Overly Attached Girlfriend Does Ad For Samsung


Oh you silly Internet Famous people. Always ending up in ads created by 20-something creatives who think they are so hip for finding you and putting you in ads for big brands who've probably never even heard of you but place their trust in their 20-something agency account manager because, well, they are hip and cool and know what the kids like these days.

Anyway, here's yet another overly hip and cool piece of Internet Famedom from Samsung. And what do we know. The video's already been viewed 430,000 so you 20-somethings must know what the hell you are talking about.

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by Steve Hall    Nov-13-12    
Topic: Strange, Video

Is Nicole Westbrook the Next Rebecca Black?


Having nothing whatsoever to do with advertising other than it's Friday, Friday...we bring you Nicole Westbrook who, perhaps, may become the next Rebecca Black sensation. Produced by Patrice Wilson, the man behind Rebecca Black's Friday, comes "It's Thanksgiving," yet another auto-tuned, teen-fueled ode with, this time, a focus on Thanksgiving and allthe cheesy wonder the day brings.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 9-12    
Topic: Trends and Culture, Video, Viral

Bonding During Buffering Has Never Been So Awkward


Draftfcb Chicago has created a fairly hilarious series of commercial for Cox. In the series, the Hattery family, a very weird dad, Paul, torments his family with his antics. It all begins with dad awkwardly bonding with his son, Tyler, during buffering moments cause by DSL. Over five episodes, things just get weirder and weirder with Paul obsessing over unlimited phone service and going all "par-tay" pn his family once they get a Cox whole house DVR. Commercial insanity at its finest.

Be sure not to miss the always awkward "if we all had cox" dialog in one of the episodes.

by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-12    
Topic: Video

Old Printers Perform Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A-Changin'


Following in the footsteps of Honda and a collection of other brands that have made music out of ordinary sounds, printer brand Brother has created an orchestra of old printers programmed to perform Bob Dylan's The Times They Are A-Changin'.

Shockingly, I'm old enough to remember most of the individual sounds used in the video to create this orchestral masterpiece. Brings back memories. But, thankfully, technology has given us much quieter printers and, hence, a much saner workplace.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 6-12    
Topic: Video

Buyral Promises Your Video Will Go Viral


With a humorous look at the not-so-untrue underbelly of what makes a video go viral, john st. gives us Buyral, a service that guarantees your video will go viral. OK, so not really but it guarantees a few laughs and gets a nod for a nice agency self promo.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 2-12    
Topic: Agencies, Spoofs, Video, Viral

Lebron James Shares His Day With Samsung Galaxy Note II


Courtesy of 72andSunny and Samsung, we've been given a snapshot, day-in-the-life of Miami Heat star LeBrom James. We are treated to LeBron having breakfast with his family, a text message interchange with Magic Johnson, a trip to the barber shop, an encounter with screaming fans and game prep all while LeBron totes the Samsung Galaxy Note II along for the ride.

The 1:30 was directed by Mark Romanek of Anonymous Content.

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by Steve Hall    Nov- 1-12    
Topic: Celebrity, Video

Air New Zealand Debuts Hobit-Themed Safety Video


Following appearances by Richard Simmons and Ed O'Neill, Air New Zealand has enlisted some of the cast and the director, Peter Jackson, of The Hobbit for its latest in-flight safety video. In the video you will se Dean O'Gorman who plays Fili, J.R Tolkien's grandson, Mike Tolkin and great grandson, Royd Tolkien and Larry Curtis and Cliff Broadway from One Ring.

In the video, shot by Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, viewers can find hidden "elvish codes" which can be entered here. Twelve (get it? rhymes with elvers) winners will receive round trip airfare on Air New Zealand and six nights accommodations to see the world premiere of the film, the movie set and other surprises.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-31-12    
Topic: Video

Robber Meets Fastest Glass Company


OK. Funny. We laughed. Sometimes the best approach is a simple approach. Obvious as this ending may seem once viewed, we were expecting something different. In any event, here's an interesting commercial for a really fast glass company. And a glass company that, apparently, makes really strong glass.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-30-12    
Topic: Video

Arby's (Sort of) Locates "The Back" of Subway


Likely, you've seen the commercials on TV already. The Arby's commercials claiming Subway doesn't slice its meat in the back of the store but in a warehouse far, far away. Yesterday, the brand launched a five minute, CP+B created, Larry Charles-directed video featuring retired NYPD detective Bo Dietl.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-30-12    
Topic: Brands, Video

H&M Continues Hoity Toity Highbrow Histrionics


Continuing its foray in to the surreal world of mystique, intrigue, noir and the just plain ridiculously highbrow, H&M is out with another branded film starring models Heidi Mount and Matt Clunan who bring a hipsteresque noirism to the dropped glove scenario which, for no apparent reason, ends with Mount naked on a couch.

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by Steve Hall    Oct-29-12    
Topic: Brands, Strange, Video

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