Things You Never Knew Your Samsung Galaxy Note II Could Do


Steak Studio, on behalf of Samsung, created a liquid pixel display controlled by a Samgsung Galaxy Note II. It's an exploration of "interactive water art." This installation, created solely to make YouTube video about it, uses the Note and its corresponsing S Pen technology to transfer whatever is written on the phone's screen to hundreds of miniature pumps which display the written message.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 7-12    
Topic: Video

'Lemonade' Producer to Explore Aftermath of Sandusky Trial


After tackling what out of work advertising people (such as yours truly) do next and and how Detroit reinvented itself, "recovering ad man" and former copywriter, Erik Proulx, will examine how Penn State, its students and the local community moved on after the Sandusky situation.

His new film, 365 Days - A Year in Happy Valley, will premiere Christmas day 2013. If his pat work is any indication, there's no doubt this film will be an amazing experience.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 7-12    
Topic: Video

Harvy Nichols Proves Looks Can Kill


In a hilarious scenario that illustrates the horror a woman experiences when another woman shows up to an event wearing the same dress, this DDB Adam & Eve video for UK designer Harvey Nichols pits two women against each other in a Star Wars-style shoot out.

As one woman catches a glimpse of the other at the party, all hell breaks loose and the women engage in an all out laser fight that rips the venue to shreds and ultimately results in what appears to be the death one one of the women. Victory.

Well...not so fast...

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Video

Crowdtap Slaps the Crap Out of Social Media Idiots


In a hilarious speed dating-themed video created by Crowdtap, a company that promises to create real relationships, a parade of social media idiots representing how insanely stupid the space has become are taken to task.

Watch the video. We guarantee you've heard at least one individual or one company spew a litany or jargon akin to the silliness this video presents.

Please, can we stop the bullshit?

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Social, Spoofs, Video

You Might Even Want to Vist Cambodia After Watching This Video


Cambodia isn't exactly a place that tops many people's travel destination lists but after viewing this beautiful time-lapse video, you might feel differently. The place looks almost as stunning as Vegas.

YouTuber Andy Blalock created the video using clips shot over a six week time period. While the video was not created for any official purpose, aside from the fact it's as good or better than most tourism videos, Blalock, in his video description, calls attention to the plight of child sex trafficking and points to a site that addresses the issue.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 5-12    
Topic: Cause, Video

Israel Fights 'Stigma Virus,' Ad Spend to Hit $518 Billion in 2013


- Israel wants to combat The Stigma Virus, a sort of reaction to the AIDS virus.

- How do you brew? Partnering with Boston-based strategic planning agency Blitz Media and its client, Breville USA, Struck created a :30 spot that features a colorful cast of characters that capture a particular style of coffee - bold, mild, intense, smooth, strong and light.

- ZenithOptimedia's latest forecast predicts global ad expenditure will grow 4.1% in 2013, reaching $518 billion by the end of the year.

- Talking cookies tout HGTV shows. Love It or List It. Property Brothers.

by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-12    
Topic: Agencies, Research, Video

Creative Teams Offers Thirty Day Free Trial

Overly Sexy Wrong Creative

While we've seen all sorts of "get hired" ploys from out of work creatives over the years, this one from two recent Miami Ad School grads, Jason Burke and in Soo Kim made us laugh. It follows the tried and true infomercial approach to things and humorously promises "ultra high speed ideation, multi-brief capability, innovative thinking, compelling copy, awesome art work and incredible work ethic."

Check them out here.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 4-12    
Topic: Video

Axe Morning After Pillow Solves Cuddling Problem


Some people love to cuddle. Others, not so much. Axe, the brand that's all about how its super smelly nature is irresistible to women, has come up with a solution for the problem it has created.

With help from DDB Latina Puerto Rico, Axe is introducing the Morning After Pillow, a device that will allow men to slip out of bed while their woman still gets to cuddle.

Axe. Always looking out for guy's needs.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-12    
Topic: Brands, Video

Microsoft Says Internet Explorer Sucks Less


In a hilariously humble, satirically silly new commercial from Microsoft, the brand acknowledges the dislike people have had for its Explorer browser over the years. Exemplified by an Explorer-hating geek, the browser takes its lumps but also puts the nerd in his place. After being assaulted with increasing glowing comments regarding the browser, including a (faux) new Karaoke standard, our geek relents, typing, "IE Sucks...Less."

The ad steers viewers to Browsers You Loved to Hate and touts the new Internet Explorer 10.

Refreshing honesty from a brand and product that has weathered to some serious storms of discontent over the years.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-29-12    
Topic: Video

Orchestra Eschews Sheet Music For Samsung Galaxy Note


Now this ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note raises an interesting question. In the long run, is it really cheaper to buy an orchestra a bunch of tablets on which sheet music can be displayed or the sheet music itself? In the short run, no doubt, the paper route is cheaper. In the long run, maybe not. Likely, it will be determined by how ell the orchestra treats the tablets and how long they last.

Anyway, check out this video that features the Northern Orchestra and Symphonic Choir Ines de Castro using Samsung Galaxy Notes instead of sheet music. The work was created by OSTV.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-27-12    
Topic: Video

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