Common Sense Online Advertising

Consumers have received bills for utility usage and other purchases for eons. An open line of communication exists between biller and payee. As marketer, why not take advantage on the movement towards online bill payment. With online invoicing and bill payment, there are tremendous cost savings for both sides as well as tremendous marketing communications channels that can be opened with an existing customer base. Additionally, new marketers can piggyback on this method of communication to open up new communications channels with potential new customers.

Al DiGuido writing in Clickz sheds interesting light on this untapped marketing communications channel.

Not a week goes by in which the average consumer doesn't receive or pay a bill. In fact, bill payment and transaction mail represents almost half (49.1 percent) of all first-class mail in the United States today, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Add to that the rising costs of postage, paper, and printing and a challenging economic environment, and you have strong catalysts for change, innovation, and opportunity.

With all the shams going on with online advertising, let's approach this one very intelligently. It could be a very important line of communication between marketer and consumer.


by Steve Hall    Aug- 4-02   Click to Comment   

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