Starbucks...Ingenious Marketing

You all read about the Starbucks campaign "Collapse Into Cool" that was recently pulled. No surprise. I was a visual of two skyscraper looking frozen drinks with a butterfly flying around them. Remind you of something? If not, you come from another planet! Anyway, it was pulled for obvious reasons.

But, I have to place my self in the conference room of which ever agency handles Starbucks. There is no fuckin way that they did not know that that campaign would immediately bring up memories of 9/11. No fuckin way. They'd have to be from another planet if they didn't know.

But, morality be damned and marketing to the rescue, they launched the campaign with what HAD to have been knowledge that it would create an outcry. And, of course, create MORE awareness then the campaign ever would. Smart marketing....but in a moral vacuum!

by Steve Hall    Jun-28-02   Click to Comment   

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