The Problem With This Blog

I should know from being in the ad business that when creating something, it better have one clear point and not a jumble of thoughts. Well, I have certainly broken that rule with this site! Originally intended to be mostly about my career in advertising, most of it is about other issues in my life which no one probably cares about. But, hey, that's life. Life isn't a pre-packaged ad all nicely tied up in a bow with one simple headline. Life is a jumble of shit that comes together to make your life. why, I think, I like the whole point of this site.

Advertising is not random. Life is mostly random. This site is random.

Read it or not:-)


by Steve Hall    Jun-16-02    

If Anyone Cares...

I set out a while ago to relive/recap/memorialize special women in my past. While have written about three, it seems to kind of trite. Why does anyone care about the girls/women in my life. The only reason that I think I will continue is that it is therapeutic to me in some sense. I've always been about nostalgia but my wife is all about looking forward. I think, in some way, this whole ridiculous effort might let me put my nostalgic longings to rest for good. So, I continue...three down:

Robin R
Beth O
Amy P

Skipping Gretchen as I can't really come up with anything to write about her.

So anyway, that's how it stands. If you care, check in once in a while. When the feeling moves me, I'll pump another chapter out.

Initial Post:

Old Flames....They Never Leave Your Memory

For some unknown reason, I feel the need to revisit all the past emotions I felt and how each one of these girls made me feel and what they meant to me. Probably none will ever see this but it is something I need to say. So, stay tuned to this blog for a riveting and emotional outpouring on the following pieces of my heart:

Robin R - My first realization that girls where something important
Beth O - My first awkward courting methods
Gretchen S - My first problematic relationship
Amy P - A brief fleeting moment on the dance floor
Gail P - A great girl who might have been my prom date
Liz K - The swim club Hottie
Eve F - My first " I wish she would like me" relationship
Jeanne M - The first time I realized the poetic beauty of a woman
Sue I - My first close female friend
Caroline F - My first "quirky" romance
Anne S - My first on-again, off-again flirtation
Timi S - My first burning sexual fantasy
Barbara K - My second, and more sophisticated burning sexual desire
Lisa S - The cute young girl I moved way too quickly with
Lori R - My first "really sexy friend of a girlfriend" girl
Diane K - My first intelligent relationship
Walden Pond Girl - My first experience in a "girl away too young" relationship
Barbara D - My first "girlfriend turned to enemy turned back to friend turned to long lost" relationship
Sue R - My first truly serious, long term love, turned to longing memory
Kim D - My first "I really like you and want to have sex with you and finally have sex with you but get Clamidia" girlfriend
Mary G - My final turn at love


by Steve Hall    Jun-16-02    

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