Fat and Lazy Kids

Yea, yea. We all heard about the study on how obese we are and Derek Jackson of the Boston Globe takes it further with an article about the demise of phys ed in public schools.

I never new that most kids don't go to phys ed anymore. No wonder most kids have no sense of team spirit or drive to compete. After all, that's the real world. As much as we might love to all sit around in a one of those "self-esteem" sessions, we better get off our collective asses and realize that the real world is all about competition.

Oh, and for all of you who think that winning and losing hurts our poor little child's self esteem, you might also note that the physical exercise involved in act of winning and losing a phys ed dodge ball game INCREASES self esteem.

Get off your ass!


by Steve Hall    Jul-31-02   Click to Comment   

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