Carvel's Fudgie the Whale Returns As Spokesman


Way back in the day, ice cream cake maker Carvel marketed a cake called Fudgie the Whale. Just as you might assume, it was a chocolate cake shaped like a whale.

Today, the brand has resurrected Fudgie the Whale in the form on an animated spokesman. In two new Focus Brands-created commercials, Fudgie can be seen touting the brand's two for one Wednesday Sundae special and specially designed Mother's Day cakes.

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by Steve Hall    May- 2-13    
Topic: Strange

You Won't Need Coffee After Reading This


Here's something to slap you upside the head on a Monday morning. In fact, after taking a look at this ad campaign, you probably won't need any coffee to kick start your day. Australian clothier HommeMystere is out with a new line on lingerie...for men. Yes, you read that right.

Now we all know there are certain men out there who enjoy wearing lingerie but they've never really had a brand cater to their needs. Well, now they do. There's thongs, panties with some extra room for junk, teddies that fir properly and bra straps that don't slide off the shoulder.

How long before Victoria's Secret caters to the cross dresser?

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by Steve Hall    Apr-29-13    
Topic: Strange

Talking Yoga Mat Makes Kimpton Hotel Stay Interesting


Just how many ways are left to differentiate one hotel brand from another? If you're Portal A working for Kimpton Hotels, there are plenty including, well, a talking yoga in every room! In this two minute video created by Portal A, we are introduced to Mat thr talking yoga mat who is here to make Sherry's dismal day a whole lot better.

Mat pulls Sherry away from her work and takes her off on a bike ride, a trip to the pool, a massage and a nice dinner. Sadly, Sherry doesn't respond to Mat's final plea for some action.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-22-13    
Topic: Strange

Oven Talks Dirty in Goo Gone Ad


Ever open you oven and it begins talking to you? We didn't think so. But the dirty oven in this Goo Gone commercial sure has a dirty mouth and has plenty to say. Choice phrases include, "Ooh, German sausage jokes, they're the wurst. Get it, the wurst?" and "Are you checking out my rack?"

Check out Marcus Thomas-created commercial for those gems and more.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 4-13    
Topic: Strange

Sheep Ditches the Herd For Corona Light Lifestyle


Animals, animal, animals. Much like babies, the use of animals almost guarantees your commercial will be a success. Not that that's what Goodby, Silverstein & Partners was going for when it brought back Sully the talking sheep for a new series of commercials. Oh wait, of course they were. Sequels, people, sequels! Why bother with something new when a rehash will do?

Of course, this work is much more than a rehash. Our sheep, Sully, gets to walk upright, Ditch the Herd and have a whole lot of fun with his newfound human friends. Check out the series of four :15s below.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-13    
Topic: Strange

The Funniest Marriage Counseling Ad You Will Ever See


Ever feel like you are a slave to your partner? Like the only purpose in your life is to take orders and serve? And every day you function as a punching bag for your spouse's nasty remarks?

Well if that's the case, it's probably time for a little marriage counseling. And that's the very message in this Red Pepper-created Russian commercial which appears to be a PSA for marriage counseling. That or a funny spoof. Either way, it's worth a watch.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 2-13    
Topic: Strange

StubHub's Ticket Oak Barfs Up Lattes


StubHub is back with its full on wackiness courtesy of Ticket Oak, that crazy tree filled with ticket stubs. In the new ad, created by D/C and shot by Biscuit Filmworks, Ticket Oak has a few too many Lattes and can't help buy spew out event ideas for the weekend.

Really nothing else to say other than watch it. Good stuff.

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by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-13    
Topic: Strange

Dove Uses Women's Hair Ad Stereotypes to Sell Men's Shampoo


This Brazilian Dove Men + Care Shampoo from Ogilvy & Mather puts a spin on the whole slo-mo lustrous hair thing we so often see in women's shampoo commercials. In the ad, some poor guy has used women's shampoo and it's giving him that "women's hair commercial" thing.

The ad brilliantly highlights every last flip, twist and cranial maneuver seen in many women's shampoo commercials. Even as the man races home to wash his hair with the right shampoo, we are treated to even mor slo mo "women's hair commercial" goodness.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-13    
Topic: Strange

Best Bus Stop Ever?


While it would certainly be amusing to stand at a bus top, visit a mobile site and then be picked up by a super cool sports car or a dog sled or a bus filled with carnival characters but how exactly does all that sell Qualcomm mobile services? If, in fact, that's what this stunt is trying to sell. Because we have no idea since we were distracted by all the stunt's hoopla.

This makes about as much sense as the brand's keynote at CES.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-21-13    
Topic: Outdoor, Strange

'Airplane' Star Julie Hagerty Does Old Navy


Damn! If only the inside of all airplanes looked like the inside of the airplane in this Old Navy Commercial! Starring Julie Hagerty, the soft-spoken actress of Airplane move fame, we see an airplane full of people seating themselves in what can only be described as the most stylish and spacious airplane interior ever seen. Love that swank cockpit too!

Too bad Leslie Nielsen wasn't on hand as well. Oops. He's dead. My bad. The ad, Now Boarding, was created by CP+B and debuted last night. Future spots in the campaign will also feature Mr. T, Boyz II, Rachel Leigh Cook and a few other surprise appearances.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-14-13    
Topic: Strange

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