How Audi Leveraged Social Media With Its Super Bowl Ad


Yea, yea, yea. We know the Super Bowl's over and everyone is obsessing over the Grammys today but we think it's important you take a close look at how Audi made use of social media in context with its Super Bowl ad. Yea, you know the one. All those vampires extinguished by the car's headlights.

Anyway, Murray Newlands, host of Future of Engagement examined Audi's use of social media, the #SoLongVampires hashtag and the results the campaign generated. Check out the video and results below.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-12    
Topic: Social, Super Bowl 2012, Video

Where is the Accountability in Online Video Advertising?


This guest article is written by by Brian Mandelbaum, founder of Clearstream

Many major advertisers feel they have more options for video advertising on cable than they do on the Internet. Why is that? In an era of virtually limitless online choices, major commercial cyber-buys typically stay in the "safe zone" of ABC, NBC, CBS and Hulu, with perhaps a few other well-known sites sprinkled in.

It's time that the accountability and transparency of traditional broadcast buys find their equivalent in the online world. It's not impossible; despite its reputation as a murky, unregulated medium, the web has made great strides in rating standards for display advertising. Online venues need a similar organizing element--a commonly held, trusted framework for media decision-making.

The reason, of course, is that online video buys don't exist in a vacuum. As with broadcast networks, programming surrounds each video in the form of adjacent site content. That material may or may not complement the advertiser's content. It may be irrelevant, unsuitable or even objectionable.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-12    
Topic: Opinion, Video

Cause Group Hijacks Popular YouTube Videos


Acknowledging the well known fact most people would rather watch a fat guy dance, a baby laugh or a cat attack a balloon than consider the serious issues of the world, Ogilvy Cape Town hijacked classic YouTube videos. The agency, which was trying to call attention to the plight of rhinos, re-tooled over 60 popular YouTube videos and republished them using the same titles and tags as the originals but modified the content to include their save the rhino message.

The campaign which, predictably, angered a few, was successful garnering 11,000 Facebook likes, 300,000 views and a 400% increase in petition signatures. Check out the case study video below.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-13-12    
Topic: Cause, Video

Social Media Pokes Fun at Self With Future Hipster Video


Perhaps acknowledging the high degree of foolery that often accompanies the burgeoning segment of social media, SocialMediaWeek has released a promotional video that takes a look ahead to 2062 when a bunch of elderly hipster reminisce about the early days of social media.

Give it a watch and promise yourself things won't end up this way.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-12    
Topic: Industry Events, Social, Video

Man and Duck Rap For Phone Freedom


Old white guys rapping. It's always good for a laugh. With the crazy tagline, "unlock your phone and unlock a chicken," this two minute Albion-created video for telecom company giffgaff features British 80's TV stars Keith Harris and Orville the Duck. Being American we don't get the cultural reference at all but the video is funny. And we like funny.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-12    
Topic: Video

NFL Removes Chrysler's Clint Eastwood Commercial From YouTube


So here we are bright and early Monday morning reviewing all the ads from last night's Super Bowl and, wait, what? Chrysler's Clint Eastwood ad has been removed from YouTube because of a copyright claim by the NFL? We're guessing it has something to do with the reference to the game (halftime in America) that irked the NFL.

Oddly, Chrysler doesn't seem to be hosting their own ad on their website. They just have YouTube embed code which, of course, just delivers the copyright notice. What gives, NFL? Angry the company took U.S. tax dollars? Miffed Chrysler gave your big game publicity? Hmm.

It appears the NFL hasn't asked Hulu to remove the ad which you can view below.

UPDATE: The ad is back up but no explanation has been given by Google, the NFL or Chrysler for its mysterious disappearance.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-12    
Topic: Policy, Super Bowl 2012, Video

Importance of Social Media Monitoring Explained


In this week's episode of Future Of Engagement, we meet Meltwater Group Marketing and Communications Director Kimling Lam. She speaks to host Murray Newlands about the importance of listening to customers, using social for CRM and social media monitoring.

Kimling has been at Meltwater, a social media monitoring company 'natch since 2006. She comes from a journalistic background and has produced and delivered news stories featuring live, on-air shots for KSBW, an NBC affiliate.

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by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-12    
Topic: Video

Future of Publishing Show to Debut Live on Adrants


VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and blogger/online marketing consultant Murray Newlands are kicking off a new online TV show, Future of Publishing, today at 12 noon PST. The hour-long show will include a series of interviews of today's sharpest publishing and marketing minds. This week, Newlands and Roup interview the following experts:

  • Pirouz Nilforoush, President & Co-Founder NetShelter,
  • Yulia Smirnova, SEO Manager of HubPages
  • Paul Edmondson, CEO of HubPages
The show will air live from San Francisco right here at 12 noon PST (3PM EST).

This week Playkast is having a contest on the Future of Publishing page. After the show, viewers will be able to answer a series of questions, the answers to which can be gleaned from watching the show. Viewers who score well will be entered into a random drawing to win an Amazon Kindle.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12    
Topic: Video

Shit Nobody Says About Advertising


This really isn't that funny but what the hell. Everyone wants there five minutes of fame on the Shit (fill in the blank) Says About (fill in the blank) bandwagon. Even Target Marketing which sent in Shit Nobody Says About Advertising which highlights, well, shit nobody says about advertising. Give it a watch.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-30-12    
Topic: Agencies, Video

Axe 'Cleaner' Saves Cheating Guy From Getting Caught by Girlfriend


We all have "those nights" once in a while. The ones that were fun while they lasted but they don't quite fit properly into our everyday life. And we all wish we had someone we could call to clean up the mess before the significant other came home and found out what it was we weren't supposed to be doing last night.

In this three minute video, The Cleaner, from Axe, we get to see what happens after a guy has a little too much fun one night and is concerned he won't be able to clean up before his girlfriend comes home.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-27-12    
Topic: Brands, Racy, Video

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