This Incredibly Boring McCann Germany Video is Voiced by an Englishman and Features A Photographer Who Can't Comb His Hair


Well the headline pretty much sums up what you'll see in this McCann Germany case study video featuring work they did for Studious Reisen, an entity that aims to highlight the hidden and lost treasures of the world. We're sure the effort is worthy. We're just having trouble getting excited about a campaign that aims to "awaken" a person's "inner travel."

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-13    
Topic: Video

Mercedes-Benz Wants to Have Sex With Automotive Servicemen


Cheesy is really the only word that can be used to describe this Mercedes-Benz Service song sung by Patricia Meeden. Cheesy still photography. Cheesy lyrics that proclaim double entendres like a 40-year-old woman trying to pick up an 18-year-old dude. And cheesy strategic thinking from a brand one normally associates with upstanding elegance, not veiled bathroom humor from a 14-year-old boy telling "smell my finger" jokes to his best friend between classes.

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by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-13    
Topic: Brands, Video, Worst

Toshiba and Intel Offer Up Moustache and Unibrow Hilarity With 'The Power Inside' Social Film


Going in a completely different direction than they did with Intel + Toshiba's The Beauty Inside, Pereira & O'Dell is out with The Power Inside, a hilarious new content marketing film directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon and starring Harvey Keitel.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-25-13    
Topic: Brands, Social, Video

Vegas Nightclub Promotes With Vine-Like, Double Entendre-Laden Videos


O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul, working (according to the press release) "with the subtlety of a jackhammer" for Las Vegas nightclub, The Act, has crafted a series of double entendre-laden, Vine-like (love that new descriptor?) videos to promote the club.

Three videos include the headlines, "We trim the green, you putt the birdie," "We mix the frosting, you lick the spoon" and "We oil the trumpet, you blow the notes."

And yes, the double entendres are exactly what you think they would be.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13    
Topic: Video

Social Media Causes Low Self Esteem Among Teenage Girls


- A new study finds too much social media usage causes low self esteem in teenaged girls? How about in us grownups who can't stand reading about the latest and greatest accomplishments of their peers?

- Joe Jaffe's Evol8tion has acquired Bob Knorpp's Beancast podcast. Bob will continue the podcast and become SVP Chief Analyst of Evol8tion's BrandWatch product.

- A grounded viewpoint on inbound marketing that doesn't trash inbound marketing.

- This is just funny. To promote the 2013 Wiener Nationals (a dog race), Orange County-based DGWB shot a promo using GoPro cameras.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-23-13    
Topic: Agencies, Research, Social, Video

'The Roominator' Saves Man's Job And Marriage


In perhaps, one of the most ingenious uses of a fake product to sell a real product, Portal A is out with The Roominator, a fake video conferencing product used to sell a real video conferencing solution from Blue Jeans Network.

Comedian Hasan Minhaj plays the role of an office worker whose boss is threatening to fire him if he doesn't close a deal on a video conference call. To make matters more stressful, Minhaj's character receives a call from his wife who is in labor.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-22-13    
Topic: Video

Zoosk Heart Friend Offers Incorrect Dating Advice


Earlier this year, dating site Zoosk ran a humorous ad in which a girl kisses a frog. It was cute. It was funny. And it was a little gross. But it worked.

Now, with help from Camp + King, Zoosk is out with a series of advice videos entitled Zoosk Presents: From the Heart, that aim to answer pressing dating-related questions. If the first video is any indication, the series is going to be a snooze.

The question? A girl asks what should I wear on the first date? The answer? Red. While the Zoosk Heart Friend tries his hand at humor, he fails miserably. The least he could have done is go for a bit of silly salaciousness and answer the question honestly. Why? Because, of course, every last guy on the planet wants his first date to show up wearing the shortest, sexiest miniskirt or dress known to mankind along with 5 inch heels and a top that reveals miles of cleavage.

Oh but wait. That would be objectifying women as a sex object, right? Right.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-22-13    
Topic: Video

At Electric Picnic, Girls Love Guys Who Can't Shave


OK, first off, we really, really need to know something. Are today's women actually attracted to the cliched, razor blade-challenged man who looks like he hasn't bathed in over a week? Is that really a thing or is it just an over-used staple in a young director's toolkit?

Anyway, take a look at this two minute promotional video for music festival Electric Picnic in which a girl experiences the festival for the first time and makes googly eyes with an aforementioned scruffy-looking dude.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-22-13    
Topic: Video

Loren Feldman Creates the Best Movie About Social Media You Will Ever See


Considered by many...and by no one...a genius, a madman, a poet, a puppeteer and, yes, an internet douchebag, Loren Feldman has just debuted #SoMe, a biting satire which skewers the rampant, over blown, buzzword bingo-laden idiocy of social media, its personalities and, as well, how it has brought out the pettiest of behaviors in people and caused journalism to sink to a new low.

At the same time, the hour and 15-minute documentary-style video also examines some of the things social media has forever affected (both positively and negatively) such as the way we communicate with each other, authenticity, privacy, anonymity, friendship and purpose.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-18-13    
Topic: Social, Video

Here's A Really, Really, Really, Really Bad DollarShaveClub Knock Off


Since this is student work, we suppose we can cut Virtusize some slack. Virtusize, an online virtual fitting solution, teamed with Hyper Island ad students to create a video that hypes the Virtusize online fitting solution for retailers.

Of the work, Virtusize Co-Founder and Creative Director said, "As a young start-up company it has been inspiring and fun to work with talented students from Hyper Island. It has been a creative process during the course of 6 weeks and we're happy with the result. I hope the video will make people understand the beauty of virtual fitting and put a smile on many faces."

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by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-13    
Topic: Video

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