Top 10 Explainer Videos From CES Exhibitors


With more than four decades of success, the International CES reaches across global markets, connects the industry and enables consumer electronics innovations to grow and thrive. Every year CES draws attendees from around the globe ready to do business.

When it comes to introducing new products and services, start-up businesses must focus on distinguish themselves and their products from similar companies.

It is crucial to explain why should people choose you. As we believe in explainer videos, we went through the websites of this year's exhibitors to see how often and how well they are using their explainer videos.

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by Steve Hall    Jan-10-14    
Topic: Industry Events, Video

Top 10 Explainer Videos of 2013


Explainer video company Easy Explain Video has created a list of what it believes to be the ten best explainer videos of 2013. And, thankfully, they've taken a look at all explainer videos, not just the ones they created. Likely, you haven't heard of any of the companies on the list except for McAfee. Then again, that's the whole point of an explainer video; to introduce and explain new concepts and companies.

On the list are Quad, Kompoz, CrazyEgg, McAffee, VistaOneSolutions, Kurzgesagt, Heart Research Institute, Skin of Steel, Sundstedt and SilverRail.

by Steve Hall    Dec-20-13    
Topic: Video

How to Make Dos Nog: Egg Nog With Dos Equis Beer


In this Havas -created holiday greeting from Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man, we learn of an experience he had with a very stubborn donkey and his desire to have the recipe for the egg nog the donkey's owner made for him. It, of course, contains beer. Dos Equis beer to be precise.

Below, enjoy the holiday video along with the recipe.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-18-13    
Topic: Video

Brazil Gets A Little Too Excited About A Very Berlin Wall-Like FIFA-Themed Bank Promotion


So Brazil is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and Itau Bank, with help from Agencia Africa, put together this epic (seems to be the word of the day today) video, entitled The Great Transformation, that shows the entire country of Brazil becoming encased inside a giant stadium.

Brazilians gleefully welcome the encasement. We're not sure we'd like a giant wall around our country. Hopefully the walls aren't patrolled like they are the walls surrounding Raccoon City.

Yea, we know this is a metaphor. And yes, the film is beautifully shot.

by Steve Hall    Dec-18-13    
Topic: Video

Samsung Says Futbol Will Save the Earth From Aliens


In this epic, movie trailer-style four minute video from Samsung, we are led to believe that aliens don't really want to take over the world. They just want us to round up the world's best futbol players for an interstellar game of epic proportion upon which the outcome of the earth rests.

It's a bit melodramatic but hey, the world loves its futbol and, apparently, aliens know this and have descended upon the planet Independence Day-style for what will someday be known as the Universe Cup.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-18-13    
Topic: Video

Only Barbarian Group Could Make Intermodal Transportation Look This Cool


Intermodal transportation. Perhaps you've heard of it. More likely, you haven't. But you know exactly what it is. It's a shipping system that uses those big containers you see at various seaports that make their way from ship to shore to truck to train carrying contents that, ultimately, end up in your home. Like washing machines, jeans, beverages, light bulbs, refrigerators, computers and basically, well, most everything.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-12-13    
Topic: Video

10 White Lies You Will Utter This Holiday Season


From the inlaws to the cooking to the children, there's plenty of things to sort-of enjoy about the Christmas holiday and UK-based Hiscox Insurance wants to make sure we fully appreciate each and every one of them.

Working with The Viral Factory, the insurance brand has created a video entitled The 10 White Lies of Christmas. Witness as a beleaguered husband and father endures the trials and tribulations of the holiday season.

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by Steve Hall    Dec-10-13    
Topic: Video

Two Huge Mistakes to Avoid When Creating A Brand Video


We've watched this video three times and still don't know what we're being sold. We're not quite sure what it is but something must be distracting us from the video's main message.

Apparently, we're not alone. Pretty much every YouTube commenter has no idea what the video's about either.

Attention brands. No disrespect to anyone but be careful who you cast as your spokesperson...and how you dress them. You may not get the results you expected.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Racy, Video, Worst

If You Hate Tiny Dogs, Don't Watch This Video


If you share our distaste, dislike and, well, utter hatred of tiny little yippy dogs that bark their annoying little heads off overtime the wind blows and an equal hatred for people who treat these tiny little yippy dogs like they're toys to be dressed up like a Barbie doll, then you might not want to watch this Canine Christmas video, part of Nokia's Holiday Realness campaign.

If you do like tiny little yippy dogs -- and grown women who talk like little girls -- then by all means, watch this video which is filled with all the sicky sweetness you'd expect from a group of people who get together each tear to celebrate their love for their tiny little friends.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 9-13    
Topic: Video

Burger King Celebrates Hatred of Pre-Roll Ads...With 64 of Them!


Working with Colenso BBDO and Flying Fish, Burger King New Zealand created 64 pre-roll YouTube ads acknowledging that fact people hate pre-roll ads. But they did it with a twist. Each of the 64 videos addresses the very content a person was trying to watch. Nothing like positively turning one of the most hated forms of online advertising into something that's actually amusing. Via.

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by Steve Hall    Dec- 3-13    
Topic: Video

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