Kids Predict Future of Air Travel


As part of their continued effort working on the Webby-nominated The GE Show, The Barbarian Group is out with another episode called Future Flight. It's an animated video that asks children - and two GE aviation experts - what the future of flight will look like. Everything from what the planes look like, where they will fly and how they will be powered is covered. We especially like the idea of algae-field jet engines.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-21-11    
Topic: Video

When Lingerie Ads Sell Russian Mail Order Brides


Hot chicks? Check. Slow motion videography? Check. Close up shots of the "do me" look? Check. Catwalk prance? Check. Windblown hair? Check? Overuse of strobe lights and flash? Check. Pulsating soundtrack? Check. Booty shots? Check. Cleavage shots? Check.

If you've completed this list then you have created yourself a Russian lingerie commercial. If you steal this commercial and upload it to your own YouTube account and drop a link to Russian Beautiful Girls then you're a lazy Russian dating service marketer.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-21-11    
Topic: Racy, Video

Sue Sylvester Urges People Not to Watch Glee 3D Concert Movie


With a witty bit of stunt marketing, the upcoming Glee 3D Concert movie is being promoted by a "Stop Believing" campaign which consists of a letter and video from the show's Jane Lynch character, Sue Sylvester.

From the desk of Sue Sylvester
William McKinley High School
July 15, 2011

For two years, we've been mercilessly bombarded with the pubescent nonsense of carnival sideshow freaks calling themselves "The Glee Club." These tone deaf howler monkeys conned the plebian masses into downloading millions of songs; won Emmy Awards and Golden Globes; and have charted more singles than the Beatles. Roll over Beethoven, something stinks, and it ain't the cheese, it's The Glee Club.

And now, they're trying to shove a 3-D concert movie down our throats.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Video

Nike 'Viral' Falls Flat With Falling Skateboarder


Here's a new "viral" for Nike. In the video, we see a guy on a skateboard traveling down a road at increasing speeds. there's the ubiquitous close up shot of the shoes before the camera pans out to capture the ubiquitous wipe out which is supposed to make the viral funny. You can laugh if you want to. We didn't. This stuff is way too predictable. Of course he was going to fall as soon as he got on the board. Some originality, please, people!

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by Steve Hall    Jul-20-11    
Topic: Video, Viral

Levi's Explodes It's Way Into (Wannabe) Cool


Really. What's a brand to do anymore? Every last tactic used to appear cool and hip and all connected and shit has been used. And used. And used. Over and over. And over again. And again. But, apparently, a good explosion is always worth a minute or two of your time. Or at least that what Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdamn thinks.

The agency, which hooked up with Portuguese artist Vhils, created murals of local artists on portions of the Berlin wall...and then blew them, of course, slow motion.

All to sell a few pairs of jeans. Or something like that.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-15-11    
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Video

Fashion Brand Uses X-Rated Video to Hype Menswear Line


Writing in Forbes, Susannah Breslin takes a look at a fashion brand which incorporated porn into its advertising. Mugler's Brothers of Arcadia line of clothing debuted with a graphic 14 page brochure and an x-rated video hosted on porn site XTube. The book was created by Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti who is also Lady Gaga's fashion director. The film was created by Branislav Jankic

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Brands, Racy, Video

Absolut Hangs With Cee Lo Green


Absolut is out with new work. A two part online film takes a behind the scenes look at musician Cee Lo Green. The work does a nice job presenting Cee Lo without coming across as attempting to be overly hip or advercool. Part one is out now (below). Part two will be released Wednesday on the brand's Facebook page.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-28-11    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Video

Check Out Our Cannes Video Coverage


As you may (or may not) know. we're working with Yahoo! to produce Yahoo! Scene, a site dedicated to the coverage of Cannes (and other conference and festivals. As part pf this coverage, we have lot and lot and lots...and did we say lots? of video. So here a link list to all the videos we've done so far. And, yes, Barbara Lippert is in Cannes and doing her daily video for Yahoo

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-11    
Topic: Industry Events, Video

You'll Never Guess What This Girl Has Between Her Legs


We guarantee you absolutely will not foresee how this ad ends. We can say this with absolute certitude. Along the way you may wonder if its an ad for a feminine hygiene product or, perhaps, a contraception product or maybe even an ad calling attention to teen pregnancy or rape.

But you will never guess how it ends. Until it ends. And then you will just scratch your head and curse the creative for creating this just because it was "creative."

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by Steve Hall    Jun-15-11    
Topic: Racy, Strange, Video

BMW Takes on Concrete Walls


A video uploaded by BMW Canada which features a driver racing a Series M Coupe through what we're told are cement walls that are cut to fit the shape of the vehicle as it slides through has generated much commentary. Debate centers around whether the walls are real or whether they were digitally added in after the fact. Or if they are just Styrofoam made to look like concrete. No word from BMW Canada but the stunt is impressive.

Of course all it proves is that there are great drivers out there, not that the vehicle, itself, is the only vehicle that can do such a stunt. After all, a well trained stunt car or race car driver could do the same thing with a 1970's era Lincoln Continental Mark VII or whatever that boat of a vehicle was called.

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by Steve Hall    Jun-13-11    
Topic: Video

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