Four to Go!

No, that's not an alien in the picture. That thing is inside all of us!

Haven't talked much about this lately. Mostly because it's almost over. Only four more chemo treatments to go. So in June, I am Chemo free! But not treatment free. Alas, for the next five years, I will be subjected to an annual butt probe more professionally referred to as a Colonoscopy. It's really not as freaky as you might think. You are basically asleep during the "probing".

Here's a fun fact: Do you know that when they do a Colonoscopy, the "probe" goes five feet inside you. FIVE FEET!! At first, I was like, shit, it's gonna come out my mouth! Well, the trusty Doc assured me that your intestines go on forever and we have to be sure to get a good look. comforting.

Five feet....well....I guess that is good news for overly endowed gay guys!

As antiseptically "medical" you want to make the whole thing, there is still a particular gross feeling about the whole subject. Maybe it wouldn't bother me so much if I was gay....maybe I'd look forward to it!

OK, gay community, that's just a joke!


by Steve Hall    May- 6-02   Click to Comment   

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