Agency Says YouTube is Awesome! No, Seriously, They Really Do!


Gleefully heaping praise on YouTube as if it had just launched yesterday, MDG Advertising is out with a video infographic (yes, that's a thing, too) that touts the benefits of creating video content and using YouTube to feature that content.

The video begins with the wonders of the Old Spice campaign and how the Gangnam style video generated $870,000 in revenue. We are then told top brand have, on average, 35,000 subscribers and 884,000 monthly video views. These brands have 203,000 Twitter followers and 2.6 million Facebook Likes.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-11-13    
Topic: Agencies, Video

This Girl's Dress is So Tight She Has to Phone Her Friend For Help


Awkward dressing room moments. We've all had them. Well, all of you have. We never have. Except for that one time we walked in on a girl with boobs bigger than her head who was fruitlessly trying to stuff them into a bikini top. She just smiled and did the hand bra thing. We smiled too. For a very, very long time.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 6-13    
Topic: Racy, Video

Volvo Trucks President Has 32 Ton Balls in Crazy YouTube Stunt


We thought Steve Wynn sitting atop his new hotel in Las Vegas was a cool stunt. That's nothing compared to the stunt Volvo Truck President Claes Nilsson just pulled. In a video that has garnered upwards of 750,000 views since September 1, Nilsson stands atop a Volvo FMX truck and says, "I've learned that when you want to make a YouTube hit, you need a hook at the beginning of the film."

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 3-13    
Topic: Brands, Guerilla, Video, Viral

'RoboCop' Teaches Abusive Soccer Parents A Lesson


You know the type. You can hear them a mile away. And you want to run right over to them and punch them in the mouth. Or you want to run over to their kid and rescue them from a lifetime of verbal abuse.

Yes, The Soccer Parent. Loud. Abusive. Idiotic. Moronic.

Well, the UK's Football (cuz that's what they call it over there) Association with help from Man+Hatchet created a video which aims to diffuse parental rage at soccer games.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-29-13    
Topic: Video

Actor Defends Role in Horrific Samsung Video


Everyone's all abuzz about a recent Samsung video that details the benefits of the brand's 840 EVO solid-state hard drive. The ad, which is said to feature "possibly the world's worst actors," aims to recount the trials and tribulations of owning a slow computer and how the 840 EVO can speed things up.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-23-13    
Topic: Brands, Video

Women Drool For Huge Celebrity Packages in Benefit Cosmetics Ad


In a new Benefit Cosmetics video entitled Real Men Don't Fake It, a collection of men proudly flaunt their packages for the ladies. And while each of the men proudly flaunt their bulging manhood, the ladies become increasingly eager. Except what they are eager for is something entirely other than what you might expect.

As the women ogle the men's packages -- which seem to grow in size as the video progresses -- the men reach into their pants as if to offer up their porn star-sized members to the excited ladies. Except what they ultimately offer is humorous commentary on what women truly find exciting.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-21-13    
Topic: Brands, Celebrity, Racy, Video

This Bed Delivers an Erection of Another Kind


Certain things happen in bed. Sometimes they happen with a partner in bed and sometimes they happen when you are alone in bed. Sometimes these things involve sleep. Other times they involves, well, things other than sleep. But, at some point, these things have to stop and you actually have to get out of your bed in order to start your day. Alas, some people have great difficult with this.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13    
Topic: Video

This MINI Countryman Will Display Your Vine Videos


As part of its Not Normal campaign, MINI has launched MINI Art Beat, a "synthesized digital design, music and interactive social media" effort that has resulted in a MINI Countryman custom-fitted with high-resolution LEDs. MINI Art Beat gives fans a chance to stream a live animation directly onto the MINI as it takes its night cruises - so both urban passers-by and online viewers can watch.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-13    
Topic: Social, Video

Bebo Relaunches With 'Ballsy' Spoof Video


Established in 2005 by Michael and Xochi Birch, sold to Yahoo! in 2008 for $850 million and recently bought back by its founders for $1 million, Bebo is back. Yesterday, the site relaunched with a "ballsy" video featuring founder Michael Birch.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-13    
Topic: Brands, Video

Vitamin Water Makes Light of Homeless With CollegeHumor Prank Video


On behalf of Vitamin Water, CollegeHumor orchestrated a prank in which a panhandler enters a subway car and begins do quite the opposite of begging for money. He regales subway passengers with stories of his increasing success and the fact that he's not holding an empty latte cup to fill with money, he just refuses to litter. The humor escalates to the point the entire subway car is giving the man high fives.

The stunt is part of the brand's Make Boring Brilliant campaign. The boring, in this case, is, of course, the lowly panhandler seen all day every day as one makes one's way through the city. What's not boring, of course, is that fact that some of these panhandlers are good folks who have simply fallen on bad fortune and are desperately doing whatever they can to survive. We're not sure poking fun at that situation is the best marketing move a brand could make.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-13    
Topic: Video

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