PR for Blogger

I love Blogger. Obviously many other people do to. Tom Hespos writing for Online Spin, a mediapost newsletter had these words about blogging.

But now we are starting to see serious innovation in content publishing � things that bring the online publishing experience to people who, for whatever reason, don't have the wherewithal to learn the technology end of the business. Blogger and LiveJournal have made it possible for anyone to publish to the web at a moment's notice with minimal integration work. When constructing my company's website, I elected to integrate Blogger into's news section, so that anyone on our management team could post updates at any time. Tons of other websites have taken advantage of similar systems. Rick Bruner's Executive Summary site (a terrific read, BTW) takes full advantage of the Blogger system. In doing so, Rick has probably saved himself countless hours of coding and FTPing.

Out of all the high priced, over featured, so called "content management" software, blogging software is by far the next wave of information transferral. No longer will the sharing of information be reserved for corporations and content sites but for all in an unfettered, and highly simplistic manner. Whether or not, any of that content will have merit is a whole other discussion.


by Steve Hall    Jul-16-02   Click to Comment   

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