Donnie Darko...Had to Post Again

This is an incredible movie. Made for $5-10M yet having a great ensemble cast. Drew Barrymore actually made this little movie happen. This is a weird movie when you first see it. I didn't quite get it until it was over and I thought about it. The filming is so different. The camera movements. The strange "mood" of all the characters. I love these "small" movies. I passed it by at least 5 times in the video store until I finally had nothing else new to watch and finally picked it. I am glad I did.

It's basically about a teenager who saves a town and all his loved ones by sacrificing his life. Not to mention that it is also a love story as well as a science fiction story about time travel. Roll that all together with a very off-kilter script and wonderful direction and you have a great movie.

It's too bad it didn't get a wide release. Mystical, strange, weird, great score. I love it! You should all go rent it.

First time director Richard Kelly is one to watch.

You can read a "real" review of this movie here.


by Steve Hall    May-28-02    

Cell Phones

You walk down the sidewalk now and you see at least every 5th person doing the now popular walk-and-talk thing. If you get close enough to them to hear the conversation, it is usually about some inane topic such as, "Honey, I'll be home late." It's interesting how so many people have these things grafted to their ears. As popular as they have become, the person still looks like a pretentious prick.

I guess I shouldn't complain since I had one grafted to my ear as well during the heyday of dotcomdom. Late for this plane, change hotel reservations, cancel million dollar orders, re-instate those same orders 5 minutes later, return 50 daily phone mails. The list goes one.

With that era over, maybe people are having real conversations and I am just missing it. Maybe because I am only semi-employed and I have cancelled my mobile phone to save money that I am not understanding of the "m-life" lifestyle that ATT has so forcefully crammed down our throats. Mindless services that no ones need.

Well, I'm sure that when I get back into the swing of things full time, I will also be a religious member of the "m-life" generation.

All a matter of perspective I guess.


by Steve Hall    May-28-02    

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