If you are in the ad business, have you ever noticed the frequency in which we use the word fuck. It' amazing. People who I know who have come in contact with me in the office or who have sit in on meetings are amazed at the "fuck frequency"

To me, it's just another word need to convey the point. It's almost as if their can't be a conversation without the word. No way to get around it really:

After hanging up the phone with a client, "Can you fuckin believe what that fuckhead wants us to do??"

At the prospect of meeting another sales rep, "I have to fuckin meet with another rep"

One creative person to another, "Those fuckin AE's. They don't fuckin understand creativity!"

At the prospect of a newly request client project, "Can you believe the fuckery this client wants us to go through?"

At the disbelief with which agency management handles ANYTHING, "What the fuck are they thinking? What a fuckin idiot!"

AE to Account Planner, "You want how fuckin long to do that research?"

Account Planner to AE, "If you want messaging that makes any fuckin sense, we need to know the market, the competition, and a fuckin clue as to the direction we need to go in."

Creative to Planner, "How the fuck can I come up with an idea all fuckin boxed in by your fuckin research?"

Client to agency after a long intensive pitch, "What the fuck were you thinking?" :-)


by Steve Hall    Jun-11-02    

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