Pop Ups Programmed Out of Existence?

From a CNET story entitled, Dodging pop-ups with Mozilla:

Mozilla 1.0, launched in early June as the first public version of the Netscape-inspired open-source browser, lets Web surfers easily zap unsolicited windows known as pop-up ads, which are widely used by mainstream sites including America Online and its subsidiary Netscape Communications. Though heralded by Mozilla users, a group that includes many Web developers, the tool didn't make the cut for the preview version of Netscape 7.0 and won't appear in its upcoming launch, according to the company.

It's obvious why the AOL/TimeWarner owned Netscape did not include the blocking code in this latest release. Even thought the percentage of Netscape web browsers is very low compared to that of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, all of us in advertising need to realize that the day of pop ups, pop unders, Shoskeles and other overly intrusive is numbered. Users will not stand for it and marketers will alienate consumers with this continued approach.


by Steve Hall    Aug-15-02   Click to Comment   

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