How Content Marketing Helps You Pick Up Girls


In an excruciatingly boring, overly-long "homage" to Apple's "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" campaign, the International Content Marketing Summit is out with a video that tells us the way to get a girl is through targeted conversation rather than a numbers-based, "spray and pray" approach. Now, on the surface, this approach aligns well with real life. After all, walking up to every single girl and asking her for sex is far less likely to get anyone any sex. Taking the time to get to know each other through conversation at least begins the process of determining whether or not, ahem, further engagement makes sense.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 7-13    
Topic: Creative Commentary, Video

McCann Turns Scooter Ride Into Epic Journey of the Senses


We're not usually fans of pumped-up, over-the-top, bombastically bravado-laden, too-cool-for-school advertising work but we d like this new work from McCann Worldgroup for Honda's SH Mode 125 scooter that turns a simple scooter ride into an epic adventure of the senses.

From raindrops on the face to sun on the cheek to the brilliance of flowers to an explosion of color to time with friends on the beach, this must be a really good commercial.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Video

Denny's Gives 'The Hobbit' Fanatics A Chance to See World Premiere


Denny's has renewed its partnership with Warner Brothers to bring even more Middle-earth to Denny's fans with a marketing tie in to the upcoming New Line Cinema/MGM film, "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug." To celebrate the movie, Denny's is inviting Hobbit fans to showcase their dedication in "The Search for Middle-earth's Greatest Fan" contest for the chance to win an exclusive trip to the movie's world premiere screening.

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by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13    
Topic: Video

This Dewers Bukowski Rant Will Cause You to Question Your Life


Harkening and borrowing from Charles Bukowski's works, this Dewers White Label video entitled "Live True" is, despite what a Dangerous Minds commenter dubbed akin to "mixing Bukowski with that kind of fatuous glib pseudo-anthemic indie shite is like reciting Shelley over the Spice Girls," a beautiful piece of emotionally riveting work that will make you seriously question your direction in life.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-25-13    
Topic: Video

Grey Poupon Thanks Emmy For Not Winning


So last night. The Emmys. As you may have heard, Grey Poupon was nominated for a Best Commercial Emmy for its Crispin Porter + Bogusky- created "The Chase" commercial. It didn't win. That honor went to Canon for its Grey New York-created "Inspired" spot.

Last night, Grey Poupon decided to release a concession speech made up of tweets and Facebook posts it solicited. At 6:41, the speech is length. And that's really all.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-23-13    
Topic: Video

Claire Danes' Audi Adventure Reunites Her With 'My So-Called Life' Love


If you decide to watch this four minute Mediacom-created Audi ad that touts the vehicle's awesome gas mileage and which features Homeland star Claire Danes, you'll have to wait until the very end for the payoff. But if you were a fan of Danes when she played Angela Chase on My So-Called Life, you'll absolutely love it.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-19-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Strange, Video

George Takei Teams With AARP For Video Series


George Takei, perhaps more famous now for his social media wit than for his role on Star Trek, has teamed with AARP for a video series which aims to provide older Americans with interesting and educational technology-focus content. AARP says the series, called Takei's Take,"takes a smart, funny, irreverent look at what is happening in the world of the Internet and how it infiltrates our lives."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-19-13    
Topic: Celebrity, Social, Video

AdWeek's Lauren Reeves is Our New Favorite Ad Babe


So perhaps you've seen her videos already but if you haven't you should head over to AdWeek and check them out. We're talking about Lauren Reeves who is a comedian and has been brought in by AdWeek to comment on advertising. In her second outing, Lauren, who's quite hot herself, comments on brands' penchant for likening hot women to cars.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-19-13    
Topic: Video

Images and Ads Hook Up in Steamy gumgum Promo Video


Fully leveraging the notion of the "hook up," in-image ad platform, gumgum, is out with a promotional video in which a super hot ad guy hooks up with a super hot image girl to, ya know, make sure we all understand gumgum is all about showing ads and images a really good time by allowing them to seamlessly hookup in orgasmic bliss.

The video's tagline? You guessed it. "Enhance your brand's performance." The brand's tagline? You guessed it. "Where images and ads hook up."

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by Steve Hall    Sep-18-13    
Topic: Racy, Video

8 Ways Video Will Turn Your Jaded Online Audience into Healthy, Happy Customers


Every time your audience goes online, they get hit with a tidal wave of digital noise. As a marketer, how do you get your message noticed? How do you persuade a jaded online audience to ditch the noise-cancelling earplugs and listen to your story? The answer: Video.

Video works, and the stats prove it. Online video can help you to:

  • Increase web visitations by 560% when you expose your audience to a banner that contains video
  • Boost viewer engagement by 400% using online video as compared to static content such as text and graphics
  • Attract 200% - 300% more visitors by regularly posting video on your site, with time on the page rising from 1.5 minutes without video to 3 minutes with video
  • Skyrocket brand recall by an 900% when using video on multiple screens, such as online, mobile, and connected TV

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by Steve Hall    Sep-17-13    
Topic: Research, Video

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