well, he's back and can be seen in this funny Heat-created ad for EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. Called Duel of the Masters, Tiger and Shaquille O'Neal duel each othee King Fu style complete with badly-dubbed dialog.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Strange

The Real Reason Kelly Brook's Boobs Are So Big? Socks.


"You could have a pair like Kelly's" if you just pick up a pair of official Sports Relief Socks at your local (if you're in England) Sainsbury today. Yes. Breasts truly can sell anything we ask them to.

So wait, Kelly's been stuffing all these years?

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Strange

Hitler Sells Shampoo on Turkish TV


An actual shampoo brand, Biomen, is using imagery of Hitler in a Turkish TV ad. It's not a spoof. It's not a joke. It's an actual ad currently airing in Turkey. The ad's translation reads, "If you're not wearing women's clothes, you shouldn't be using women's shampoo either. Here it is. A real man's shampoo. Biomen. Real men use Biomen."

If there's one constant in this twisted business we call advertising it's that every once in a while we are witness to some of the strangest, most inconceivable happenings. Though the use of Hitler in an ad will unlikely be topped.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Strange

Disco Boy and Turkey Girl Promote Russian Nightclub


And in the WTF category today come this new Red Pepper-created work for Russian brand Club Republic. Actually it's not a brand. It's club. A club where apparently people dance with disco balls and turkeys on their heads. Hey, Russia's just getting into this whole capitalism thing. They need some time to work out the kinks.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Strange

Kayak Demonstrates How to Book A Flight Using Only Your Mind


Kayak is getting kooky again. This time with a Barton F. Graf 9000-created video that demonstrates how you can plan a trip using only the power of your mind. And, inadvertently, illustrating just how easily the capital of California is forgotten.

Monitoring for online mentions of "mind control", "using only my mind", "thought control", "hypnosis", "telekinesis", etc., the team at Kayak will be delivering this YouTube video link directly to consumers on Twitter, blogs, forums, Yahoo! Answers and other online destinations. An interesting approach. Perfectly personalized in that appropriately kooky Kayak way.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
Topic: Brands, Social, Strange, Video

Skittles Makes It OK to Touch A Zombie, A Werewolf and A Boob


Skittles is out with another collection of Touch the Rainbow oddities which, again, ask you to place your finger on the screen so that you can touch things you normally wouldn't touch. Previous iterations of the campaign, created by BBDO Toronto, won a Cannes Gold Lion in Film and Cyber last year.

This round gives you the chance to tickle a werewolf baby, poke a Sasquatch, go finger to finger with a zombie, take out the eye of a cyclops doctor and fondle a princess's boob until she decides to kiss you.

Not that anyone is actually going to touch the screen but we like the pseudo interactivity of the campaign. The brand has carved out a nice niche for itself. A very weird one but a nice one none the less.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12    
Topic: Strange

Why Cats Love Columbia Sportswear


Here's a collection of some of the strangest ads we've seen in a long time. To put it's outerwear through a series of tests, the brand has employed the use of hot dog buns, a five bean salad and a cat. Watch as the oddity permeates your soul and you wonder why you aren't running out to buy a Columbia jacket right this very moment.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-19-12    
Topic: Campaigns, Commercials, Strange

The Most Awesome Bottled Water Ad You Will Ever See


Talk about throwing everything into the kitchen sink, this Lithuanian Vytautas Mineral Water ad does that and more. Words really can't explain how awesome this ad is other than to say it's not about giving a fuck or not giving a fuck. It's about giving a negative fuck.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-15-12    
Topic: Strange

Pepsi NEXT Distracts Parents From Acrobatic Baby


Real quick. Love this new Pepsi NEXT ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day. Although they use the tried and true dancing baby approach, the spot works. It captures the classic moment of...well...missed moments when parants turn their heads just when their baby decides to do something amazing.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-14-12    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Tech School Ad Illustrates Teleportation Can Have Deadly Effects


Every once in a while something so weird comes along and we love it. Why? Because we get to write WTF?! And we're pretty sure that's what everyone reading this is going to say when they get to the end of this video from Australia's Central Institute of Technology.

The work comes from Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann, a comedy duo from Perth. In the video, the pair teleport from one part of the school to another. All goes swimmingly until close to the end when things go a bit awry.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-21-12    
Topic: Strange, Video

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