How to Use Video in Your Content Marketing Strategy


We all know video is big. We all know it should be an integral component of any online markering strategy. We all know it is a key component of a sound content marketing strategy. But, to some, it's a daunting undertaking that some believes requires too many resources to properly implement.

In this webinar, part of the Adrants whitepaper/webinar series, Alcatel-Lucent Director of Multimedia and Video Strategy Ed Youngblood and KnowledgeVision Founder and CEO Michael Kolowich discuss how brands can overcome the "content creator's dilemma." Youngblood and Kolowich share case studies, use cases and the tools and techniques needed to add video to your content marketing strategy.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-24-12    
Topic: Tools, Video

Burt's Bees Makes Nature's Music For Earth Day


With shades of Honda Choir, natural food brand Burt's Bees celebrated Earth Day with a two minute song created using sounds made with the natural ingredients found in the brand's products. Sound designer, composer and musician Diega Stocco, along with Raleigh-based agency Baldwin&, used rice, coconuts, honey, almonds, oranges, an orange tree, flowers, a lemon tree and bees to make the music.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-12    
Topic: Video

The Most Cringe-Worthy Restaurant Video You Will Ever See


As you watch this video for The Place restaurant in New York, you will swear there is a punch line coming at the end. You will wait for it. And wait for it. And wait for it. But, it will never come. So just wallow in this three minutes of cringe-worthy, uber-cheesiness.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-23-12    
Topic: Video

Dubstep Sensation Marquese Scott Dances For Peugeot


We're not usually fans of the forced application of cultural trends onto advertising but we really like this new Initials Marketing-created, Rubber Republic-produced work for Peugeot. The one take, one shot four minute video opens on an empty parking garage. We then see 29 year old dubstepper Marquese Scott, aka Nonstop, grooving to Rudimental ft. John Newman's Feel The Love.

The camera follows Scott and slowly pans 360 degrees around the garage. Part way through, we catch a glimpse of the Peugeot 208. The panning ends on a wall which reads, "Let Your Body Drive," the name of the campaign.

Wonderful work. It's not overly commercial. It freely highlights Scott's skills as well as subtly delivers a commercial message. The work may never achieve the 42 million views Scott's famed Pumped Up Kicks video received but it's got over 25,000 views in one day. Not bad.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-13-12    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Trends and Culture, Video

Tipp-Ex Returns With 'Hunter and Bear' Time Travel Adventure


Two years ago, white out tape brand Tipp-Ex racked up 19 million views with a video about a camper who comes into contact with a bear. The viewer could choose to shoot the bear or not.

The brand is out with another choose your own adventure video series that centers on the viewer choosing a date. Once entered, a video that highlights that era begins to play. You will be very surpised at what you find!

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by Steve Hall    Apr-12-12    
Topic: Video

Sainsbury Bank Alleviates Boredom and Monotony


Under the guise of doing a documentary about the monotony and boredom associated with carting kids around to their various events, Sainsbury Bank offers on women a wonderful reprieve in the form of a massage and a makeover. All delivered to her while she's waiting for her children.

Doesn't sound all that exciting but the work draws you in beautifully. Created by AMV BBDO, the work was filmed by Pretzel Films.

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by Steve Hall    Apr-12-12    
Topic: Video

Courtney Stodden Helps PETA Lose All Credibility


If you want to wallow in the idiocy of youth, be sure to watch this PETA video featuring 17 year old Courtney Stodden, the bimbo (and she is a bimbo) who married 51 year old actor Doug Hutchinson. In the video Stodden talks about her distate for eating things with a face.

Of the video, one commenter has this to say, "The message is obscured by the choice in spokesperson. Courtney Stodden is famous for being a child bride, and that in itself is a sad social issue. Her vapid, underdeveloped personality stands in stark contrast with the grave issue of animal cruelty. It's hard for anyone to take PETA's campaigns seriously at this point. We need a new organisation to take up this cause and make it relevant again. All animals deserve more."

PETA has always pushed boundaries leveraging the nudity of celebrities for its causes but with Stodden, clearly a woman who hasn't properly matured mentally, PETA can hardly be taken, if ever it was, seriously as a cause group.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-30-12    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity, Video

How Make Money Using Images Online


In part two of this Future of Publishing video series, Viglink's Oliver Oliver Roup and Host Murray Newlands continue their interview with Stipple's Rey Flemings and Luminate's Chas Edwards. The discussion centers on how to monetize images online. Although companies like Pinterest have been using social media to monetize images, there are many more options than just attaching Amazon or other affiliate links to them.

You can view part one of the series here.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-28-12    
Topic: Video

Even an Elephant Can Use A Samsung Galaxy Note


So we're not quite sure why showing an elephant using your smartphone/tablet hybrid would compel something to buy the thing but it sure is fun to watch. To tout the Samsung Galaxy Note, an odd-sized phone/tablet that won't fit in your pocket and isn't big enough to truly enjoy a movie, The Viral Factory filmed Thailand's Peter the Elephant having fun with the Note. Check it out.

by Steve Hall    Mar-27-12    
Topic: Video

Stupid Blair Witch Project Parody Hypes Hair Salons


Thirteen years after a parody was relevant, Goldwell Salons has created a Blair Witch Project-themed promotional video for its CallAHairDresser website. In the ad, we see a model do her best impression of the snot-nosed close up shiot from the movie as she flips out over her home coloring disasters.

Thanks to Who Is That Hot Ad Girl we know the actress to be horror film actress Christina Rose. Sadly, the fact she apparently has experience acting in horror films, she does nothing to make this ad interesting.

Rose does a much better job kicking the shit out of a guy in this clip from indie short Circle of Fury.

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by Steve Hall    Mar-26-12    
Topic: Video

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