Walmart's Yodeling Cat Horrifies


Good God! This is horrifying! OK, so it's not horrifying but it's definitely strange to see a cat yodel Jingle Bells with a human mouth digitally affixed to it face. Just. So. Wrong. Anyway, it's the second digital product from The Martin Agency since it began working on the Walmart account. We are told the video will ultimately make its way to TV in the form of a commercial in a week or so.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 8-11    
Topic: Strange

Fashion Brand Bjorg Uses Heresy Motif to Sell Jewelry


If you're a brand that's linked to the fashion industry you can do pretty much anything you want to promote your products without anyone blinking an eye. After all, what's really left to say about a fashion brand? You either like it and will buy it or you don't and you won't. It's a purely subjective purchase decision.

Knowing that, fashion brands have long abandoned any rational approach to marketing and have, instead, decided whatever they hell they want. and never before has that "whatev" approach been better illustrated than in this Bjorg Jewelery ad. The company feels they can sling necklaces and pendants with this over-the-top content.

Or, argued another way, fashion brands dispense with the mundane and, instead, latch onto political, social or, in this case, religious notions to pimp product. Either way, it's a parade of strange. But we like it. After all, how many lame-ass, conventionally derivative ads can you watch in one day?

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by Steve Hall    Nov-28-11    
Topic: Strange

Kohl's Enlists Rebecca Black For Black Friday Commercial


In what will be dubbed either a coup or the dumbest thing a brand has ever done, Kohl's just launched a Black Friday commercial that features...wait for it...Rebecca Black's much maligned song, Friday. You can argue Kohl's is doing irreparable damaged to it's brand by associating itself with Black's Friday. You can be concerned several YouTube commenters who claim to be Kohl's employees are ashamed to work at the retailer and, in some cases, have decided to quit.

Or you can laud the brand for latching on to something that's guaranteed to garner a significant amount of conversation, discussion and publicity. Which is it for you?

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by Steve Hall    Nov-20-11    
Topic: Brands, Strange

William Shatner Urges Turkey Fryer Safety


Back in 1969 or thereabouts when the original Star Trek hit the airwaves, we wonder if William
Shatner, or anyone else for that matter, had any clue as to just how long his career and relevancy would last. And just how iconic he would become allowing him, of course, to become an uber spokesman for several brands. His latest stint comes from State Farm which produced a turkey frying safety video in which Shatner decides not to play it safe at all.

"Dammit, Bill, that's too much oil!"


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by Steve Hall    Nov-17-11    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Strange

Partridge in a Pear Tree as Imagined by a Lingerie Brand


Did you know that a partridge in a pear tree is really a hot blond wearing Bonds lingerie? Yea, seriously. It's true. Just watch this Christmas-themed commercial from Bonds. And that's all there is to say about that.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-17-11    
Topic: Racy, Strange

Winter Coat Maker Uses Guy Who Doesn't Need Coat to Sell Coat


You've probably seen plenty of those people who can withstand freezing cold weather; those people who jump in ice cold water and it doesn't phase them. Well meet Wim Hof, a man who says he has a mental thermostat and he simply doesn't feel the cold when he doesn't want to.

What's this all about? Oddly enough, selling a heated jacket that keeps you really, really warm. Wim won't need it but you will. Here's a a couple of promotional videos from Columbia, makers of said heated jacket.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-17-11    
Topic: Campaigns, Strange, Video

H&M Lets Donatella Versace Get Weird For New Clothing Line


In this wacky Johan Renck-directed video, the unbelievably freaky looking Donatella Versace has her way with a collection of automaton hotties, played by Lindsey Wixson and Daphne Groeneveld, who Versace controls with stings and levers. Appropriately gap-toothed and puffy-lipped, the pair are guided through the machinations of Versace's inner freakishness as they model fashions for the brand's new line of affordable clothing.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-15-11    
Topic: Celebrity, Commercials, Strange

Ginger Joe's Explains Origins of Ginger-Mustachioed Billboard


Well here's another strange one. UK ginger beer brand Ginger Joe's created a billboard with a giant mustache on it. The mustache consists of hair from redheads or, as they are referred to in England, gingers.

A set of videos accompanies the billboard and gives insight into where all that red hair came from.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-15-11    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

Would You Kill For A Pair of Jeans?


Some brands are worth killing for. At least that seems to be the message in this Australian commercial for Billycock jeans. In the video, we see a woman wearing just a shirt and a thing. She opens the trunk and, well, you just have to watch the ad to find out. Apparently, the ad has been banned. We can understand why.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-15-11    
Topic: Strange

Bombardier Says Your...Um...Manhood is All You Need to Fish


This has to be the most overly long, weird, twisted, strange beer commercial we've seen in a while. But we're not surprised by it. After all, it comes to us from the folks who are obsessed with banging. Yea, that kind of banging. this time around the Bombardier tells us all about fishing and why catching fish is really all about the tackle in your pants.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 8-11    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

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