Do You Know What You Look LIke in That?

We (men and some women I suppose :-) ) all love to see beautiful females in halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, belly shirts, tight pants, etc. But, for God's sake, look in the mirror before you go outside. I'm amazed at the people I see wearing this type of clothing with fat rolls bulging out from between the tight pants and the tight top. It's like the fat is saying to itself, "Finally, a place to escape!" and it goes BULGE!

Now, there's the cute baby fat fat and then there's the go find something more sensible to wear fat. No, I have nothing against fat, uh...excuse me, "weight challenged" people but do they really want to dress like Brittany spears when they weight 240 pounds? Does anyone want to see that? Do they know what they look like when they dress like that?

Look in the mirror!!


by Steve Hall    Jul-12-02   Click to Comment   

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Heavy people should not be treated differently.And who ever tries to give negative comments about it is the real dummy.Some people are mad for heavy people because they can not GAIN WEIGHT.Well deal wit it.Think before u say sumthin.

Posted by: sophie on December 8, 2005 11:37 PM