Ron Jeremy Is Bummed His Films Have Been Rejected by the Toronto Jewish Film Festival


Oh poor Ron Jeremy. Here's a man with decades of filmmaking experience and a boatload of awards to show for it. But, it seems, the Toronto Jewish Film Festival (jeez, talk about niche) won't accept any of Ron Jeremy's films.

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by Steve Hall    May- 1-14    
Topic: Strange

Bladder Control Ad Gets Oddly Pornographic


Talk about the double entendre. It's in overdrive here with this Ogilvy & Mather-created spot for Poise, a bladder control product aimed at women.

In the ad, one woman leans over to another and breathily says , "I love Sam. Sam knows how to take care of a woman. Sam is also very small but Sam can last for hours. I have Sam in my pants right now."

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by Steve Hall    Apr-29-14    
Topic: Strange

Watch How Penguins, Time Travel And Slow Motion Fruit Come Together in Wacky Hard Lemonade Ads


In perhaps the wackiest campaign for hard lemonade (or anything for that matter) we've seen in a very long time, Duval Guillaume is out with three goofy videos for Carlsberg Breweries featuring Seth and Riley, a couple of inventors who think they've got it all figured out. Sort of.

Like many other startups that are now hugely successful companies, Seth and Riley hope to make it big time too. But let's just say, they're results, perhaps, aren't ready for prime time.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-22-14    
Topic: Strange

This Babe's Enormous Booty Will Make You Buy A Volkswagen


Touting its new 360 degree area view camera and the importance of having more than one angle of view, Volkswagen is out with a DDB Barcelona-created print campaign that plays visual tricks on your eyes. In a series of ads, we see some very strange things like a baby with a man's head, a woman with a dog's head, a baby with giant legs and a baby with a big 'ol bikini-clad booty.

Of course, upon further inspection, you realize you aren't looking at pictures of some freakish human being, rather we-ll conceived camera angles that play tricks on your eyes.

All of which is analogous to the fact VW's "mirror" technology won't have you seeing freaky things when you look in the rear view mirror.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-10-14    
Topic: Strange

This Super Goofy Hot Air Balloon Chase Touts New Popped Wheat Thins


The first time we viewed this Being NY-created ad for Popped Wheat Thins we thought it was goofy in a bad way. With each successive viewing it became ever more goofy but in a good way.

Why? We have no idea. Perhaps it recalls decades of cop movie hilarity. Perhaps it's the notion a hot air balloon just might be the most overlooked method of get-a-way transportation. Or perhaps it's the silliness of grown men getting overly excited about yet another Whet Thins line extension.

Whatever the case may be, it's one of those ads that grows on you.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 9-14    
Topic: Strange

Germany's Edeka Supermarket Ad Is Weird, Wacky and Wonderful


Like a mashup of The Most Interesting Man and the Speedo dude from the Southern Comfort beach ad, this Jung von Matt-created video for German supermarket Edeka is, by far, the weirdest supermarket ad we have ever seen. Perhaps the weirdest ad of any kind we've ever seen.

But it's also wonderful. Wonderful in ways most brands would never dare to be wonderful.

In the three minute video, suave electro-pop musician Friedrich Liechtenstein cavorts with sexy supermarket models, bathes in milk and has fun with sushi and sausages.

It has over 2 million views since it was released February 20. We predict many more views to come.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-25-14    
Topic: Strange

Camera Drops From Plane, Lands in Pig Pen. Real or Viral Stunt?


As is always the case with amazing videos like this one uploaded by YouTube user Mia Munselle, a debate rages in comments as to its validity.

Munselle claims she found the camera -- which everyone (without any facts to back up the assumption) assumes is a GoPro -- 8 months after the video was shot.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-12-14    
Topic: Strange

Comedian Nathan Fielder Behind 'Dumb Starbucks'


In a video released late yesterday, comedian Nathan Fielder revealed he was behind that Dumb Starbucks store in Los Angeles that opened this past weekend. His goal? In his own words, "By adding the word 'dumb' we are legally allowed to used the coveted Starbucks name and logo because we've fulfilled the minimum requirements to be considered a parody under U.S. law."

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by Steve Hall    Feb-11-14    
Topic: Strange

Watch This Insanely Strange Foreign Language Certification Ad...Before It Gets Removed From YouTube at Midnight! (OK, Just Kidding About That Last Part)


You know how you sometimes watch certain ads and you're like, "Damn, that's really bad. Where they trying to make it bad or did they just have no idea what they were doing?" After viewing this gigantic-created ad for Samsung subsidiary ProFluent, a language fluency certification service, we're pretty sure it's the former. At least we hope it's the former.

Watch as these insane applicants go to great lengths trying to convince the hiring manager that they can, in fact, speak Spanish. And then us know from which end of the spectrum this ad came.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 7-14    
Topic: Strange

Even if Your Toshiba Laptop Could Withstand Dog Slobber, Would You Even Want to Use It?


In it continuing mission to prove the reliability of its laptops, Toshiba is out with some field testing in which Matt and Jamie put the brand's laptop to all sorts of crazy tests. One such test is Gusto, a dog who slobbers all over the keyboard of a Toshiba laptop while trying to consumer a piece of bacon...all to prove how much wear and tear a Toshiba laptop can withstand.


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by Steve Hall    Jan-29-14    
Topic: Strange

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