37% of Fortune 100 companies disregard Web inquiries

This is very distressing news though not surprising as I am sure many of you have experienced that "email into the ether" feeling when sending to some sites. It really such poor form to offer a means of communications between customer and company and then not properly respond to it.

From B to B:

Bellevue, Wash.--A new study to be released Friday by International Ventures Research Ltd. found that 37% of Fortune 100 companies offered no reply to a general inquiry submitted to their Web sites. The 2002 Online Customer Respect Study of Fortune 100 Companies also found that 45% of the Web sites ask customers to opt out if they don't wish to receive unsolicited e-mails. Additionally, 15% of the sites sell customer data without seeking permission to do so.


Written by Steve Hall    Comments (0)     Oct-23-02  
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